50 Cent is Standing Right Behind You


We do our show every night from Hollywood Boulevard where the people who pass by our studio tend to have a lot of opinions. We went on the street to ask people what they thought about 50 Cent. Little did they know, he was standing right behind them.

11th Annual Jimmy Kimmel Live Belly Flop Competition https://youtu.be/u_0zHUuPgXI

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50 Cent is Standing Right Behind You

Ki- Adi-Mundi
1:29 Chewbacca
Andrew Ruiz
Was he really the greatest
Lmao! That was hella funny. That last dude changed up quick
Paison - Kun
Oh i thought they were talking about 50 cents on the ground i thought about money not a guy
Cris Rock
50 cents is 2nd best rapper ever next to me.
ja ja
Please stand behind me too
Slipurt Gaming
50 cent what’s good
Lisa Dillard
frys y
Wow the flip is the The funniest thing of all time
Bakri Bohari
If 50 cent stands next to me like that woooh!
Edward Brown
The face every internet troll/thug would make when they see the celeb they dry hatin on. @ 54 seconds. "Oh my gow, oh my ggawd I'm shaking". Punk ass.
Sana Karam
His the best rapper of all time I was just kidding hahaha something I would say after I just put him in seven place lmao
half a dollar
Darren Breton
Eminem #1
G Ash
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Yu Liu
1:36 50 blocked out of the door
Huey Freeman
1:23 instead of 50 cent look behind you thAt hairy guy right there forgot his name
Funny how that woman did not even look to her left, knowing there is someone staring right against her cheek.
Definitely someone who grew up within a rough neighborhood or environment, or....LA!!!??
Sagilicious Sag
andrew zothansiama
i hate this fcking ads
"who is this" XD
Nahu Stark
50 the beest, top 10, LOVE 50! PERIOD
Lizandra Ponce
"50 cents"..yeah that's exactly what he's worth
Him: can you name a better rapper?
Me: zack de la rocha RATM
Vova The Squatter
21 Savage placed him in 7th place, lol.
genGu ShImuda
Not skippable 0:30 ad- I need healing
Kyle Anthony
Ethan Richarte
I wish i had 50 cents
Reid Erickson
This should absolutely be a regular series
Is that 21savage at the end ??
My Name
check the dude pushing the stroler when he realised it's 50cent 1:40
Kristopher Celis
D gunnin
Just like a black person he the best rapper of all time
I thought there was actually 50 cent as in money standing behind them
Briton Kraemer
Chris Brown should do this!!
Hamzeus 123
Legends say 50 Cent sacrificed his eyebrow hairs
halfdeadfred 95
First guy kept it real ...last guy knew what was up lmao
Kaleb KnowsWassup
I want moreeeeee 😂😍
John Rliy
The video came out same time as my birthday
africano dos santos dos santos
The last Guy wi-tee fresh as Heeeeell
Bijou Bakson
"He' the best rapper of all time I was just playin' wit' y'all"... agreed :)
Arii Grande
I actually walked past 50 cent like 2 years ago in an airport lol But this is so funny
Valentina Talanova
Прекрасно,когда у людей есть чувство юмора.
How To/Random Stuff
Clickbait there was no 50 cent behind them just some random dude
Michaiah Senyk
I love how he just goes in for full on hugs with everyone haha
I wouldn't put him at number one but I'd say he has a Top 5 debut album
Don't Read My Channel Banner
Don't read my channel name...
Prince Matthews
Don't read my channel name
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