'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' Interview

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'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' Interview

Kit Bowen interviews Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.


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Maty Nezhoda
R.I.P Alan Ricman
Ken Mok
who's watching this in 2017, rip alan rickman
Jaquel Adams
what was that noise at the end? 5:45 0.o
Steven Clayton
omg i love this movie
X-MenWonderBolt 2
Daniel is sooo cute
Myla De Carvalho
Ok. I admit it. I have a crush on Harry anyone agree?
Its philosophers stone
Oliver Perez
Harry was 11 whille recording when the movi came out he was 13
Jessica Nycole
Omg Rupert is my spirit animal💙💙💙
rose x
yer a wizard harry!
Emilee Northrup
Ok I'm in Gryffindor house and I'm proud of it. Give me a like if you're in the same house and also proud of it.
David fait du Sale
Who's seeing this jewel in 2017 ?😍
Abhishek Verma
Karime Videos
I also like Ariana Grande
Tiffany Halim
I am a big fan Emma Watson
Linda Matthews
crystal deer
i always have a break down when i see the harry potter cast cause the movie finished.......... its reallly hard for me to breathe too
Anime is Life
Can you believe how far they have gotten since this
em19125 msp
A mattress 😂🤣 omg I am howling
5:24...her expression😍😍
moonlight :3
Flying Pinball
I'd pick invisiblility cloak aswell but not for concerts more like banks
dragon knight99
The 103 dislikes are from people who didn't get a role
Mikayla Mulipola
Old hermione: Rose, when I was young, there was a boy who made fun of me all the time

Rose: what did you do mum??

Old Hermione: I married him
Ron and Hermione+ Baby rose
they used a green or blue screen to they used a green or blue blanket so it can be invisible
Vingumse Reading
With subtitels on it is so funny!😂
Clair Love
Why didn't this video get a million views🙀
Anonymous Channel
Bet Rupert regrets the pranks on Alan Rickman 🙏🏻
Anonymous Channel
I love U2...(get it?)
Vishwa Senthirkumar
Ron- Up up u Up!(broom crashes into his face.)
Harry-ha ha ha ha ha!
Ron-Shut up Harry
Jess-road to 1K!
Look how cute hermione is when she's young😍
Sean Hogan
why are they all so muhc more confident at 11-13 rather than now at 28-26... crazyshit
Merpicles Temmie
When Ron was talking about Alan Rickman I was so sad :( :( :(
Pink roses princess 333
Your acting career came true .... I mean Emma , your the next belle
Sonja Nikolić
awww emma is so cute❤
Hermione Granger
Bill nye The hockey guy!
When they started talking about Alan rickman...😩 R.I.P Alan🙏
Hermione Granger
Fetus harry😂😍
Nic The Wizard
My channel
Omg they've grown up so much since then its mind blowing.
Skai Love Ro
Emma, did you know when you are older you Will play belle on beauty and the beast?!
Αναστασια Μυλου
Zvaya Malfoy
Did anyone love to see the stages between growing up, since they look so much older in every different film and just to see them before they started filming the next, I found was really cool
Lu Nar
they fit their roles so well, even just as themselves lol
UWF animation
who came here after watching beauty and the beast xD
Helena Guimarães
this is gold.
I liked Philosophers Stone better than Sorcerers Stone...
Patricia Harriet Christensen
Patricia Harriet Christensen
Patricia Harriet Christensen
patriciaharrietchristensen Patricia Slet
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