Donald Trump Monologue - SNL

Donald Trump is joined by Taran Killam as Donald Trump and Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump. Plus, Larry David makes a surprise appearance.

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Pavel Radev
Where's Alac Baldwin?
That answered the question, "Can Donald Dump be funny?", in the negative.
@1:56 Wrong
Messed-up Kid
23k likes Versus 23k dislikes
I'm Electra Mashups
poor sia...
Almost thought it was Alec Baldwin!
Kiran P.
Just wanna punch him in the gobbler
Lavender Ocean
23k vs 22k, look like the approval rating has gone up...for SNL.
Oliver Sings
Why snl? Why?
The Resolute Hermit
His monologue is just so him. It's all about him and how great he his.
Collin Pace
23k likes vs 22k dislikes. Yup. This is America.
Erin Batten-Hicks
I just don't even know what this was supposed to be
Felicity Smoak
Alec Baldwin is such a great actor, he’s really good at impressions!
The Blue Eye Gamer
Trump before becoming president could take a joke at his expense (kinda). After becoming president he wants to punish anyone who makes fun of him like a spoiled child
Sof Igoe
i don't know what is more unbelievable...the fact that Donald Trump hosted SNL, or the fact that Trump is now president of the United States. What a fucking joke
"I can take a joke" lmao right
E2 M5
"The calm before the storm"
E2 M5
That was the biggest crowd he has faced and spoken to
Paige Fletcher
He sounds like he's reading directly off a teleprompter
Ethan Dalton
Haha, what a TV personality, could you imagine this guy being president?
Mitch Kettles
You're a terrible president, please resign
Before Frankenstein evolved
Enam Khan
Disgusting little shit
Tom Adams
Annnnnnd two years later , He is the worst POTUS in History . And He really is racist !!!!
Rowan L
The real trump said it was an "honor" to be on the show... Now he wants to get rid of the show.
hilalry clinton says so what if i'm a pedophile, youre the racist
Before SNL made every video making fun of him and his administration
Joe Smith
ahhh before the election. this was before liberals and SNL lost their minds
The Variety Channel of youtube
This is a disgrace.
Tae Kwon -Do Apprentice
Starting the show off with lies. No one thinks he's handsome
There's Beauty In Everything
See? Everyone makes mistakes. Someone somewhere had the "brilliant" thought that it was also a "good" idea to call "cum" the poltically correct term known as "semen" as well as a branch of our military that we are very proud of known as the Navy who occasionally refer to themselves as a group of "seamen". I've even heard them desribing themselves as an individual:

Woman: "So, what do you do for a living?"
Her date: "I'm a seamen, but I'm short so I'm a little soldier."

And now you know how I found out what my husband did for a living on our first date. I wasn't sure if I should ask how much would it cost me for 2nd base versus a home run or what rank in the military he was. I guess they thought that they could add just one letter and no one would notice the awful similarities between the pronunciation of "semen" and "seamen".

Just the same, SNL once allowed the "real amazing" Trump to host. I still love you SNL, just don't be a repeat offender unless it's the ACTUAL amazing Trump. Alec Bladwin can say he's amazing all he wants because it's the sarcastic truth. Lies aren't funny. The truth is.

Study Alec Baldwin, okay Trump? He will also show you what good looking actually looks like as well.

Comedians are the one place you can get the hard truth and it be enjoyable. They also can get away with saying these controversial truths that the rest of us would be smashed for saying. It's funny to watch that truth being brought alive.

Trump is President. That's the truth and we all hate it. That and Trump sucks at it. 99.9% of the world knows this but we are viciously attacked if we even say that out loud, publicly. Comedians aren't. It's attempted but with little victory. Thus, SNL, other comedians and the late night shows are quickly becoming America's heroes. Especially considering it has become so damn hard to find that thing we call the "truth" nowadays.
Daniel Guerrero
Does his tie seem long or is it just me
It should have just been Trump and Alec Baldwin as him! πŸ˜‚
Am I the only one watching this in 2017?
Chato Santana El Diablo
Chato Santana El Diablo
WTF Am done watching this TV show
This was the most awkward monologue ever.
The likes and dislikes are the election results
Dianne Enterkin
He doesn't "hold a grudge!". Now that's funny!
Nimsta Boi
Little did they know
NPAT Equal Custody
You’re a racist!
Chris Castagnetta
Them dislikes! Ha eat that Trump!
Mon Key
Trump, people like you if you just stick with shows. You are not fit to be President!
Autumn Berend
What a good job, Alec Baldwin.
Zeus Acosta
He maybe rich, but Bill Gates is richer
Gabby Gershom Bassey
Love trump
Celina Peerzada
EWW it's trump
Tabitha Joyce
2017 He is President of USA Wow
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