Anony Mous
President of the United States, ladies and gentlemen...
The Fantasy Armory
If only Alec Baldwin's trump was there...
He looked so much happier when he wasn't the president
Paul Giordano
How the heck was he alright with that racism joke?
John Moreland
Wait a minute. Exactly 1 year after this video was posted, he was elected presedent.
Donald Trump ❤❤
The Phandom is everywhere
Oh how I hate that guy
Samuelito G
From this to President...Times are hard.
Luna Lovegood
this was posted on my birthday I am CURSED
Yo Soy Bob Oso
Lets go turkey legs
Rich Piano
the middle one sucks but the 3rd one is the best impression of him
Andon Morter
Just because you may not like a man's politics doesn't mean you don't like the man
Shaikh Mohammed Yunus
i gave it a like
Mandy Paskitti
I love how they still make fun of him!!!!!!!!!! 😂
No this is reality...
When was this i never heard anything about him on snl
Lucky McGalaxy
2 things:
1. Everything Trump says in this makes me laugh because of how untrue it is
2. Can we just have Alec Baldwin as our President?
Brilliant Magnus
Where is Alec?
This video has the same amount of likes and dislikes, it goes to show you how divided our country is. Sure, you may not like trump as a politician but he's not a bad guy. Take a joke. Just like when Hillary Clinton hosted, i'm not a supported of her but it was hilarious. Idk i just find things weird...
I remember watching this live a year and a half ago, and to this day, nobody still knows who Cia is.
Anna Vanasse
Edit: World War III is upon us because there is 3 trumps
Anna Vanasse
"I don't hold grudges" boi, get the hell out before I end you with a pipe cleaner.
Sean Patrick
shame on snl for ever letting him on.

props for KEEPING him on in the form of Alex Baldwin.
wait, THATS TRUMP?!?!?!
Phelise Joy
Oh. My. Goodness.
RStaR RaptoR
see THIS is comedy! wtf happened??? he leaves and everyone starts acting like children but tell even worse jokes than children!!! trump is the fukin man!!!
Joseph Simpson
😶 Is this Donald Trump... making fun of himself? What is this... What is this...
Cashmeoutsidehowbowdat XD
I don't know whether to laugh or throw my phone through the fucking window.
I'm here for the liberal tears.
Silent Moab
When he asked Rosie to come out and it wasn't her and trump just shakes his head and points at her lmao trump is fucking awesome
Funny how the real Trump's real hair looks worse than the two fake Trump's fake hair.
Ben D.
haha this is GOLD! XD
You're fired!
Sarah Forever
I may not like trump, but the fact that he can go on snl and make fun of him self is something to be admired.
Mr.Chang Rogrez
I'm confused. which one is the real donald trump
dalton evatt
Damn that's a lot of pissed off snowflakes, 20k of them
Mohammad Hamza Ahmad
2 years later...
Jon sometimes Gets bored
Where's Alec Baldwin
Food Lover
oh this was before alec baldwins impression .. oh that makes sense😏
yuvraj singh
This really happened..............
I wonder if Larry David ever got his $5,000
And then we have the bullshit Trump as President
ana benavides
Donald Donald Donald 😝
Hank Elliott
I stopped watching after he said "I'm a nice guy"
Brad S
Look at all the dislikes, fucking liberal pieces of shit, Trump is awesome and always will be
selvin marquina
21k likes and 20k dislikes 😂
Mercy Williams
Walter Gregoire
Ahah so great, the first comedien is so ugly and seems so stupid, the real Trump gotta pissed!😂
Ajay Pasricha
I almost forgot he came on. He did a good job
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