On Race - Episode 1: "I don't feel comfortable labeling you all."

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Chris is a grad student studying Anthropology at the University of Washington. One day we were talking and he said: "You know there are studies that show white people can tell the difference between Asian food but not Asian people."  So, we made that into a video. We also had some of our Asian friends and family take the test.

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Daniel Garcia
do this with hispanics!!!
WatchCut Video is my fav channel right now
I have been watching your videos all day
Matrix Deprogrammed
When I looked into those beady soulless eyes I knew then that he was Korean.
That white girl leaning into the bowl took me the fuck out
Bennet The Rat
adults are so awkward about race but tbh if youre on watchcut you just need to not give a fuck
chase erickson
I subbed, but man is this video awkward.
sugarboo jimbo
exactly like white people will label asians and say shit like "i bet you filipino" or "lmao y'all all chinese" BITCH YOU BARELY KNOW
Anisha Renee
They should do black people so that everyone can recognize that all black people aren't "African American"
Lone Panda
I think it would be really hard for some people to tell scandinavians apart... except if you are scandinavian
Quinn Sterd
just so everyone knows, I got them all right
Farah Glam
Man goes I'm half Jewish. I thought that was a religion lol
piano devotion
What is the difference between a race and ethnicity?
Sadia Sarfaraz
Im half Asian
Latte Knowsbest
I feel like Japanese, Korean, and Thai are easier to spot
Leela Owen
unsubscribeing ur racist die
Fridge TheMeme
and then a filipino comes in being two skin tones darker than the rest
Jeffery Guillen
Do this with hispanics
The Vietnamese girl was so beautiful
Noelle Irina
Obviously Japanese food tastes and look the same. But every Japanese person looks different. So how do these two correlate at all
Noelle Irina
I'm sorry, how is this important? Why should we be able to recognize what nationality someone is...??? As if any of those Asians could tell the difference between a Russian or a Bulgarian.
Albin Lundholm
1:15 That has nothing to so with stereotypes
I second guessed myself but got them all right lol whaaat
Mizu Kiryu
It was so clear that the Thai person is trans 😂😅
denise van wijk
I love how they reversed it again at the very end!
Jr MozzGaming
Kevin Hernandez
LMAO yall Asians look the same and you can't get mad because you low key know it's true
I don't think knowing what food comes from where is using stereotypes I think its just knowing where your food comes from
Catarina Fan
They should do this with different Europeans.
Tari66 77
ooww china one is so cute and shy and respectfull and smiley I love him ❤
Khang Chau
I got 3 out of 5 on the people part, and I'm Asian, and... i kinda know why i did 2 wrong, because i don't see much korean movies as i grew up, and i only see anime with very little real Japanese people, so i don't know who is who and took a wild guess. But I'm Vietnamese, i can immediately tell apart, some of my family liked to watch chinese movies or thai movies too, so sometimes i sat with them when i ran out of things to play
"I feel you can never look in the mirror and know your ethnicity"
looks in the mirror
Yeah, i'm half ugly and half ugly.
Shout out to Vietnam
Mr. Suited
"I know where this is going" That was actually a very racist comment
Lucy Pollock
Making White People Uncomfortable: Episode 1
Nadeem Khalifeh
The Vietnamese girl
Tila Moura
Do one of these with latinos
Tyce Bruursema
Why was everyone acting awkward about guessing their ethnicities I don't get how it's sensitive.
Carlos Supreme
lets be honest everyone should have been able to spot the woman from thailand
name nom95
i got tree of them,the korean is tricked me bcz of his beard i thought he was jap too.but whatever
Johnson Lin
Aye I got a 100
Uncle Bernard
thai and chinese def look like it
Do it with Africans! Apparently we all look the same 😂😂
Coley Durham
do this for europeans
redkod AE
oh you guys should do this with arabs dressed in traditional clothing and western clothing. also like to see other continents like African tribes maybe?
Delia RMC
Do this but guess whose Filipino, Indonesian, Singaporean and Malaysian please!!
Do this with Europeans and Africans and native Americans.
of course it was hard to tell, they're all the same race
I knew she was Vietnamese ;)
Singapore? Cambodia? Taiwan?
Vandana bhardwaj
even Asians can't tell Asians apart
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