Avengers: Infinity War - (2018) MCU Tribute Trailer 2 – "Beginning of the End"

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The end of an era has a beginning. Infinity War 2018 ▼

NEW Marvel Cinematic Universe tribute trailer for the 2018 climax of the Avengers movies,  Infinity War! The Avengers will face the most powerful being in the universe, Thanos and the infinity gauntlet. Hope you guys like. Please do share!

► New Infinity War Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxLvFsBZtKk

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► NEW The Flash (2018) Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/5wQavTDB00U

► NEW Captain Marvel (2019) Brie Larson Teaser Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY8plYuQRwE

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✖ Thanks to Shadow Rabbit for the amazing title sequence!

✖ Thanks to Filip Oleyka for the amazing score!

✖ Outro Music provided by FreeSongsToUse
- Island by AndyM


**This video was made purely for fun. 
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omg huge spoilers for this trailer if caps dead!!!!!!! and iron man gets sucked into a flipping blackhole
Nite Train
Got it wrong. The cat in the hat had green eggs and ham to save the world.
Rare Draguar
But rest of em😕😒😒😒
Rare Draguar
Hey smash as much as I like u the first few scene were from the infinity war trailer...
McReaper 76
Ed Lima Barjesus
Muinto loco
manish kamble
I also want to make a channel like this ...but it's not working....its get terminated after 2-3 days.... please tell me how can i use trailers video without any issues of copyright or scam.... please help me.
chervy Uy
bucky is new captain america
văn thuận võ
cap die?
Sanjay Mahilane
Flametastic Gaming
Ha there's DC clips in there
Bonginkosi Harris
come on guys is this what you can do???????
Jackson Goss
That trolley smasher watermark made it hard to immerse me into the vid but other than that it was great
Joen Yoshua Gonzales Palacios
Antonio Lucas
Fan Trailler ?
This was not really
Chris Santaolalla
alguien sabe como se llama la cancion de fondo del video?
Denny Wahyudi
2:08 is that a Captain Marvel??
Leonel Maciel
Para mi digo que el soldado del invierno mata a thanos
The Avengers Together Always
Cual es el nombre de la canción?
kert parkes
Not official footage but the last part was awesome
Tiny Foxy
noooooooooooooooooooooo cAPT DIED
Dahman Laghzal
dawnlod torrent plizs
Sumit Singh
well made but not real
Grant Daniel
This movie is gonna be sad
Adiba Chowdhury
Cap can't die he is my favorite
I've read the comics and if I'm right cap and or iron man will die. But there's always a twist with marvel
Tide pods
"For as long as I can remember i just wanted to do what was right...guess I'm not quite sure what that is anymore..."
Tucker Blanchard
#I don't want them too die in infinity war😥😥😥😥
Sajjad Ali
Fack trailer
MGuerrero 05614
What's the name of the song?
Emmanuel Aris Felix
Come on do the full moivie
Filexus YT
Susmit De
Very cool video dude.
Javier Villatoro
This is so well made
an amazing edition
joapie e
WHY are there clips from the previous avengers movies?
Gamer Of Life
The clip where Tony saw avengers laying There is if from a old movie or from invinity war
jeremy bullock
when 007 coming out
Zayed 12
I will suicide if iron man dies
Give a like if you like iron man
Abraham GAMER
No is original
Sky Heng
omg, im so excited
Matteo Mansuy
What is a song of the trailer ?
THIS WAS FUCKING PERFECT!!! Well done Trolley Smasher :]
This is Why I Don't Like The Avengers. I didn't Want to be a big fan Because They are Probably gonna die, like in comics. I don't want That!
theterminator BT
I hate the fact you haven't put "(fan made)"
the cat
bruno caretti
The end WTF
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