Roo Kanga
I watched Manchester by the Sea last night. I'm glad Michelle Williams didn't win. She was in it for a few minutes and it was nothing memorable. I don't see how she got nominated for an Oscar for the role also. There were a lot better performances in 2016.
Matt Alexander
Beautiful Speech! Take a Note Hollywood. Straight, to the point, Thanked Everyone who Needed to be Thanked and NOT ONE WORD ABOUT THE PRESIDENT OR THE ELECTION
Wall With The Wizardry
Sad part is they are going to use this as an excuse to not give her an Oscar... viola easily destroys any other nomination for best supporting actress yet the Oscars have always been shady
Congrats to her but I'm wondering why was she in the supporting actress category? She's the lead female in the movie
I love her dress 👗
if you have not been fences go and see it, it's the story of men of a certain age whose life never turned out exactly as planned for different reasons.
lastinline bruce
self absorbed Liberal clowns masturbating each other with awards
put Streep on the BOYCOTT list
Laverne Coleman
anet parks
Congrats! She really deserved this award.
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