J K T C V guess before answers
Not even Asians can tell Asians apart. How the hell are we supposed to tell them apart?
Drew Appleby
I got all but Japan and Korea right!
Joey Paci
I live in Hawaii, one of the most culturally diverse places in the US. I got all of the foods and people spot on instantly. Funny how where you grow up really changes your perceptions on race.
Lonewolf Gaming
You can’t be half Jewish if you’re mom is Jewish that means your Jewish and if you’re dad is Jewish your dad is Jewish not you
Human Shoe
Everyone got china
OMG I am in love with Vietnames girl.
I have lived in asia long enough im finally able to tell them apart!
iop erty
Are they SURE tho. I mean have you seen that Try Guys' DNA video. You never know
Mia Ruby
it could be interesting if they had southeast asian people label who was from different european countries
BTS taetae
Omg its dan
Randii Ascano
I'm Filipino and everyone is confused when I say I'm Asian, not Latino (which btw is not a race)
Randii Ascano
So how about they put a Filipino or Hawaiian there. Everyone's gonna lose their shit.
kyra 이
the japanese/korean guy are pretty easy to be mixed up, really. especially since they moved (i guess?) which made it even harder lmao.

(but pretty proud i got it right tho!)
Rocio Lopez
rather than people stating a stereotype people can state genetic differences and features..
Al Norris
5/5 baybee
Al Norris
Andy Oh
I only got messed up Japan and Vietnam. Korean boy looks like a korean fuckboi (I know a lot of them ) Thailand girl I mean she has those thai futures, China boy looks Chinese, now I thought because of the "dark skin " and Vietnam boy looks Vietnamese but I didn't really see his way of dressing. I know my asian ppl
Pinhead Larry
I don't understand people who get super offended when you don't regonize what they are. Like damn, imagine if i did that. Guess what native american tribe my ancestors were in or else I'm going to get super offended.
Korean dude had a beard, was sure he was Japanese
Sinon's Life
tbh that is like getting 3 black peopke and labeling which one is american, which one is from the islands, and south africa
Aurie Mikell
The Japanese guy is really cute.
i only mixed up the korean and japanese guys!
Aphichat Sabai
I got Thai right, cause am Thai.
Anne somar
I got the 2 on the edge wrong! They were opposite of what I guessed. The one who is Korean looks japanese to me and the short one korean.
I'm Vietnamese and I got 3/5. I knew who the Vietnamese one was right when I saw them.
Gloria Zearett
White guy in the grey hoodie looks like Vince Vaughn
Internet Junky
I thought this was racist until you asked them to identify the player's ethnicity, seeing the confusion on their faces too was so funny, it's clear we shouldn't judge anyone on their ethnicity (and most of the time we don't even know where they're from)
I got them all right and even guessed 4 before seeing the options. I am amazing
"they're probably all american"
0:48 oh wow you had Chinese friends while growing up? you must be soooo diverse and cultured.
Why do I like people more after these videos ?
No way! I was soo sure about the Korean guy thinking he was definitely Japanese.. I thought I knew. I now know, I did not :(
" well I think we all learned something today "
Hailey Oberlander
I guessed all of the correctly, even that the white guy was Jewish. I’m white but I’ve just always been good a guessing ethnicities
with asian people you can really tell the difference in ethnicities, but with white people they all look completely different and it’s really hard to tell the difference in ethnicities.
Tara Nicole
ok the Chinese guy looks SO Vietnamese to me.
Do this with an Indian person from - trinidad, guyana, fiji, South africa, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh....
The chinese guy was the easiest to guess, chinese people are easy going, laid back, and always in a smiling and laughing mood, always full of positive energy...

I got Japanese right, becuase of then gold chain... Japanese are the best dressed people and they always know how to use accessories. They also don't care about fashion norms, they wear what they want, which I LOVE...

I got Vietnamese right, becuase Vietnamese people are beautiful, always wear perfect makeup, are very sweet , soft spoken and the always dress chic, fancy and modern....

And OMG the only reason I got Thailand right is becuase the woman looks legit like a Lady Boy.... don't judge me, it's so true though....
salima semo
They need to try arabic people version!! They will fail im sure
oliva nathen
you should try natives Americans , some of us look like asians and there some look mexicans , blacks,
Joshua Gatling
Can someone tell me what half Jewish is cause as far as I know I was pretty sure that is a religion
Lila Craig
What about Filipinos
Marinus Du Preez
Must try to do the same with diferent white groups. For instance whales scots irish british and french poeple.
Nobody Lurker
I'm calling bullshit on this one. Did you have them take DNA tests before this? That "korean" is probably a Japanese rape baby. That Japanese guy probably has a European grandfather.

Please stop pretending race is a social construct. There are clearly defined genetic features of different peoples around the world. This is what makes the world diverse.
"they're probably all Americans" BDVDHJVBAJVB DUMBASS
The shemale is from Thailand .....
The Thailand "girl" lookes like a man, that's why she got it lmao
I got them all right :)
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