Extreme Pictionary! (MattyBRaps vs Sierra Haschak)

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This week, MattyB sits down with Sierra Haschak to play her in a super close game of Extreme Pictionary!  

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True gamer studious
sierra won like if you agree
Sofiara Club
I really love mattyb
Reaghan Rae
Cat Reaghan Jacobs rabbit
魏逸樵 Dirk 的疊杯
Hi amttyb
Kenitcha Ceder
Matty b won 😍😍
michelle spak
Series won
Jesse Thompson
love it
Sisters Twisters Leia and Bria
Mattyb should do a prank by dressing up in a costume and popping out to scare them
gaviana shannon
you did this on my brithday
Helena Seawell
You guys draw wired
Abigail Pepple
great job seirra
Eva Wong
on 2;14 look at matts face
sakina aliakbar
goooooo seariera
Sevoa Harris
I love mattyb
mattyb is the best
He high fived her 4 times aww ❤️❤️
mattyb is the best
Call me on snapchat pls and he high fived her he clearly likes her and he touched her hand aww ❤️❤️❤️
Rhonda Joseph
how r u mb
Craig Stewart
Adam Hansen
Boooooo!!!! Matt
Melanie Leblanc
But Matt's drawings weren't the best
kailee Macaheleg
matt I love your converse you had on
Jane Norton
I could not stop laughing when Sierra drew a clown and mattyB said 'um... ivey' lol like if u laughed
justin biber
matty won💕
Naomi Matutina
LOL Matty's drawing skills tho.
angeline mateer
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Kali Muller
she said fish that counts
jasmine nunez
Mattyb you should do the freak shake challenge
Jazzy Kaur
Anyone notice tht Sierra said square instead of triangle for the nachos???
Sepia The Squirrel Of Mistmantle
4:47 That's why they friend-zone you! Also you're behind Sierra in grades...
Sepia The Squirrel Of Mistmantle
3:08 Yep that's MattyB!!!
Sepia The Squirrel Of Mistmantle
0:59 Those are triangles not squares!!!

I make that mistake all the time too...
Valenky Alphonse
matt and seiara are dating thwy should do a kiss challenge and kiss in front of the camra
vanlal lawmpuii
did anyone hard when Sierra draw a clown matt says ivey
Katrina Sisneros
I kind of think Sierra won
Ikeia Meneses
Matty b is sooooo mean!!!!!
katiesparky 12334
I have a crush on Matty b
Seana Milbo
matt cheated
Nyny Kan
sierra that nacho's drawing u did it doesn't look like nacho's AT ALL
Alea Craig
seara won
Charmaine Samar
MattyB what age are you
Jacob Ludlow
sierra likes mattyb
mattyb likes seirra
Crystal McCoy
Jerane Lewis
You are roing
Maryan Ali
Muscle man regular show
mary hernandez
Matt u are such a sore loser
Abdifitah Ali
i love this vidoe
Taviya Star
The difference between matts and Sierras handwriting is um...
Z. Shakya Hussain
Mattyb and Sierra are same age
Evie Forbes
Doesn't matt spend more time with Sierra than any of the others like if you agree
Peter Furey
That is so cool
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