Guy Charles
That last shot was more of a duck hook than a strong draw.... "Fake News"...!
Harley Saunders
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Nathan Rogers
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Liam Moore
PERFECTIONIST IN DIRE NEED OF YOUR HELP! - Got the golf bug late as a 30 y/o and having major difficulties correcting bad swing habits I must have been ingraining into my swing for years. I've never had any professional advice and I'm super analytical, so since joining my first club this year, I'm always videoing my range sessions and can spot flaws, but can't seem to make the quick fixes stick before I then decide to move on to another fault. Really struggling to pin down what my most severe faults are so I know what I should PERMANENTLY fix before moving on. Is it lag? Is it sequencing? Is it club path? Is it club plain? NOT A CLUE - Please help fellas! Cheers - Liam (HC 16)
Dan Robertson
I would love to have my swing analysed by you guys. I used to be a very steady 10 handicapper but recently I have found myself to be shooting in the high 90s and even low 100s. I have lost all idea of where the ball is going and the dreaded shanks have started creeping their way into my game!
Sean Wilson
I would love a swing analysis!! I just started picking up golf this year (bought some used clubs in January) and have entirely self-taught myself from all your videos!
Ruben Lindström
I am a 16 year old golfer and I have hcp 4. My goal is to be a professional golfer but I need help to get more consistent with my shots so I can develop my game!! I would love a swing analysis!! BTW I LOVE YOUR GUYS CONTENT AND I LERAN KNEW THINGS IN EVERY VIDEO, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
Justin Rice
I would like a swing analysis because I have a hard time keeping the ball in play off the tee and not sure where the ball will go since a pull draw/partial hook has leaked into my game this year so now my misses could be a slice or potentially a hook...

I've become a par golfer this year but I find myself scrambling every hole and only hit 1 or 2 fairways but continue to lose 2+ balls per round... With this swing analysis I feel it would greatly improve my scores from low 80s on a good day to mid to lower 70s.
Dustin Telles
Hello, I would love a swing analysis of my game to help bring a little more consistency especially to my driver. I would love to see what you guys would have for me to fix my driver.
Bros Bassin
I need a swing analysis the most. I'm a 16 year old self taught golfer with a lot of experience I'm 5'7 and 100 pounds so I don't have much distance, but I know for a fact I'm losing distance with my body doing the wrong thing through impact. I hit my drive 220-230. The shortest on my whole golf team. I shoot low to mid 80s consistently but feel I am constantly relying on up and down through the green
ryan hanrahan
Mic check, 1, 2. Mic check, 1, 2.
George Prendergast
I a swing analysis because play on a Saturday need a more powerful drive.
Hello, I saw a video you guys did. Not sure when you made it, but you talked about BLT Bump Lean Twist. It was very helpful. I'm trying to find it but I can't. Can you tell me what's the name of that video or if anybody knows.
Thanks n
Richard Ruzanka
I could definitely use a swing analysis! Keep up the good work, guys
Dennis Hammer
Great tip, where can one get this training aid??
Jordon Whitney
A swing analysis would be beneficial for me as I have put in some work over the past year correcting a pretty substantial slice by using techniques from your videos--now I'd just really like some insight as to how I can optimize distance but, more importantly, my consistency, based on what you see in my swing. Also-the transition from hitting off the pad at the range to hitting off the grass on the course has been frustrating! Thanks!
Great tips as always! Would love a analysis for my sving. Been a 7-9 Handicaper for 5 years now and cant find the flaw that make my sving unconsistent. Would be awesome if you could help me get my sving less complicated and more consistent.
Alex Calvo
What is the name of that gizmo to flatten your wrist on the downswing??
Niklas Ljungberg
Hi guys!

I would like a swing analysis since I have not been playing for a couple of years and have an hard time to find back to my current skill level. Having trouble to keep my drives on the course, my clubhead is quite closed when hiting the ball.
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Brian Rapp
I struggle with my 6 & 7 irons, striking the ball with an open club face a lot. A swing analysis would help my game greatly. Keep up the great content Pierce and Andy.
I'd love a swing analysis because i'm trying to take charge of my game! Played my first 18 earlier this year and now i've played 6. I'm obsessed..... Your videos help a lot!
I would love a swing analysis to help get my game to the next level. I finally got my handicap on the + side (+0.2) but I still have not shot under 70. Lots of 70s...71s...72s...just cannot break that barrier. Usually each round I hit one or two drives off the planet that cost me big time. Please help!
