kodak black - too many years f. pnb rock #slowed


lil big pac

download: http://www.audiomack.com/album/sdyouknow/lil-big-pac-slowed
news & updates: https://www.facebook.com/SlowedDownSoundz

Fastfingers Headlock_ 813
I cried the first time I heard this SONG.
I relate to it
It's not even slowed. Look at the secs ticking
Alex Infinity
This track slowed is extra special
Linda Avila
this bih sound better slowed
Yng Hstlr
Saint saint
free sis sanit real lifer o geez
Acaurious James
This song is that shit Kodak black
Demarcus Thompson
I seen niggas play gangsta and brxke nxw lxst alxt lxst they mind in the cxurthxuse I'm xn XXL I'm in New Yxrk nxw
Isaac Vargas
kodak wrecked this hoe. #ripantho
jeremy phillips
my homie just caught life..
Nigel Garrett
I wish they had a replay switch on YouTube
urirrht gehr
i love this song
Madison Jacobs
its better slowed
glock money
r.i.p slugga!!!!
ddh_vibekiller DDH
sound more peaceful by itself and self
Ty Gill
this aong is going to be my life im on bail rn for shootin a nigga im facing 32 years
Nigel Garrett
It's sounds mesmerizing in slow mo
Precious Jackson
real talk 💯💯💯
Luis Lozada
I Listen To This Song Everyday
Lor NasTV
"wee wind" 😂😂 but dis fire 💯🔥
Ryan Broussard
Rip royce broussard sir bmb
Greta Charles
Kendra Jones
miracle sermon
miracle sermon
wat you taking about
Donnie W
Reginald Apollon
Free Kodak
Rip Lor Scoota
aundrea west
rns manee 1000!!!
Monte Scott
🔥🔥🔥🔥 #FreeKodak #954 #BrowardCountyBoyz #HollyhoodGang #Hwd954 #HollywoodFlorida
supa dreadz
Crosstown LA
zoe boii
bruh I luh your content
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