Prof Robert Kelly is back & this time his wife & children are meant to be in shot! BBC News

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Prof Robert E Kelly has returned to BBC News to talk about his unexpected viral fame last week, when his children crashed his live TV interview to the amusement of millions of people who later watched the clip. Prof Kelly, an expert on South Korea, was joined in the follow-up video with his wife, Jung-a Kim and children Marion and James.
He confirmed to the BBC's James Menendez that he was, despite online speculation, wearing trousers during the interview.

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johnny llooddte
hahaha superstars
Yuvna Sookdeb
The mum is very cute. Racist people should shut their mouth up. It's 2017...People should be open minded and stop assuming stupid things!
Viki M
Mixracial families and children are mandatory today??
Toro Baile
this is he coolest dad
These little ones are sooo cute! ❤❤❤
myfisrtlove Kristina pimenovaand Lisa
their children are so lively and energetic
Romel Jones
Korean wife niceeeeee
Well at least he had a happy ending 😊
I've never seen such unruly children in my life. Lol - I don't blame the wife at all.
S Menefee
Absolutely adorable family!
Dream Travel
And this ladies and gents is bbc news 2017 cuz nothing else matters :)
Jack Tule
When you look up BBC and it's not news.
yulieth martinez
Dios no era la niñera era la esposa.
sheneka naash
did you notice the little boy gave his mother header on the face 8:36
Francisca Schiavi
Clean your image,... lovely chinese nanny.
chubby bunny
Asian wife is so pretty and humble
Suzanne Richardson
Still funny 😆
That situation was definitely nothing to stress about. It was adorable! <3
People are judgmental fucks, I remember reading a comment about the mother was a "nanny" because she was Asian.
x x
mail ordered​ bride
dotdot dot
Wait till they find the memes...
Harlan Spinelli
If you have to ask why Americans are "obsessed " with race/gender you literally know nothing about the latest news or even the history of America. Stop acting like you know shit when you don't
Gus Alcon
wow he married his Nanny amazing
Алтай Майтах
Madame Evie
So cute! His kids missed him and came over to say hi! :-)
Gerald Collins
what if R. Kelly was black????????? the trump crowd would call this....unprofessional
Kunal Chatterjee
The kids r soooooooooooooooooooooo coooooool
Now that she is welcome to be in the shot, the kid takes off. Lol Gotta love kids.... People are annoying, with their racism though. She was moving so fast in the first vid, I didn't really notice her race. They don't seem rich either, so it didn't occur to me she was a nanny. Based on how frazzled she was, she sure seemed like a mom to me. Lol
Follower of Christ777
Beautiful, traditional middle class family: a man, his lovely wife and two active young children. Just beautiful. As things are meant to be.
April The Giraffe News
what a lovely family, i love them so much, they make me so happy
Aerial Mist
That girl has issues.
Jan C.
They are all lovely. And thanks for a great laugh. It was super cute.
i can't believe i'm watching this again. the swag marion had when she walked in.
Anamae Kitty
Thumbs up for the wife getting on camera. I know that can't be easy. Just proves that you're just like any family...interruptions and all. God bless.
Joseph Martinez
Gotta love kids being kids! Beautiful family
Какая не красивая семья.
Davy Santos
So he married his nanny? WOW HOW AMAZING LOLOL !!!
naquita alexander
why do people keep saying things about affection between the couple? the husband was in a professional situation, the wife was mortified & trying to get them out asap, hence d scrambling, no I don't agree that she used to much force with the kids either. ppl assumed she was the nanny & not the wife because if ignorance. not only to their particular situation but in general. so many inter-racial relationships exist these days but the minds of the masses didn't go to that. its unfortunate but just like d clip is too short to judge d happiness of the couple by affection or lack thereof, its also too short to asses that the kids r biracial, at least for me. I was just amused tho, didn't do anything but laugh when I saw it : enjoy it for what it was- brilliant live tv
I never, not even for one moment thought she was a nanny. I'm not white. Maybe that's got something to do with why I don't automatically look at a "foreigner" as the maid or nanny...
Patthiti T
lovely family..
كل شيئ
the entrance of the kids looks like invasion, special forces comes first and then tanks
James Thomsen
Is that baby wearing a wig
cute kids! they look just like... well, not the father clearly...
Harry Herming
is that the nanny?
what a creep he bought his wife on line.... he is so creepy
Piyush Jain
Had it been his wife on the seat, would he(robert kelly) have pulled it off like she did?!
Perfect piece of physical comedy.
Corinne Dsa
Such an adorable family !
Yvette Stuart
you guys are just human! and I love the video.
ali demez
it funny
ali demez
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