5 Reasons Rogue One Ruined Star Wars - Reckless Disagreement (Tarkin, Princess Leia)

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'Rogue One' pretty much ruins Star Wars in ways the first three prequels wish they could. Man, Tarkin is creepy as hell...

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5 Reasons Rogue One Ruined Star Wars

Matthew Morgan
How can we take someone with a lisp seriously? This is the worst video I have ever seen in my life. Fake Star Wars “fans” should not make videos
Cooper McGee
You suck man.
Patrícia Khalil
The day cracker makes a video abou how awesome something is, they will cease to exist...
How about that for a niilistic pop video ? ?
Alex Cota
It was a hundred times better than the Farce Awakens. . . which was an abomination.
What about the sad pun? “Remember not to choke on your aspirations.”
Anthony G. Bailey
Rouge One is a great movie, but maybe the writers should have asked George Lucas to get some insight instead of shutting him out of the universe he created.
Chris Torres
Ah another hipster complaining for no good reason.
soo i was gonna immediately thumbs down this video cause well im a fan boy... but then i listened to the vid and fk he makes some good points damn it haha
Kapitan Tutan
Fuck you
Rogue One was dope.
jeremy wright
I disagree with literally everything in this video.....
Li Bo
you have no soul
Iggy Harl
Ugh I hate his opening line it's so pompous
Matt Kush
Rogue One is bad, lets face it. Atleast the force awakens has good fan service. Rogue one was just boring bland and bad.
Karl Striepe
Like the InfoWars conspiracy-theory wacko undertones. But yeah, South Park said years ago that Disney's purchase of Star Wars would ruin the franchise. Of course, it had already been ruined by the prequels, and while these new movies may be undermining lore or whatever, at least they ain't sunk that low yet.
Scottland Olds Harbert
Rogue One is magnitudes better (and more a REAL Star Wars movie) than The Force Awakens.
S Barnes
But, but, but, I like rogue one...
_Steampunker _
Ok I’m going to get shot for this but I LIKE FORCE AWAKENS
Ruined?Fam are you mad?Rouge one is the only movie we can watch Dart Vader in his prime.I repeat DARTH VADER ON HIS PRIME,that’s what everybody wait for 40 years.
ken damron
Well I checked when generation x began which is 1965. And millennial generation began in 1985. I graduated high school in 1985. So I'm a generation x. So I win.
I liked it.
Matt Lucas
To be honest I don’t think people liked the movie .Just found as guilty pleasure
This video tries to be clever.....its not.
I personally I liked Rogue One because it shows how things really are when it comes to war. It showed what it took for the common soldier to do what needed to be done. Even when those acts were seen as bad, evil or horrible. Take allied actions in WW2 for instance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_war_crimes_during_World_War_II. Also, it was also a cool effect to see when someone would get shot with a blaster that there was actual damage on their body. Whodathunk huh? Lasers could burn holes in you xD. Bottom line, I think Disney is just giving a big fuck you to George Lucas for calling them white slavers. And are doing things their way. Killing Han Solo in my opinion, the most cringing way possible. But that's not Harrison's fault. He's never had to perform a death scene so....yea. They completely threw out and ignored our beloved characters from EU (RIP Kyle Katarn, Mara Jade, Solo siblings, Ben Skywalker to say the least.) They got rid of the opening crawl for this film. Little to no mention of Jedi or Sith other than comments of the emperor and a cameo by Darth Vader. Strap in boys and girls. It's gonna be a rough ride. But I for one will still be watching all these movies and enjoying them, come what may. Punch it Chewie!
Meanwhile at the Cracked weekly content creation meeting.
“Hey guys it’s time for another clickbait video about how Star Wars sucks.”
“But we’ve already done that a few times now, how can we make it stand out from the rest?”
“Have the host drink his piss the whole video for a gross factor.”
Poizin Rath
I sincerely hope this is satire
taj obrien
Rogue one was so boring
Justice Jaeger
if they wanted to make it important they should've had Grand admiral Thrawn, i mean seriously
Tomas Alanov
Actually Krennic wasn't well liked by the real bosses, Tarkin abd Vader so naturally he was forgotten and gets to credit.

He also died before A New Hope too, so there's that too....
might I suggest you get out of the bunker and do research on oh any topic. Who gets credit is NEVER the person who did it. Ever.
Always. Even Shakespear probably didn't write the plays that have his name on it. I am pretty sure Moses never wrote a book of the Bible. And my boss didn't do many of the things he gets credited for by upper management. Rogue One is just the truthful version.....
To me it thinks it´s like a weasel, and that the whole plot and all the people represent the US- society: stupidity and incompetence mixed with a slight tendency to use violence as an adequate method of handling problems.
Marko Đorđević
You do sound like one of those ... um... those “intense” The Force Awakens fans... :D
Krym 98
That movie was so bad. I put it up there with the movie Avatar: The Last Airbender and World of Warcraft. Force Awakens was crap too. This seems to be a trend in a lot of movies. They need to fire a lot of people in Hollywood and hire the video game writers. Seriously, most Star Wars video games have a storyline 1,000 times better than these new movies.
You are exhaustingly obnoxious to listen to. I couldn't make it half way through this rant.
provided by and obtained are not the same thing fuckbag
Lars Willen
i totaly agree-lets destroy disney
This was alright, but what was your ending supposed to achieve? An incite to violence?
@0:24 Important.
Joseph kerr
How can a new movie ruin a old one, Did it change other parts of old movies with magic? No If you don't like the new movies don't say that is somehow ruined the others It defies logic.
Maikel hoi
Maybe he didn't blow it up because its his daughter?!
dicky shep
5 reasons the 2nd best star wars film ruined star wars..... hahah ya dislike
Ballpark Comics
Disney sucks.
blablablabla..Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But the arrogance... go make your first movie, then whine about those of others.
Loved rogue one, thought it tied in perfectly to a new hope
How come some people in Star Wars sound English and others like Han sound American?
brian macias
Retitle this to 5 reasons why liberal hipsters don't understand Star Wars
CS Studios
Leia didn’t know Darth Vader knew that she had the plans
Gun Shy Mystes
Wow nit picky much
Raoul Duke
i really like the grey ideoligy. because in real life there are no real good guys and bad guys. there's just diffrent layers to it.
Uncle Mojy
Totally disagree............ That'll do pig
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