Emma Watson's "Beauty and the Beast" Paycheck Revealed | E! News

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The actress plays "Belle" and is earning some major bucks as the live-action remake slays the box office.

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Emma Watson's "Beauty and the Beast" Paycheck Revealed | E! News

Gracia María Espinoza
I dont like Emma in this movie. Even Gaston was better. This movie will be a success even without Emma, because childreen and parents want to see it
Fresh Ness
Disney, I'll be the lead in your next movie for a cool $500.00! Think of all the money you'll save
E! hasn't said anything about Chuck Berry yet. Fucking racist news
lydia Keerl
She can't sing
Dhbkvn Vinci
I just can't believe that Disney would put that crap in a movie
moon dog grey
let me know if you want to swap paychecks with this man.... emma love.
Edward Limney
well, nobody can stop you from being a FINE ASS!👍
Daniel Helms
she has $15 million, I have her nudes so who's the real winner here?
Project -iFi-
not worth it
Tommy T
Banned your kids by watching this filthy Sodomite movie. Scum Disney is trying to indoctrinated your children with this evil sexual filth. Evil Disney is sorcery, and evil will entered into little children minds. Just take a look at the evil liberal queers these days...... .
Semaj Kcirtap
The company I use to work for is being sued in a class action lawsuit for 15 million. My share is 12.21.
Gerald Gardner
She can't act
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