Ihazdapuncake :p
Pants are made to fit around your legs seeing that a dog has four legs it would need two different set of pants
calum ribberink
i got the first on right
Jordan Glavin
Ask the guards a question you already know the answer to
LightningWolf 632
How would octopus wear gloves?
Foxish Gaming
I figured out the first one easily.
Serena Zhang
Gun Drawer
The first one, well, it is, in fact, possible to play it. You take a turn, then turn the board around, then try to beat the other side.

ryan burgett
Xiaopeng Qi
There are 2 doors, one leads to death, another leads to riches forever. You cannot escape the room. There are 2 people. One tells the truth, and the other one kills you if you ask stupid questions. What do you do?
Sanjana Jani
And if the liar Guardian says the door with fierce lion is the first one do go to the first door
Sanjana Jani
You can also say "which door has the fierce lion to any Guardian
it would be two because jeans have two legs only
Just beat the one of guardian and wear his armor and helmet and pretend like him lol
christian og jacob
you didn't blow my mind
Joseph Mantz
#3 THE RIGHT ONE its because dogs wear shirts on their fronts
lindsay07rs s
it's the back two legs because do you where jeans on your hands
Autumn and her cats
I got them all and I hadn't watched the movie
Princess Fatima
if a dog wore pants so he will wear it on two legs not four
I would just aks them to come and protect me through tho doors
Dog Bot
For the dog it's just the hind legs because we only wear pants to cover our private parts
Arctic Wolf
I got the 1 correct a friend of mine told me that riddle!
1) She could be playing chess with her father!
2) We don't know that the first guardian knows that the second guardian always tells the truth or lies!
3) Clearly subjective
Jesse the monster mutt
I know one ammmm we can ask them and when will ask us is I think the left or right
Jesse the monster mutt
I did
Just ask what is the airspeed velocity of a swallow.
Montgomery Kid
they would be worn like humans because when they wear a shirt or sweater it would cover the front two
I got haply when he mentioned my favorite movie labyrinth
Louis Plus Pizza
no=yes yes=no?
Blue Wolf
For the guard one, just ask: am i a boy or a girl.
Arra337 Dahgrien
I got the 1st 1 right
Pablo Mendoza
a dog would were pants, by not wearing pants
PeoGamingSkillz FOR LIFE
Electrodynamic Assault
Or just ask one guard "Are you a guard?" and if he says no, that means he's the liar, but if he says' yes, that means that he is the honest one. This way, you can figure out who is the one lying and then just ask the other guard about the right door, and for example, if the first guard answered yes the first question, that means the one guard that is left is the liar. if he says that this is the door that leads to freedom, that means that it is not, because he is the liar.
Daniel Park
cant u jsut ask "does the door behind you lead to the lion?"
Keturah Purdy
I got the first one NO JOKE
on the second one you could just ask are ghosts real? which ever one says yes is lying
zserac christen
I only found the 1st one
For the first one, the girl could have been playing chess by herself
Kookie Mochi
The Dog Wearing Pants One Its Obvious Pants are made to cover your legs because of private parts all four legs should be covered
Leah Pankey
I watched it
Mireya Maldonado
Knew first one
x XCookies4EverX x
with the dog one, its the second picture cause pants are to cover the butt
Yzzik Rissay Sanchez Acuña
Viktor Kanat
how do we know the last sister was playing chess. she could do anything else i know that you need 2 people to play chess but novadays you can play against computer. i would solve the problem with doors and guards by asking some fact i know for example- how many is 2+2? one of them would say 4 and the other one would lie. then i know who is telling a truth and ask for safe door
Robert Miller
this is like a scenario from YuGiOh right?
Freddy's Channel
Freddy's Channel
#mind warehouse the second riddle was kinda hard 🤓🤓😜😋😛😝
Snowy Nebula
i would ask the guardian 1 plus 1
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