'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' Interview

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'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' Interview

Kit Bowen interviews Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.


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Skai Love Ro
Emma, did you know when you are older you Will play belle on beauty and the beast?!
Αναστασια Μυλου
Zvaya Malfoy
Did anyone love to see the stages between growing up, since they look so much older in every different film and just to see them before they started filming the next, I found was really cool
Lu Nar
they fit their roles so well, even just as themselves lol
UWF animation
who came here after watching beauty and the beast xD
Just a Potato
this is gold.
I liked Philosophers Stone better than Sorcerers Stone...
Patricia Harriet Christensen
Patricia Harriet Christensen
Patricia Harriet Christensen
patriciaharrietchristensen Patricia Slet
Patricia Harriet Christensen
Rageshree Chatterjee
It's like they're their characters in real life
Maartje Meijers
||| ✔good philosoper's stone |||
|||❌not good sorcerer's stone |||

Adam Chaudhry
Philosophers stone
Maria Fritch
Emma Watson is ugly poor girl
Alexander Balesini
Philosophers stone ffs america.
- Milky Chan -

Ron: WOAH! I Know What That Is!

Me: Yeah... Me To.. Its A Green Screen C:
Marcus Renaud
Marcus Renaud
in England it's called the philoster stone
Inbal Cohen
Hermione: You're a great wizard, Harry.
Harry: shoves wand into troll's nose
Alexia B
Dan was soo awkward
Unicorn Gang
My friends mum is really good friends with the guy that plays snap
E Queen90s
I was 3 years old during that time😂❤️
it just makes me laugh how much alike they are to their characters..

daniel - by complete coincidence was in the same room as the producer and screen writer of the film

rupert - sent in a video of himself rapping

emma - had already been auditioning for 3 months
Mrsladybug123 Xx
It's actually philosophers stone
Bethany Monday
don't you mean philosophers stone?
Ladan Odion
My heart! My poor heart! The nostalgia!!
She's so pretty and small!! X
Nutella Wifi
I swear its called the philosophers stone
Naeri G.
What I love about this interview is that Rupert is very out-spoken whereas Daniel was more guarded. Now, the roles seem to have reversed as they grew up and I find that fascinating. How puberty and teenage years can influence your demeanor as an adult. Emma never changed, though. 😂❤
Ez Peterkin
Philosophers stone!!!!!
Diem Minh Anh Phan
5:07 when you realized these faces..
Emma sembra che ne aveva 12 anni, Rupert 13 e Daniel 12
Eliza Byrnes
Emile Oldenburg
That was AWSOME!!
Ok yes in England it's the Philosopher's Stone and in America it's Sorcerer's Stone, Americans thought sorcerer would appeal more to younger audiences. So just stop complaining about the name and saying that other countries are dumb and just watch the damn video, because in the end we're all just giant book nerds.
Jill K
4:27 does Hermione have a composition notebook?
Demon Rantz
I love the Chris Colombus Potter movies :)
James Shafer Unicorns
an atress for ages lmao
Anny's World
What everything and nothing has changed in the years from then to now.
Alex Plis
withered plushes freddy chica bonnie
it was a jumpscare from three head dog
Khaiah Benz
Polly Hoade
why is Cristopher Columbus alive?? he's supposed to be dead, isn't he?? I mean, he brought chocolate to Europe, and oranges to America; we've had chocolate all my life.
Reagan smile :3 ._.
O. M. G. ITS a real interviewwwwwwww!
Violeta 10000000000
Hermoine (Emma) Says : it's LeviOsa Not LeviosA!!" Ron (Rupert) : You do that if you sow Cleffer, come on, come on!!" "Wingardium Leviosa" It Fly's "Wel Done, look everybody Miss Grager dit it" Ron has been boring!!!
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