Game Theory: Would Super Mario Win the Olympics?

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At the end of this year's Olympics in Rio, we were all SHOCKED to see the Prime Minister of Japan jump out of a human-sized green pipe, dressed as Mario, and declare that the 2020 Olympics will be in Japan! His announcemenet made me wonder, just how would good old Mario fare at the Olympics? It seems like he'd crush the competition, but science might have something else to say about it. So does Mario take home the gold, or does he unexpectedly not even make it into the winner's circle?

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Mesut Bektaş
darkstone716 ctr_ll
what that song in 14:46
Cole Ritter
I'm on the tablet version of YouTube so the community tab does not work
Cole Ritter
I can't use the community tab
Finlay JM
u said every 2 years but its every 4 years
Shadowmon- dot-net
darimon was in the reveal too
it's prounced gif
Alec OPedia
wait. a mario theory with no refrence to mario is mental? He had finally come to reality. thank you matpat. no offense, but that was your worst theory.
Hott Stuff Gaming
By the way... I like yo calculations
Hott Stuff Gaming
Nice Vidio bruh. But what if they had the Olympics in the mushroom kingdom? #Iluiigi#1
Mat only choosy moms choose Jif.
NightShade 259
Who watches epic rap battle of history
Gardevoir .R
How fast is Mario, Because when you race that turtle in sunshine he said he was wearing his MACH one shoes, and when you beat one of the castles in mariowold he kicks it
t e h i l a • o r h u e
Eva May
I got so happy when he mentioned Sailor Jupiter!
When Mario is taller than most of your friends 😂
Bob Ross
Azrael Giacalone
Being the younger brother, second player, and all around less admired and acknowledged one, Luigi always found himself a special place in my heart. Watching MatPat videos just solidifies why I love the cowardly green Mario.
Fillory's Future
Begins just past 3:00
Ali Almuna
very very smart!!
mine king
if you dont want the stuff about the community tab go to 2:31
Samuel Winger
peach the cheater
Samuel Winger
mario 2 is a dream... LITTERSLYYYYYYYU!!!!!!!!!!
Orbit 1888
Every two years? What?
Maeve 25Friederich
OMG He should do a game theory on shy guys!!!
I am crying tears of happiness right now
You're basing yourself on the wrong logics.
Have you, for example, considered the different gravity on other planets. The bigger the planet, the more gravity it has. There's a huge difference between a small planet like that one & ''earth'' where Mario lives on.
I Song at 5:52
Wasn't Mario Bros 2 all a dream? This doesn't count..
ah yes. Jifs. jaraphics interface
Heidi Linahan
I love the triple jump it's just a hop skip and a jump literally
Rusty Parker
ok sence you disqualifed yoshi i think he'd beat peach...
Caitlin Townsend
community isn't working on my tablet. any idea why?
"Horse... prancers...." Dressage Mat. It's called Dressage and it's the hardest equestrian discipline.
if sonic and crew was there tails would win long jump
G Money
You have given me a new way to think matpat. Now I always think about everything and I don't stop until I have an answer
ausin jones
define tldr
Aidin Skinner
Let's think how long it takes for mat pat to do that script and THEN THE EDITING. He deserves about as many subs as pewdiepie I Swear
Nathan Harvey
Nathan Harvey
What about sonic with running
Gorillas Don't Like Licorice
Manly cars I'm triggered jk matpat
padlor gaming
mario 2 is a dream
Gabriel Ouellette
use it to help by listening to other helpful theorists
Coalman 555
Oh yeah #italians are people to
SpaceCow 01
Wow, mario is just over half of warios height
Random Tube
17:56 thats racist
Also the statue of Mario compared to Shaq is false because its a STATUE look at Abraham Lincolns chair statue for example.
Amman Bhatti
Crazy About Nintendo
You need to do a game theory video about koopa or kamek or an enemy
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