On Race - Episode 1: "I don't feel comfortable labeling you all."

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Chris is a grad student studying Anthropology at the University of Washington. One day we were talking and he said: "You know there are studies that show white people can tell the difference between Asian food but not Asian people."  So, we made that into a video. We also had some of our Asian friends and family take the test.

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Bam! I got them all right lol
I like how the Chinese and Thai ones were really obvious. I mean REALLY obvious. Thai people styling while Chinese Americans got the wholesome look.
Koreans are racist af
Bill Jr
Cantaloupe and Peaches
Avery K
I like how only the Asian guy was like "Oh.. Asians!" lol
Oscar Chen
Lylia Daniels
I guessed all right lol
3:22 that girls tiny face is burning into my soul
Dylan Udowitz
we need more videos like this. educating instead of trapping and blowing it out of proportion
i surprising got all of them right, and i'm white
That Korean dude honestly looked Japanese.
Constance Cooper
I did have Chinese friends growing up wow and that makes you an expert on Chinese culture i.e. This is why America has such a huge issue with racism and racial profiling just saying
that girl who said "they're probably all American" TT thought I'd never hear that...

and that girl was super offended by that guy's comment about her looking like "a Thai masseuse"
A true Asian would be able to tell Asians apart.
Coolo Makiv
Let's play: try to tell the difference between Americans, Britains, Australians, and Canadians! Let's see how people do... what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't really matter
horin hughes
That might have been the most awkward video I've ever watched
Morgiana Fanalis
I got two wrong, I did Korea and Vietnam the wrong way round. ๐Ÿˆ
Lacy Alaniz
Everyone was sooooooooooo embarrassed
Paul Romeo Despuig
its pretty easy though
Lemon Bleach
some of these people were being a lil racist
Kaitlyn Ennis
looks in mirror still white.
Thats fucked up kinda, u put them all in awkward positions
you should do an African one that would be funny
"They're probably all Americans." She's the type of person to ask 'Are you Asian or Chinese?'
Lynn Nguyen
I knew the short girl was Viet ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
Olivia Kim
I can identify them in person...
do this with latin americans
Kpop -Army
Yes if I were there I would've gotten all of them right
Sxphie Wxcks
I actually guessed them all right!!
Jaylin Smith
u can tell that the guy from Japan is Japanese cause there eyes are very straight and thin
I am Asian and I have a hard him telling what kind of Asian race people are ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Thai girl was such a dead giveaway
Angy Olivier
Isn't there something about the slant or shape in the eye and jawline or face shape that helps you distinguish each nationality? Does anyone have any tips?
Erin Buchalter
Great job with this!
Jessy Forever 20
Wtf was that Vietnamese food?
Jasmine Amina
lol I got all of them right
Your Killer
If people were to label me I would be put as korean
Your Killer
We've been to a korean many times...
wolfdreamer 250
I can label each persons race easily, without watching the end of the video - from left to right : human, human, human, human, martian. So did I get them right?
Ayak Angook
This is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever seen... I'm not even Asian
I'm kind of glad that they turned it onto the Asian people at the end, because non white people tend to get offended more when they are mixed up but it's not like they can tell European people apart
Where's the can't drive sign????
Alex Larson
I literally got all the people right and I am so proud of myself.
Kyle Lucien
That Jap looks like Korean, Korean looks like Jap.
Syed Alam
I don't get whats wrong with labeling.... Like fr, labels make life easier... Like imagine opening up your kitchen cupboard and all your cans of soups/beans didn't have labels...
1:34 I know that old chick... Who is she?
moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo
lol i can just think abt that dave chappelle joke
Zainab Alrashed
I don't know why but i felt bad for the asians ๐Ÿ˜…
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