On Race - Episode 1: "I don't feel comfortable labeling you all."

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Chris is a grad student studying Anthropology at the University of Washington. One day we were talking and he said: "You know there are studies that show white people can tell the difference between Asian food but not Asian people."  So, we made that into a video. We also had some of our Asian friends and family take the test.

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I'm Native Alaskan. In the US, most people just ask, but a few assume I'm Asian. In Bahrain a local thought I was Middle Eastern, because I tan very fast. I lost a little of the tan by the time I got to Japan, and a local there thought I was Japanese. I was deployed in the Navy, that's why I was in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In Hawaii someone thought I was Polynesian.
Saqlain Siddiqui
The Thai lady was pretty ๐Ÿ˜€
Once you Jimin, you can't JimOUT
I dont think I would be able to do this because I would feel bad ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I wouldn't want to offend anyone and I would probably end up panicking lmao
I got them all right!
Awwww... I got all of them right except the first two guys. I got it backwards cause I thought the Japanese guy was more stylish so Korea, and I thought the Korean guy was actually Japanese because of his posture (reserved). But I'm Asian so I can tell the differences between Asians lol
้˜ฟๅพท ้‡Œๅฎ‰
No one can tell apart Europeans.
all I know is that I love asian women...and I'm white.
McChicken Smasher
Every person of a race looks like other people of that race. Get over it.
God Is With Us REPENT!!
My doctor thinks I'm Hispanic, and no one in my family tree is. I'm white as can be, and my family is also confused as well, It's pretty funny.
It's difficult, this topic of 'all Asians look the same'. I guess you could say all 'white people' look the same, like would anyone be able to tell a Brit from an American from an Australian from a French person from a German person and so on. I guess this is unfair as the spread of 'white' mainly came out of colonisation. Is this true of Asian countries as well?
Matheus Azevedo
This feels so weird
I got all of the people correct. Maybe cuz im chinese
O iLagged
Buzzfeed smells like raw eggs
So intetesting :3
why do they never bring indians & southeast asians for these stuff? people think chinese + korean = all asian race
the Vietnamese girl was really pretty...I have a crush ๐Ÿ˜
Leah Nicole
I kinda wanna see a similar video with white people. Not the food but the people. Get some white people from different countries without letting them speak cuz it'll give it away but one from Canada, one from England, one from Wales, one from America, one from Ireland, one from Scotland. Something similar.
Mui (Nagi)
the Vietnamese chick is super attractive
This is my new buzfeed
don't do it again
Ben C
Cool video, I'd feel so awkward doing this as well!
For people saying it'd be really hard with Europeans; I don't think so at all. Iberian, Nordic, Slavic, Mediterranean, Germanic and Celtic/Gaelic type peoples typically look quite different, though obviously there's a huge degree of 'mixing' in play. You could at the very least take an educated guess.
Carl Simmons
Lol I'm sure this would be the same for a lot of regions. I don't think I could distinguish eastern asians either, or south east asians, or Western Europeans or Eastern Europeans or northern African or Western Africans. It fun seeing people get uncomfortable though
Jonathan Najera
I guessed them all right lmao
Dean Machine
As Chris Tucker once said "All yall look alike" I think this would go with any race. White people: French, German, English. Black people: Nigerian, Ethiopian, Congolese. Hispanic people: Brazilian, Mexican, Venezuelan. It's too hard to judge by looks.
I'm half Vietnamese, but also half Polish. People are always saying I am Hispanic because of my dark curly hair. When I tell them I am not Hispanic, they look at me weird. Then when I tell them I am half Vietnamese they look at me like I am lying. I also tell them I am Polish and they are totally thrown off. Annoys me all the time. Especially when they automatically assume I can speak Spanish. Other Asians assume I'm not Asian either. It's like, "Oh you know what this dish is? How?"
Zachary Alexander
I'm Chinese with a teeny teeny teeny bit of Japanese and Malay (the third being virtually unseeable). Honestly can't tell the difference between Jap, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese etc.
Samantha xox
some of the stuff they said is so racist omfgdjgksfjg
Xiao Fang
I got them right lol
Being Different
How awkward lol ๐Ÿ˜–
The Doggo
They're all beautiful in there own Asian way <3
Audrey Levisay
That Vietnamese girl is so cute :)
Terrance Fung
Wheres Pho???????
de voux Courtois
im so confused even after they reveal the answer
Jonathan Hunter
Real title- Asians can't differentiate Asians
Jonathan Hunter
Real title- Asians can't differentiate Asians
Just AnAsian
Carlos Gomez
I would have gotten it all right
lily k
Id they put a row of white people in a row and asked Asian people to identify the coin in Europe there grime they wouldn't know
Mishelle Govorkova
I thought this was buzzfeed...
Isa Gb
I'd tap the Japanese guy in a heartbeat oml ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป
Sailor Moon
I'm so glad that I got it correct from a first glance.
Is it weird that I guessed all the people correctly but only knew 2 of the foods?
(I'm white)
Baka Kokoro
where is indian?
Emma Saffel
Honestly, I think I could do better at the labeling than they could. I'm 12.
I've been mistaken as Chinese, Korean, Japanese and even Taiwanese. I'm Filipino lol
Fiqri's stories
koreans n japanesse r the only one I mix up.....soo closee
Frank N. Furter
south east asians r pretty much mixed but aight
They are forgetting
Just saying.
Mommy Allred
SO much better than BuzzFeed.
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