you really feel with pewdiepie this guy is one of the reasons why i live
The Trollzar
The reason it’s cringe it’s cause they are nerds trying to be cool
6:00 when palpatine says Alderon and chill
Fetid Tuna
Generation cringe...
Jesse McCree
Poor Day9, what a lad.
Cookie Bin 21
can i get uuuuuuggggghhhhhh XBoneless Xbox One X Xclusive
Bradley Hare-Bint
Samin Ahmed
was that jesse in the thumbnail
Ivan Cisneros
Watch dogs 2 is not dat bad pewds.
Atharv Arya
Hey man watchdogs 1 and 2 are good games. I really love them both They are my favourite after the uncharted series
Mistress Sonata/ Emoji Princess
I heard Muselk is here!!!
P Ablo
"It's better to be pleasantly surprised by a game."

As someone who literally saw 20 seconds of Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay I can confirm this. Now I try my bestest to avoid game hype because then you just get a completely fresh experience.
wtf is muselk doing here
Le'Onto P
Edgar is woke af
Owen Cunningham
E3 is like a school play gone horribly wrong.
Kolumbus Deroil
There's a trick when dealing with people. They don't matter; Not even your friends or family matter. You will die some day and forget you ever lived. Nobody will remember you. Concerning yourself with others only hinders your life experience. I hate this term but THIS is where it fits... Y.O.L.O.
ThatGuyYou Probably Don't Know.
2:11 Whaddup Invaders!
Vance Biondo
Bull bag SHIT a reeling
Steven McDowell
why do we as gamers keeper pretending that were cool, were not, this isnt south korea, were socially awkward nerds, lets just embrace that instead of having zach efron play battlefield one.
Alpha Trooper
That part when he said hey hey hey man made me die 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Imperial Gamer
Watch Dogs 2 was a good game if you play the story!!!!! 8/10
Shows Watch_dogs 2 Trailer
Puts Watch_dogs gameplay in the video triggerd
Felipe Avecillas
What’s the piano song in the beginning
pərviz abdullazadə
You f***ing a**hole. How dare you call gamers nerds? Huh?!
Johnny the Gamer
Least Nintendo had a good E3 this year
Daftboy 01
Best beginning ever !
Lucy Haughton
wtaf was that last clip tho
bunny beer
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dan yul
hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
steven perez henriquez
Final Fantasy 7. When the fucking announcement.
Battlefront 2 is awesome tho
Sidney Meyers
Meeqat Fatima
6:09 OMG U can clearly see fifa 18 cover with Cr7.This video came earlier than fifa 18 announcement..
I wish you can control e3 be over 9,000!
Right-Wing Alabamian
You put a bunch of human beings in a big room and try to make something as stupid as a video game seem like a big deal, of course it's going to be awkward 😂

(Side note: I'm not bashing anyone who plays games. I play video games myself, I'm just saying that video games don't need to be hyped up so much when in reality they are just something that entertains you when you get off of work.)
Finn Luxrus
That high five at the start was so cringe haha
"multi ethnic" and "multi cultural" enslaved by corporations you literally nailed it pewdiepie

Adam Mills
my finger hurts
redanarchy baby
wtf i didnt even know EA was still active under that name
Toxinzplayz RBLX
heh, incredible
warda kanwal
the subtitles are the best.
Black Knight
Alexander Siminskiy
Лойс за перевод :DDD
Jele hana
the maniac
watch dogs 2 was at least better than its prequel
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