Dance Battle with Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy figure out who is the better dancer by taking turns pulling dances, like "washing machine on spin cycle," from a bag at random and making up moves on the spot.

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Dance Battle with Jennifer Lopez

You're Welcome!
J.Lo is timeless. shes always been so down to Earth.
Jimmy was doing more acting and improv than dancing.
ErJ Gameplay
Every time I see someone dab I cringe.
Carmen Herrera
Lots of people don't like her, but to me- aside from her looks- she seems genuine, funny, gracious, classy, and is tremendously multi-faceted and talented. And please don't be offended by my opinion 🙈
Scott Davidson
Where is Shakira!
Marcia Kelly
like every much
Luis Flores
i loved
Vicky 12
Well dislike my annoying comment as often as you want, but while "forever hot girl JLow" just played the sexy Latin ass-card over and over again Jimmy's impressions were a hundred percent better ! She's of course a performer and a hilarious show guest, but seriously, especially in the beginning she could have done something a little more surprising! Anyhow, nice idea for a challenge...looking forward to more!
Nimet Akkaya
at 4:02 she looks like Michael Jackson when he was putting his hat on😂
Anna K
Джимми красавчик ))) Джей Ло прям не отрывалась от него )))
Valentina Montano
hahahahabah omg lol😂😂😂😂😂
Aya Khalil
Jlo she's always so funny😁
piece of pizza
Arianna's hair
jakob krautloher
NOOOOOOOOOO JIMMY AND JENNIFER!!!!! DONT DAB ITS THE WORST MOVE ON THE WORLD!!! This Meme luckily died so dont bring it back to life! Pls XD
Fajer Alqahtani
Jimmy is one lucky fucker
Tamar Salazar
I love these two together. They're hilarious 😂
Vanessa Pote
shes beautiful as very lucky. see the guy behind her looking at her arse.
H. Teeter Woman Wife and Mommy
I counted 12 looks at her butt lol
jim my
remember come dance with us?
jim my
You are gonna be in so much trouble for not having JLAW on this show too
Emmanuel Diaz
wow is mind-blowing how good she looks when you realize she's 47
Gustavo Garcia
J lo nipslips
Pablo Vinicius
Jimmy is cool, but you should guys watch Danillo Gentili, it's a comedian and television host in Brazil ;)
Jeff Green
That was a lame idea for a game. Please go back to impressions, musical or otherwise.
mamiiiiii 🔥
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Chan Al
Jlo said DAH WAY
Yas Hosseini
Jlo goes for a high five jimmy hugs her isntead
Allanna Cadle
Let's all be honest here, there's no way either of them have been on a city bus.
Xicor. Adamant
Jimmy could dance
koma lati
Black Cobra
She looks so great here, but so old on her crime drama.
Skinny jeans are NOT THAT hard to put on lol
Her hair looks very pretty long. My favorite song from her ''If you had my love.''
Sahra Jibril
ASO Oommen
She kinda looks like Hilary Duff ngl
Jimmy won
J-Lo is so funny, love it mama
paulina szymańska
:) Love Jlo
Benjamin Korhonen
maximum ok dinner integration multiple rate properly worry along.
Checking Info
Nina Ricci
Note how the background musician is ogling her rear end. How about a little discretion, dude?
Kevin Putra Chandra
Jimmy always control the 'random' picks its not fun/organic anymore...! You can See they organized what jen will get... pity
Luis Avelar
JLo is a goddess.
Hathaway Lee
It's so cool
I like her
I want to be her
Priya Sehgal
J Lo is incredible...a real fun segment by J Faollon..preety good sprt..
Contra Mundum
what happened to her face? ugh. without makeup I'm sure we'd all be frightened.
Ashley Ryskind
jlo dabbing is the cutest thing i've ever seen
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