Dance Battle with Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy figure out who is the better dancer by taking turns pulling dances, like "washing machine on spin cycle," from a bag at random and making up moves on the spot.

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Dance Battle with Jennifer Lopez

Richard Barla
i wish JLo got skinny jeans so that I could get a look if her butt
You can't beat a girl in dance when she is that smocking hot.
Gods Gift
she looks like she can be in her late 30's but it's also the way that she does her make up and hair but still very impressive because she is 47!
Louie Ray Faundo
denise laurel
Love them!
Joe Ede
pluche cow
i just started singing like:"skinny jeans!~ not my luv!!!~"
Bardha Mucobegaj
They are so much fun.. Damn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😍
icy girl
Weak at the knees!! XD
Kazal Mia
Exciting indeed!
Ryuji Omote
Dance Battle with Jennifer Lopez
David Carillo
Jlo is so sweet and really funny :)
Alexander White
Trust ranch true hopefully performer developing scale sure attraction valuable.
cinthia yepiz
Nelsa Rodríguez
you look Like the girl from ew
Monica Torres
That clothes that she brings put seems of woman dispatcher of gasoline in Mexico
Willem Spaans
Hi !! Dumbass ring really love result "prior
Ten G
Did she just dutty wine???? Yasss JLo get it mami!!!
😍💞😁👍 Jlo
Wama 2015
"This is my one" - Jimmy Fallon, 2017
Annie Schall
Omg she should have done the washing machine dance from selena
Narek Avetisyan
This is a Talk Show right?
Tefuya J
Don't know 2:10-2:15 was my favorite part...
Rahma Yusuf
We all saw that, Kirk! 2:43
Malin Völker
Dab 😂
Dane Petersen
Hahahah she was such a good sport
Madtankers23 [N1NJA]
Katie Service
@JLo would have been cute to see you rip off "the washing machine" from Selena :)
Leon Powe
Who wanted to see Jennifer do skinny jeans, instead of JImmy?
May Spring
Wow Jimmys a really good dancer. Didnt expect that.
Sabor Latino
Jenny is beautiful.Keep up the good work.Hip hop artist and author,Sabor Latino
Tamara Foy
Jimmy is the BOSS!
David Schuster
Occasion addition purpose furniture manner store injury boat.
Gisela Swaragita
Washing machine on the spin cycle, we have it we call it GOYANG NGEBOR means DRILL BOOTY SHAKIN
Kyra Smith
Who else thinks he looks like Mr Bean when he was dancing
Kaylynn Hynson
I loved jlo in thi😍
Melanie JENSEN
omg she is soo cuteeee
Baby Irene
Like watching your mom try to be with it. Embarrassing.
Meme Nona
Lahela Noel
Lmao, jimmys dab tho. He looks like a muppet😂😂
Luca 98
She's amazing woman😍😍😍
Jason Woelfel
I think ppl like JLO because of her butt :)
Guitar player staring at Jennifer's fat ass , priceless !
Mini Pie
first dance is awesome LoL 😂
gabriel d
none of the musicians can't stop peeping...
G Ganz
michel van zundert
Jennifer is the Queen 👠❤
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