Picture Take Productions
The FU
Jerry Lor
They forgot one more move: ""Kick-out at 2's".
Ali Fraiha
anyone here saw this popping up in his history without watching it ?
Unseen world official
John Cena funny Indian dance😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Veer Baid
I love john cena
Pratik Bro
Power full cena..
Abhishek Kumar
east or west cena is the best
Silver Savior
I remember the Hurricans against CM Punk in their raw match in early 2013, good god. That was horribly executed but the piledriver was amazing.
Timothy Torres
1:29 Did Misawa use the move as Tiger Mask?
Wrestling Fan
why did they show the character of tiger mask instead of misawa famous character in AJPW and NOAH ?
This why cena>Randy Orton, orton moveset literally hasn't changed in 10 yrs, also Orton is a safe wrestlers, he's over protective trying not to injure his shoulder although he's 36 pretty young to start being a safe wrestler.
1:40 ...I saw cm punk
Abhinandan B
Next he might kick out at zero.
John Cena
Techz Guruji
Please promote my channel
Nick Jackson
So are we just not gonna talk about the Cenacinrana?
5 Not so surprising John Cena's Moves of Doom: WWE List This!

Fixed the title for you!
Matt Diers
hi yo
John Cena cant do just one move right. But in the wwe bubble cena is called a wrestler.. oh sorry superstar 😂
Marlon Garcia
"Tremendous display of athleticism" foh lmfao Cena is not athletic
Pedro Valles
What about the top rope leg drop
Pedro Valles
He use to call it the proflex warm up to the five knuckle shuffle they replaced alot of cena's stuff hand jester's for the pg era
dhruv ganeriwal
dAnyAl mAlIk
Why you can not say FU
I c because everyone already know the name.
Lala Bhutada
1:52 the guy bending falls himself
Ritik Seth
Emerald Flowsion to CM PUNK
1:37, 1:38, 1:39, 1:40

Look in my eyes, what do you see...
TL Poke
FU kiddos
do roman reigns
Сергей Рахманин
Hello, a good person really needs your help. I hope you will understand it and help as much as possible.
Perfect Money-U11640788
Chidi Ekwe
Wwe please hear me out I am ur biggest fan but I haven't had a copy of game only 2k15 I don't even have a PS4 only 3 pls if you can help me with a copy of your game I will Be grateful as well as happy thanks a lot please hear me out am in Nigeria pls help me out thank you
Diana Loredo
What a beautiful video 😍😍😍😍 i Love it 💕
Raveesha Yasasthi
John Cena<<<Mitsuharu Misawa
the moves are so badly executed
Waris Mohammed
Weslley Abravanel
Pernites Cacho
I don't understand the people...
Why they hate John Cena I can't see the reason?
Ricardo Castro
There was also a thousand burials lmao
Aditya Saha
hey, what about the springboard stunner?!
Marco AAr
Minä Ite
Watch the punches slow mo you will see it doesent actually hit the guy
AlejandroJr Rosado
Attitude Adjustment was first called the F U. I know WWE is PG nowadays but at least say it god damn it if its just letters
Lol I'm surprised no one picked on the slight dig at us smarks in the title. A lot of us make fun of Cena for having the "5 moves of doom" so WWE purposefully put 6 haha
Onofre Galvez III
I like how we went with six moves to contrast against the five moves of doom.
Saeed Anwar
You forget Canadian destroyer....
Anthony C
remember when John Cena tapped out to Chris Jericho and Kurt angle.....well stop WWE doesn't want you to
Matt Ponikvar
Never thought they'd actually give Misawa credit for the Emerald Flowsion, good on ya WWE!
sub me to get sub back
Michał Hamad
Sunset flip
Manik Aftab
What about the spinebuster?
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