Game Theory: Would Super Mario Win the Olympics?

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At the end of this year's Olympics in Rio, we were all SHOCKED to see the Prime Minister of Japan jump out of a human-sized green pipe, dressed as Mario, and declare that the 2020 Olympics will be in Japan! His announcemenet made me wonder, just how would good old Mario fare at the Olympics? It seems like he'd crush the competition, but science might have something else to say about it. So does Mario take home the gold, or does he unexpectedly not even make it into the winner's circle?

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Grande il traduttore #avetesentitoitalianisiamoumanianchenoi
I need audible to sponsor my vid
Elroy Hin
Do logic on terraria
Toasty the Toaster
This was uploaded on my birthday! :D
7 months later, doesn't use the community tab
They r having competitive gaming at the Olympics in 2020
Elisabeth Drolshagen
Hello game theory you know your Mario Olympics video at the begging you have that little fact about how mario hits the box with his head can you make a theory about how hard he would have to hit the box to push it up along with knocking something out of a box like if you agree
Should Mario 2 not count since it was a dream?
The Warrior of Awesome
Who else is super hyped for the 2020 Olympics
Hopefully in Super Mario Odyssey, they shed some light on this as some of the game takes place in earrh
the vegeta gamer
but i like these segments...
Not a Ghost, But Dead Inside
for those who can't use the Mario because you're on mobile, here you go. 2:33
Waiting to see Jotaro since Shokotan is involved with the Tokyo Olympics.
Mod p v z how can they kills zombie
Experimenting at Home
do you remember your dead brother? What? Your brother WARIO WALAWIGIE
Isabella Essien
hey, good job
Sbfgr De savage
For all you mobile users the video starts at 2:30
Nightwing Bunny
No offense Mat but I'm glad quadruple jump isn't a thing cause then you'd be training for the Olympics and not making theory videos
AJ Bell
what about a otuple jump?
(1000000000000000000000000000000000 jumps)
The Penguin Council
Maybe Mario is "faster" than sonic because sonic's gravity weighs him down more than Mario's
Samuel Tankersley
uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he said it like jif, its not jif its gif
The croc and sweep show
Would super mario 2 count if its just a dream
I can barely jump 4 feet!
we will test this in super mario ODDESY!!!!!!!!!!!!
It said on the captions during the intro "Epic Game Theory Theme"
Stephen grubber
I know what ya mean mat but peach hovers because of her dress
Jonathan Mason-Kinsey
Use it for new videos man.
Nicole Flynn
Dinisours are people to
Joseph Hunter
the cat lol
Lara Edmonds
click English captions and theme
Rogue Shadow
daniel wagstaff
love the new intro
so cool :)
creepygirl 942

I obsoletely love sailor Jupiter
Mangle The Pirate
Why did u haz super end card thing at START??????
Shana Bum
The cake is a lie!🎂🍰
What bagpipe song in the background
Samantha Watkins
Love the theories... but did you seriously just call dressage "horse prancing"? You mad, bro?
Mr Brick
I thought the picture of people at the announcement part was a crown at first....
Verity Malone
4 years for Olympics
OneOdd Otaku
Finally! Luigi beats Mario something
Don`t Fuck Up The Truth
mario could be inna nba dunking on niggas😂
Declan Kilpatrick
Every 4 years not 2
Whitney Bornath
I forgot one of the formulas used in the episode. Thanks matpat for the help on the physics homework.
gayme theory is awesome
ahem kirby would win 1st
he can fly
but does it count as jumping
If mario was black he could jump higher
Yu-Gi-Oh Fan
what about marios strength?
Yu-Gi-Oh Fan
matpat hasn't been answering my prayers
Lizette Maupin
Matpat I Love your channel it's the best in the world MAKE MORE VIDEOS <3
Psychic Hedgehog
Yoshi isn't a dinosaur, he's a yoshi. I don't know why Mario named him after his species, I guess he's not very original XD
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