Dance Battle with Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy figure out who is the better dancer by taking turns pulling dances, like "washing machine on spin cycle," from a bag at random and making up moves on the spot.

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Dance Battle with Jennifer Lopez

El Chapo
Alright JLo we get it you're competitive. Calm yourself and just get on with it you cant-keep-a-man hoe
heidi rios
How cute, she's nervous. She can't stand still.
vrinda gera
Sal Alfda
JLo is like an UBER
Tk MAXmond
Fuck me : 07729 469567
emerald garnet
she's looking so damn awesome...
A92 G
Jlo is the hottest milf alive
Rex amillion
I used to think Jenny's butt was so phat back in the day. It's just average now. Nothing special.
She amazing actor, never really listened to her music.
He should have let her do the skinny jeans dance. She really wanted it!
Isabella Collins
hi buddy collect i really prefer this one vmolently tip :‑d
did you notice the guys playing the music were looking at her butt
At least she can dab....ELLEN!
Jennifer Lopez performance is stunning. Are you ready: Tonight We Going Hit On floor :P
Robert Johnson
Jimmy is such a Stupid Dumb Ass!!---what a boob and fool!!
Helly Helly
She sounds fuc*** annoying! Vergara sounds more better
Ash Rios
Shes incredibly hot!
why she is so perfect?
Ahmed Riyadh
Omg her beauty is good as hell
Adblock Popup
wtf happend to her ass!!????she lose it all even my gf have biger then her
Deep A
as always she's hot ):
Juliano Lyons-Cayson
She only fortysevaen
J Lo always hot, no sign of losing it. What a woman. Respect
Bae cute
Kayla Marine
I love 3:59-4:16 my new favorite part of this
3:23 cringe
shukrana safarova
İs I am the only person thinking that he is sooooo lucky
it's actually insane how attractive she is
Adrijon Çanga
The name of the music, in the end of the video??
anita 1234
se's so cute ♡♡♡♡
I love her fun personality!
that ass...
Tessa Cuellar
You're so funny Jimmy....
Kambiz Gha
Hate This guy so fake
Vicky Skye
she's gotten thinner. Looks great tho
Mickey Valenz
jennifer offers a high five and jimmy takes a hug haha
Lamar 600
Jimmy is a mac
Noor Maes
Kiss coastal else crazy accomplish simple.
Yadriel Morales
JLo can have 108 years old and still hot af. In love.
Ajay Singh
raise your hands if you want to fuck jlo until ur dick fall off
xinhui xiang
carpe diem
omg, I bet Johny Carson is rolling over in his grave. Such a dumb show now...smh
hanzel nuñez cavazos
she its a natural dancer....... love her
Walter Junior
Wow , Jennifer looks great , Guys I Will Subscribe Back To Anyone Who Subscribes To Me , just make sure you reply to this comment :0)
Shubham Arora
Jimmy Fallon should get a chance for #movies
Farah Abdoh
who challenges Jennifer Lopez in dancing! 😂
blue blue
loooooord Jesus j-lo
Katycatindia Love
aishwarya is 40+look way better than Jennifer... foyer regarded as the most beautiful women in the world
Jess H
Get it Jenny!
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