Jai De la Serna
First heard this played over the radio in my small city of the Philippines. Never had a bad day after listening to this.. That's great :)
Vikki_Emo_Girl therian
nicky woulfe
Anyone else come here bcuz of Transformers Dark of the Moons credits
Jacob Nathan
Dude really hates that wall
doopo fucker
who's else is listening in 2019?
the last good song
diego jose
6 años alv! :U
david duran
skillet vibes anyone? no? just me? OK
RAsplez 98
anybody else got goosebumps on their goosebumps?
Miranda Padilla
So old but still one of my favorite songs <3
Josef Stalin
Paramore era sensacional...
Virava a tarde na mtv em 2007 a 2011 torcendo pra eles passarem clipes deles kkk
Juh Muniz
melhor banda de todo o mundo ever <3
Vikki_Emo_Girl therian
Paramore : Rock band

I'm still emo and proud 😂
Nessa Navarro
Is here because of The Transformers Album :)
Carlos Dorneles
2017 ? 🤘🤘🤘
Philip J. Fry
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Malcolm and Friends
Who's listening in 2017
Adrian Kula
awesome song
I would be really interested in hearing the old sound mixing with the sound they have now that would be quite the experiment.
I want songs like this back.
Jessa Salazar
Gustavo az
saudades pre adolescencia <3
Lucca Guerra
So old, but I'm still listening... :)
I feel bad for them cause they might have ear infections from laying in that water
She looks like Carly from David dobriks vlogs😂
Kenza Moubarik
hayley was dying her hair with crazy colors since forever , waaay before that instagram revolution of bright hair colors 😍
Anurag Negi
whoever was on the drums killed it!
I like this record. With good speakers i have real concert in my house. That pure bass drum etc. I love it. :)
Anurag Negi
misty is that u?
vanini kok00n
what did that wall ever do to u
sierra sicard
The ending of Transformers dark of the moon brought me here💕
Cierra Dunne
I ship his foot and the wall so hard.
little cold + this song = creeps
Ally Fey
Bitkeli Rolisso
BR 2017 bitch man kkkk.
Got into the song recently it's really good
Carys Kelly
whose watching in 2017?
hayley Mary me
Baby Doge
I love this
but this years ive been hearing alot of dirty stuff, so I thought she said ''eatin' ass alive'' im so sorry I love paramore
chester blue limpin
chester blue limpin
Another song from skillet entitled as monster and both paramore's and skillet's music video was screened escaping a hospital but paramore's more dramatic so Go Paramore!!
Efri Vernando
I saw belahan
viktorija gerenđir
"I will stop the whole world from turning into a monster!"- beautiful!!
Guney Yilmaz
2:13 it's hilarious how Hayley's concerned and focused on the situation but Taylor's just chillin
Leonardo gavassi
tempos do top 10 mtv que saudades 😧
Nixon Cardenas
Yo amo Paramore
She's so fucking gorgeous.
Jose Ramirez
Hayley would be perfect live action Misty from Pokémon
Азамат Кайвалиев
че нихуя не понял mazafaka
Jessy loves VIXX
why this video seens like Monster by Skillet?
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