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Children are well trained in many to pray before school starts awesome toys n poems songs n each n everthing taught with manners.if a child does not eat the teacher sees n with her hands feed the child.they have many its known play n study.ofcourse they have picnics n even plz dont worry.Encourage youre children with good foundation at Dolpin school.As a grand mother im proud of the school n my grand children have learnt alot .So plz one n all are most welcome with their children or grand children.God bless Dolpin School n all the children studying there.God Bless.
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Super Color Kids TV4D
Super Color Kids TV4D
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Superhero Action TV
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Jutsu Clash Chidori vs Rasengan
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Phoo and Boo Nursery Rhymes-3D-Kids Learning
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Ekamjot Jot
Most Funny Videos
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Have any like this ? BAD BABY CAR WHEEL FELL OFF ! Finger Family Song for Kids w Learn Colors & Johny Johny Yes Papa
Thamires Oliveira
Yamile Ague
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Calek Calek
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