People Try Peeps Flavors

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Cat TV
I don't really like peeps
Elizabeth Hamilton
The only thing that peeps are good for are peep wars
De -Vine
I've tried the birthday cake one! It was Delicious!
Catherine Lee
Try roasting the peeps like normal marshmallows. The outside brulés into a crispy shell.
Keyboard kitten
Dee Sisters
the skinny black chick was so picky she shouldn't be in the video it was annoying hearing her opinions
some of them act like they are afraid for their lives. its just marshmallow and sugar, just eat the damn thing.
Sophia Patterson
I hate peeps
Special Alpaca
I'm jelly nowヽ(≧Д≦)ノ
aphuma gaming
Well i hope it was good but uh you were just peeping into my nonfiction HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I get ill go now i was only trying to be ounny hahahahaha ok il leave now im done
Am I the only one whose never seen coconut, fruit punch, orange and cotton candy peeps.
Jiffy Dude
you guys forgot sour watermelon
Sammie Ulm
When you're wondering why a bunch of adults are scared of a peep aka a marshmallow covered in sugar
Hot To Eat Peeps: Throw it in the trash.
Grim Fix
I don't like the fruit punch or the cotton candy. I have never had the coconut or orange. I love the originals and the pink lemonade from last year.
Ta didn't try all the flavors!
Selah Flores
Gotta eat the booty like groceries.
2:35 The lines should be reversed
"Let's start with the fact that they are shaped like birds." 😂🤣
Aman Indeed
The black people liked the Kool-Aid flavored ones best; go figure. #Watermelon #FriedChicken #KoolAid
flamingo shrimp
eat that booty like peeps
Haley Hock
Whenever I was poor, on holidays i got one thing. On Easter, ever since I was 7, id get one box of peeps. So the matter of peeps is very important to me
Courtney Dewar
"ooouu this smells like kool-aid" a white girl said that
im just gonna leave this here
the guy that ate the peep whole is not to be trusted. at all.
Peeps don't deserve to be eaten. They deserve to be bought and thrown in the trash.
Rae Fleurs
Honestly that girl one was so sassy I loved it
Mykala erron
That girls Afro has me SHOOK TO THE CORE or like is it a black person thing lol
I'm hungry now
DOLPgamer 3000
i feel like i am that one person who feels bad for those peeps being eaten
PandaPup // Awesome
I don't think I ever ate a peep what does it taste like?! ;-;
I keep replaying the beginning for some reason 😂 That taught me so much
Sahara Parker
My favorite is cotton candy and birthday cake :)
Molly Fabbri
I get that this is an all new team but I'm used to all strangers meaning it's a bs scripted ad video so this is weird.
im clearly being productive watching this.
and, also, for those of you who dont know what a Peep is, its just a marshmallow shaped bird with a colored sugar coating. #childhoodyo
Gøt!Seventeen Suga Kookies
I have never seen any other flavor Peep than the original tho???
ambra sanchez
Hm wonder why they're shaped like birds when the name is peep
Wonderypigery !
Omg where are all of our faves omg I've never seen anyone of these people in a vid before
Julia Gusse
CoCo Mochi
nah peeps taste like diabetes js
Olivia Cahill
She's scared to eat a marshmallow ???
Julia Gregory
bubblegumcorn 20
Emily Rodriguez
The girl with the afro was so extra, like its a peep get over it and eat it.
well as people say.. peep that glow
But why didn't you try the sour ones? They're the best.
Marady Mon
ay peeps
Violet-Moon Gaming
Peeps in Canada taste like nothing.
Miranda Bull
'Weird peep flavours'
Try's original
Sunshiner Fany
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