Esther A
Please help!!! Every time I play at the local golf tournament, I was paired up with a lady, who is argue with how many putts I have. When I had 2 putts on a hole, she put down on my scorecard as 3. Even everyone else in our group told her she was wrong. She keeps doing it. She did it to me at 2 different tournaments. I have to argue with her for another half round to prove she was wrong. It was so distracted. I couldn't concentrate on my game at all. Next week we will play together again. What should I do? How can I control my anger emotions during play? Thanks.
Zlatan The God
hi meandmygolf I'm 13 and I just went to a driving range and I hit a 5 iron 165 yards is that average,above or below p.s I'm a complete beginner
Daniel Son
You should do a swing analysis of Charles Barkley lol
marc edyvean
I've got the worst slice in the world, I have to aim at least 90° from the fairway. How can I improve it. I'm a beginner golfer so I just want consistency at the minute. Thanks.
A front on view of Piers swing would have been good as the main aspect of this was to get forward shaft lean. Even better would have been to see the gentleman's impact position after coaching.
steve keenan
Loving the videos guys. I would love a swing analysis as I really want to get to single figures and need to lose another few shots for get there! Keep up the good work!
Creature3111 _
I'm new to playing golf and self taught myself in a couple months with the help of your fantastic videos! I would love a swing analysis to make my game better, so I can pass on the info to my wife and friends. Then we can hit the course more often! Keep up the good work! Thank you!
Nick Neral
I would love a swing analysis as I'm getting into golf and I'm always hitting my irons fat/chunking and slicing my driver. Love the videos!
JJ Keller
I've made a lot of progress recently, but I still have a long way to go and feel a little stuck. I'm finding it hard to improve without knowing what exactly I need to work on. Would love a swing analysis.
roger king
thanks for showing I have a choice as to when I can flatten my wrist. did not know this.
Nick Gomolchak
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Dustan Bratton
I would like a swing analysis to just help become more consistent. I've only been playing for a few months and struggling to shoot under 100.
Jandre Erasmus
I need the help because I was a 3 handicap,,and my swing was not that bad but now a few months later I can't seem to hit it like I used to and my swing doesn't feel right for example at the top of my back swing my club face is closed but at impact my club face is open and I don't know how that works , so please if you can help me it'll be much appreciated.
Max Hawkins
My problem is that I can play OK iron shots that are relatively straight or a slight fade. however my distance is average. my distances are P -100-110, 9: 110-120, 8: 140, 7: 140-150, 6: 150-160. I assume I am flipping the club and losing distance and power. When I try to get the club face at the position explained in the video, I seem to lose the same amount of power and it either goes the same distance or is a shank to the right. Therefore, it is hard for me to execute this swing and use it on the course when I could just do an easy 3/4 swing and hit 140 yards on the green with my 7 iron. Any tips on executing this swing properly? Oh, and I would love a swing analysis :)
Samuel Fruitman
I need it, today I was on Junior Varsity and after 2 bad rounds I was sent down a to a less competitive team. Can you please help?
Bill Collie
I pull my drives . All I want is to hit my drives straight every time.
Great advice as always and superb location.
Tys Barnard
Hey guys I'd love a swing analysis because I'm having difficulty adjusting with my downswing or backswing? I'm not 100% what's going on & is love some help!
i really need to get myself on a LM with dynamic loft info. I hit everything super high (Driver, 3wood off the deck, long irons off the deck included)
It seems like i'm trapping the ball quite nicely but ball flights are super super high. It's good for greens that are higher or lower since i don't have a huge discrepancy on carry distance but windy condition kills distance or direction quickly
Steve Olander
Give a guy from the colonies a chance for a swing analysis. I can do a decent British accent for the intro vid. Well, it might be more like an Aussie accent but hey can't be as bad as my golf swing. My luck on these is about as good as my loto picks. Didn't even get a single number.
Reckless Savage
I just cant seem to get my hit right i can work my other clubs in but my irons suck horribly please just played today and did crap
I need a swing analysis because I am loosing distance.
too much distance.
Jeremy Jones
haha you can tell that isn't your normal swing Piers. You pulled that second one bad
i would like a swing analysis because i hit my driver way to the right because of my big slice, if i could hit it straight i could improve how many fairways i hit and i can finally shoot under 90
Jonny Elmore
I need a swing analysis because my girlfriend beat me for the first time a few days ago. Please help my golf swing
The Mock Commentator
Love the vids, you've reignited my passion for golf and have almost cured my slice. But I desperately need an analysis because I can't quite work out if it's my hands or the angle of my downswing. Please help lads 🍻
sign up guys, it's worth it!
i've been struggling massively with long irons as ive been over-drawing the ball to the left, to the point where i lose a lot of distance as well. i get the odd good connection but more often than not, i'm hooking the ball with irons from 7 downwards. would really appreciate a swing analysis as this is making it hard for me to break 90
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