Game Theory: Would Super Mario Win the Olympics?

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At the end of this year's Olympics in Rio, we were all SHOCKED to see the Prime Minister of Japan jump out of a human-sized green pipe, dressed as Mario, and declare that the 2020 Olympics will be in Japan! His announcemenet made me wonder, just how would good old Mario fare at the Olympics? It seems like he'd crush the competition, but science might have something else to say about it. So does Mario take home the gold, or does he unexpectedly not even make it into the winner's circle?

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Crash23 Yt
Have you been pranked

Angelina Sengupta
The "horse prancer" is called dressage 🐴
kaio oliveira carvalho
Put Sonic in the racing.
Who`s Bolt next to him?
Luigi wouldn't be able to use his flutter-kicking, otherwise he'd be disqualified. Same goes for Peach's dress-float.
Llama Bread
Shouldn't peach not count because she floats with her dress?
Cody Sharpe
RIP YOSHI... we won't forget you )))));;
Taylor Gibson
They really should have given you special jumping in Mario Galaxy. Or at least some type of winged jumping boots or something.
Boston Graham
You're the best and if Disney XD doesn't see that then they suck
Mario is on weed then 😂
Anvypie Ender
11:05 Woho! Somebody finally knows who the best scout is!!!
Dear Matpat:

What in God's name is a jiff?
Daniel D Racer
Enderboy362playz -games and more!
Also jumping 3 times isn't what triple jump is
3:26 the olympics happens every 4 years not two
Eerie Reads
2:45 in case you're like me and the phone annotation didn't work 😅
carrie hebert
Thanks MatPat for spending 20 hours a video.Thanks.
lo o
Loved the theory Matt💜
Lucas Schelstraete
For all mobile phone users here you go 2:33
Youre welcome
CherryBomb !
I appreciate his extreme lack of knowledge on how triple jump works
The Saintss
Olympics, 2 Years? Hmmmm
Love that intro
Ariana Smith
This theory isn't depressing at all. Did someone kill MatPat?
Trusty Ga/\/\35
Also tripe jump isnt just jump 3 times
sara sanakhan
How is it you only have 8 million subscribers
charles dawson
11:30 don't say dat dude
charles dawson
so the faster u run the higher ur jumping
charles dawson
5:07 it looks like Mario and sonic are evil
charles dawson
4:55 obviously sonic would win
charles dawson
Japanese did the Olympics because they knew about it
charles dawson
if sonic runs so fast and trips over a rock and then bits of his face would go off
charles dawson
I thought Mario hits boxes with his head and what happens if he hit it with his head his head would bleed out and spew blood everywhere and bits would fly to da ground
charles dawson
solve the puzzle:the smaller it is the (bigger it is)
triple jump is more complicated than just 3 long jumps put together.
In SMG can do a triple jump. It also gives him extra air and makes him jump nearly twice as high. But of course, he needs a running start.
MC Dimension
Vid starts at 2:29 for those people who can't tap the icon
Elias Aw
How far are u
trains rule
2:33 can't stop rewinding :)
DanDaBoss 1212
Use community for polls on episode topics
Blit x
he's 5"11.
Hunter The Whale
Naiser Is Hype
But Matpat,what about the mushrooms that let you jump higher like the mini mushroom or weird mushroom?
Peach uses her dress to float. It doesn't really count.
Small problem. Taking in the other characters of the Mario Universe, there is one character that can do one better than Peach - the great wah himself, Waluigi. You see, Taking in official game measurements, we see that Waluigi's legs are actually double that of Luigi's. Taking this in, we can assume that his jumps are double than Luigi's, making him to clock in at a mind boggling 81.8 meters for the Triple Jump, which is also almost double that of Peach's.
Addison Archibald
dark in here
Wat bout waluigi
Blackpanther20 Youtube
actually triple jump is a hop a step and a jump
Maya MSP
Video starts at 2:35 😊
Is Princess Peach's float longer in Doki Doki Mario? Or is it longer in Super Smash Bros?
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