immortal_technique90 A
Tupac Shakur is the best rapper of all time
lilli lilli
That wasssss soooooo GOOOOOOd 😂
Homer Balderas
That last dude was classic...
orville Keyes
Lmao the last guy 😂
3 goats
If you told a homeless person 50 cent was behind them they would of went on the ground and went searching 😂😂😂
StraightLit Boi
This makes me smile :)
Do people really think these aren't actors?
Dylan Peel
if that happened to me id be bouncing
1. Tupac
2. Biggie
3. Nas
4. Ice Cube
5. Rakim
You should do another version of this saying "50 cent is behind you" then have a guy holding a bag with 2 quarters
Martin Tang
1:38 what he say
Jack Stelianou
Notice, basically all black people they interviewed. These networks will do anything to not get a white man on the screen
Mark Youneva
The last dude would make a GREAT politician.
sarah jackson
I would kiss his mouth :D
Evan White
50 is dumb the guy said he was the 7th or 6th best rapper OF ALL TIME and 50 thought he said 6 or 7 out of 10 haha
R.S. Inc.
1. Big L
2. 2Pac
3. Notorious Big
Benito Mussolini
Why didnt u ask whites u butt
Antonio Loiacono

Money for click
Elliot Dorris
at 1:35 they locked 50 cent out for a minute there
Orin Davenport
Youtube has one serious bug here. Im watching a video called ''10 craziest moments caught in sports'' but on the youtube page of 50 cents right behind you from Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Ricky Gray
This is great
Can Akyıldız
If he died like tupac back in his prime which means he was no 1 w eminem,he would be counted as greatest or so just like ice cube
No Name
Wait they really say that 50 is the greatest rapper of all time? Well, he might be the best rapper, but he's no rap god.
Yo Moma
1:30 "what's up fitty cent" AHAHAA
Rooney Noor
I love 50😂
do u like clicking buttons and subscribing to things? XDXD
Oliver Noah10
The last dude seriously look like Lil Wayne with No hair😮😮😁
msanii mpya
Very interesting!
Angel Guerra
Eminem is
Nana Beatz
Very funny 😂😂, but lol... that's people for you, in front of you the sing this beat and behind you they sing different beats
Im just here Chilling
How these people being so calm?? I would fkn hype it up af run around the block and then light one for him.
Re Re
50 is top 15-10. He had the best run in hip hop EVER.
Alfred Hugenberg
NIGGERs VERGASEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deutschnational.
They should do this with other rappers and musicians too wtf
hdbxbx dndn
He looks like dwyane wade
OMG Batman
Yilmaz Bee
that last dude did the all time U turn :D
The title should have been :
"I have been stalked and attacked? Not Clickbait Storytime"
Adrian Spence
1st guy keeping it 1000%
Alpha Phantom
Spud Magnum
"50 cent is behind you"
Me aw shiet hell yeah nigga i broke asf!
Tarun Oorloff-Kay
they only interviewed black people
Srihari Pillai
Skinny Mccollum
Nice !!!
But he is seriously not the greatest.
50 cent is cool dude!
Do eminem is standing right behind you!! Like if you agree.
That hat he got on cost $31.99 😂😂
Lord Goblinz
Ty Nation
Imagine if you did this with eminem lol
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