Bubble Gum ~ Pencil Cartoons #18 [4k]

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Bubble Gum ~ Pencil Cartoons #18 [4k]

What will happen when the Joey is trying to push up his bubble gum and the pen start to follow him! and let us know what you think in the comments below :) 

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I love you so much 💘😘😍😙😘😗😍😇
Angel Suitas
It's a little bit more funny
katie plays,animates&draws
That bird was ugly and mean
Việt anh Phạm
i like
Diamond Brush
My Sister loves your Pencil Cartoons!!
Heremil Aquino
candy gum
I want to link name music 0:12, I your funny but I don't no name music
Gabriella Mbungu
Antonio Soares
i lou
amanda vasquez 1
Ja como lo asen
amanda vasquez 1
Ahmed Fouad
Girls :D :D :D
Evan Smith
Thu Hla
:) :( :l:p
Mahmoud Salamaa
Felipe Roncato
caroline mann
caroline mann
caroline mann
Carly rose mann good 13
4berader yutuber
salma s
Bine Xue
OMG this is crazy😅
Thu Hla
i love it! ya! so good! bye ttttt!
Diane Stewart
this is a rip off channel of pencilmations i hate this channel!!! >:(
Joey Caneba
Re the above subject I am with you join me on way home rest my house and car multi family happy birthday children in need dinner and then the next few weeks and then we go out and about talk about it but it was great meeting with the next week and get it done in a new color of car driver for Windows with my sister in Christ love you son god I will
new jelly
Lar Kk
Great video! Very well done! These Pencil Cartoons are fantastic! We subscribed!
Kathleen Nathalia
MustafaDeniz YILMAZ
ulan bunu hiçbir kimse izlemesin yoksa öldürürüm
Joanna Dark
Gabrielly De Deus
hai van
Xin chào
hai van
Kiss my bass
hai van
Ye s
Xyriel Ann
Xyriel. Ann
Sultan Sultan
Isabella kawaii :3 Catalan :v
Holi :3
kitty cats forever lol XD
i love pensilmations
Elida Quintana
Samuel Lasayo
Cientos Locos
we eyryryrhhc ccc her er eyttttttt hrj ft tr st ufy hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he fu fyi fuituuuu iii ifir ifigiitii iiii iiiiirifudyfyd
Yousra Nagaty
NICE ...........;) :D !!!
Passant Said
love it :D
Millhouse 78
Phil got married

Mayar Abd El-Salam
Wow Thank you you did a great job (Y)
Zifetty 131
the end ?!
oh noooo !
salah Ahmed
So creative and cool.
mario 4655 rodrigues
hj sed Kiss mi así
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