Conor McGregor on Beginning His Career

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Conor recalls the early days of his career when he was still having to convince his parents that it was a viable option for him.

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Conor McGregor on Beginning His Career

Martin Korn
lance tarl
What about ken shamrock
william scruton
188.00 how many yrs ago was that lol you run your 👄 way to much about not the truth so shut up 188
wow Conor can put a sentence together, monkey juice head gayweather seems like a retard next to him lmao
Ray Jones
freemason symbol conor to win by KO
Martin Harvey
Connor just pushed past this clown's silly questions. He got his point across beautifully... that suit is very sparkly though! Haha
Akhil Sindher
If there is ever a film where they need to cast him they should get tarron Edgerton to play him
Automatic Reset
it funny seeing how this guy clearly chose sides with mayweather
The Leppracan vs Usain Bolt. Ain't buying this cherry pick
Philip Quaglino
Conor is taking UFC mainstream, UFC owes him much, he is playing the showbiz aspect flawlessly.
Ra Don
I love the irish accent.
Ryan Gebhardt
He's trying so hard not to curse lol
1, 2, treee Fook the Mayweathers
Adrien Sauvaget
Kimmel : "What age did you realize you were good at fight ?"
Conor : "I'm Irish, we're all good at fight"

Fook yea
Meryem Zraidi
he didn't say in what age he started
Ryan Whitelaw
Two years later he's fighting in the biggest fight/sporting event ever
Conor McTapout
Abe Fromen
You can tell he doesnt want to say anything bad about his parents.
18 stormtroopers died making "Conor's Jacket".
No Rugby? Conor
Peter Mack
Jimmy il bounce ur head off the canvas u keep asking me dumb questions
So to sum up, before joining ufc he was nutin.
The Nostromo
His accent sometimes sounds a little bit Chinese mixed with the typical Irish accent LOL 😂
Jimin -sama
I feel Jimmy Kimmel is stuck in the mud. And singular in his approach
M Jave
Moter or mother😂

Forced: First
Observer Studio
McGregor in this interview looks like my crazy Russian alcoholic neighbor
Jimmy let the man talk you're just always adding in dumb ass jokes to make your crowd laugh, Connor is taking the time to go in detail but you always interrupt smh
He was trying not to cuss lol
masta inc
0:12 Connor making a Freemason hand sign
masta inc
Freemasonry right in plain sight
masta inc
Connor doing the Masonic gateway hand sign @12 seconds in

Connor must be working with the Freemasons

Fight is rigged

Joke is on you.. Connor and Floyd are laughing at all you suckers behind the curtain.
He seems like a down to earth guy when he ain't fuckin fighting
Esai Vasquez
Fook this guy!! Hes a big phony!!!
Jimmy is such an idiot.
ooh boy, I can't wait to see my kids doing cage fights! :D
Jimmy you fookin weasel. If anyone looks like a weasel that's fookin it.
Mabus Iambus
Conor started his career on his knee's sucking Jew cock 😆
Justin AFC Duncan
Ali influenced smh but that's "all you" and MJ jacket thief this guy #sillyrabit
Convince your parents to support and enable you to pursue your dreams. You cant work full time to keep a roof over your own head and make dreams come true. No time, no energy. Enablers are the key to success evidently
dank youtuber
Jimmy's just a wrestler with an overhand
jessica james
Allegro T
I'm not a fan of Conor, but he was far from the biggest dickhead on stage here.
StangNickSn95 Lankheet
This interview makes me like Connor. And I get feel of Bruce Lee lingo going on. With purpose for more then fighting. But he says displine. Well I say then ACT LIKE IT!!! Connor, if you even respect Bruce Lee with the fighter you are. Lose the big show at all the press conferences! Be humble till the fight starts!!!
KingDoms Kingdom
Glad he kept saying martial arts and not fighting. Those who know very little about mma just think its a scrap, but in reality its a highly technical form of martial arts. Much respect to Connor for calling it that.
Tom Stewart
Kevin Silver
"Kicking a ball into a net is pretty cool but what if someone runs up behind me and hits me two shots into the melt, then it isn't so that was in my head as a young kid." "You were a paranoid young man..."
Keith Leduc
Wtf does this meat head say at 0:34 lmao
X_Fusionx _X
I might not like Conor but I like how he inspires people
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