Game Theory: Would Super Mario Win the Olympics?

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At the end of this year's Olympics in Rio, we were all SHOCKED to see the Prime Minister of Japan jump out of a human-sized green pipe, dressed as Mario, and declare that the 2020 Olympics will be in Japan! His announcemenet made me wonder, just how would good old Mario fare at the Olympics? It seems like he'd crush the competition, but science might have something else to say about it. So does Mario take home the gold, or does he unexpectedly not even make it into the winner's circle?

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kylo ren
5:16 is is that a pokeball as a robot
Fire Man
4:18: I'm sorry, MattPat, but I must say...THE OLYMPIC SPINOFF GAMES WERE NOT CASH GRABS AND I THROUGHLY ENJOYED PLAYING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that fanboy rant.
CrankZ GD
Well, the gravity in the different games may also vary throughout the levels/worlds
Caroline Basler
its called dressage.
Jacques Bérwick
If you considered Luigi's jump in Super Paper Mario, you'd likely find much larger numbers.
Gabriel Jimenez
Gabriel Jimenez
Garnet Bezanson
Isn't peaches float because of her dress?
StikDik Montoya
doesn't Super Mario 2 end up just being a dream?
CI MadDogs
NinjaPanda 236
17:41 das pritty good skin u got dere
Headless Horseman Gaming
At least he didn't make a "jump" in logic
luis alfonso
Liked just for liking sailor Jupiter the most. Good taste mat.
Squawk TV
Hotty 123
I wonder how tall Waluigi is
Super mario land for the nintendo 3DS mario DID bend his knees just jump high (and do a sick flip)
Ethan Bradie
I'm pretty sure that isn't how you do a triple jump
Golden Survivor
peashoorpro806 Gomez
the Mario series Luigi does have more smarter has a hover jump sonic tails
Aliyah Perfect
awesome but how much does weggie weigh
Noah Bartlett
So uh.... how's that community tab goin?
What about bullet bill he would win distance
2020 olympics will be perfect! The Paul brothers, Mario, I'll love it
Nintendo stop making apparences in olyimpic games
Collin Manser
Cole Geange
Who else loves the intro
Eriku 31622
Dude I competed in track and the triple jump is not just jumping 3 times. There is technique involved.
koalaclub99 M
Aidan Almendarez
that's just a theory a really good theory
Picaplannet 444
Peachy's got it!
EMJF 4321
you know when you said that mario would be 300 pounds in the mushroom kingdom,
well... not to be rude, but that's actually wrong. weight doesn't change based around how much gravity there is. The thing that does change is his "newtons",
wich is kind of like how much power you are pushing to the ground. It would feel like his weight would be 300 pounds but it would still be his original 75 kg.
the legends let's plays
I was waiting for a shortest bridge joke but I was disappointed.
According to my Dad you did your gravity math backwards. Just wanted to point it out in case he's right.
Kind Creeper
mat pat you said it comes every 2 years but it comes every 4 years 😎😼
Preston M-F
Smallchild 1408
bronze is still pretty good
#first comment in nine months
Misty Kitty3
warren mosconi
no there not
MATPAT!!! I'm sorry to ruin your Christmas, but your "triple jump" is not how a triple jump works! Its a large hop, puny hop, then launch on off leg. i would know. I did the triple jump in field on track and field!
Jonah Pixel
5%intro 20%meme's. 100%awesome
Why did I laugh when he said Jupiter inspired the coolest sailor scout? XD
4:03 that makes scene because ma-rio.
Justin Lewis
theory starts at 2:30
Werner and Ella Gamers and Creators B
It say i cant use it and it is not on ipad like rlly
Mat in a Hat
Aaaand MatPat forgot about the community tab.
Gus Gleich
Marios by humans in the Rio thing so why don't you try and measure him then
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