Sue Tan
Charlize Theron better
Amy Mikaelson
Someone seriously needs to make this a REAL game for the public! That would be so fun!
Mehdi Abe
Jennifer Lopez is literally the struggle of competitive people when they have to compete but dont want to "go there" again..... LOVE IT hahah
Brian Kelly
haha they were dabbin
The comment_era
That seeein Urs elf on the jumbo trio was pretty amazing....they were acting a couple ....😍
Hugo Jimenez
from 2:07 to 2:17 is heaven
Gabriela Castellanos
invite J balvin ❤❤💯
sabrina ponnet
I think that's the max of a man in his mind.........
Maria DeMode
I love this video and Jennifer . I'm a super fan !
Happy Days
Putting on Skinny Jeans I can relate to. but I'm not fat!! if u were thinking that, how dare u!!
Zain Yamin
Which is your favorite? Ellen or Jimmy Fallon???
Elvin Mammadzada
axırını başa düşdüm ki, aparıcı deyir Jennifer Lopez, o, da deyir ki I LOVE U)
Fatima Y
I'm here because I want to see jennifer dancing not jimmy
he looked like a retarded penguin while doing the skinny jeans
gig salade
did yall not see what i saw, yall are asleep then. thumbs up if u saw the eyes?
Heidi Young
You know how this works if not rules at the bottom:

0. J Lo
1. Selena G
2. Ariana
3. Shawn Mendes
4. Rag'n' bone man
5. Justin Bieber
6. Shakira
7.Rita Ora
9.Jason Derulo
10.Taylor S


The number of likes you get is the singer that you are
So like then check
(Not trying to beg for like BTW haters)
Aasmeen Khan
skinny jeans awesome
Gina Vaz
lmao jimmy I love u ...n my bay jenny :-)
Tyler Khan
rail nowhere administrative unlikely melt quick snow walk.
3:44 what did Jimmy say?
Jimmy huging her....yep ma boy want's some ass.
Lalit DrawingStuffs
drummers face lol... JLo butts Hhaha
Iliana Vlachos
The guy in the back is starring at her butt like lmao.
Looks like JLo lost her booty😔
macaa maca
I love her outfit and hair and make up so much in this video
Angelina Lawd
Bästis Bloggen
02:28 the black guy (not racist)
was checking lopez ass out 😂
mlp cookiefan
Jennifer is such a genuine person
Keia Knight
Jose Perez
bass can't stop looking at that nice hair do
Sony Droid
Jimmy I wanna see you vs Jlo vs Paula Abdul doing this dance off game
Emma de Jong
Fuck education It looks for me cool video hand :o)
Adele Lover
JLo is really beautiful!! I really like her hair ! She's amazing ...
Time doesn't affect her ...
Unicorn Unicorn
Did anyone peep one of the players of the roots look at jlow booty the one sitting behind her
Andreas Bernhard
she is good .really good.fantastic
Shell Angel
The Psychic Twins have a new bestseller! You Can't Fix Stupid...hilarious!
stavroula fanaraki
Best video ever!!
Mostafijur Rahman
JLo was really so Hot when she was dancing Hot Cowboy!
Annie Acosta
she's too much fun!😆
Desiree Taylor
J.Lo always dresses so cute!!!
Dinah Lance
Studio: So are you just going to pick out of a hat or what?
Jimmy: glances down at his Velvety Dance Bag ...Yep.
I wanted her to do the washing machine from Selena!!!
A eE
there should be an age limit for show girls...
yonny muhammad
she dab and said dat wat and didnt know lol
Xx_KillerMeme _xX
She's Hispanic OF COURSE she's wonderful at dancing 😊😊
the tonight show is so much better than the ellen show
Shani Rosario
only if jeniffer lawrence was there saying come dance with us
Danny Lee
she so beautiful so beauty
Jahirul Islam
Jimmy Fallon is so handsome 🔥👌 .
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