Who else wanted some cake after that
Who else a
Laughter Channel
Mrs.23 Poyo sweet
Moira King
What does he say when his house blows up

Moira King
I want cake now
harleenQ07 czamantha
Soo what did he do with all that cake
GothBoy UK
I do love a creamy pie...
Mangle The fox
Every food or kitchen gadgets I wonder if he eats it????πŸ€”β“β“β“β“β“
I love these gadgiks
Aliha Hashmi
do you think he finished all those cakes and pies after filming
Mason Khuu
Did you
Kevin Gonzalez
Cake gadhets fist on it a pie gadjet what
Ava Bell
Dang it... I want cake now.
David Nicholson
My favourite cake cutting gadget is called my mouth
Gina Sawyer
The third one is a cake leveller so it’s used if you wan to make a cake and put levels in it lol
yhungmackthaboss Simon
Marsha Wilson
Why did he tern the pie upsidedown
The Bellows
I want cake!
Trine Daely
Have you tried the Tovolo Dual-Pizza Wheel yet? I love that it comes with a sturdy acrylic (?) wheel you can use on non-stick pans as well as a metal wheel.
Seeing Taras cut a cake with a cake leveler (that string thing) was just painful for me
Hadiya Iftikhar
Boom!the third one was a cake leveller
Matthew Malquist
today we're gonna be putting to the test CAKE GADJICKS
Arvidboi 27
He probably gained 80 Ibs after this video
Trillsence 88
Y'all ate a lot of pie and cake this week
What’s he gonna do with all of the cakes
cutieplier 25
Uhh the 3 "cake sclicer" is aculy a cake leveler
Yi Ayati
Yi Ayati
tu es ne sais pas
LoganandJoss forever
He's secretly throwing a party with a bunch of cake...

What else would he do with all that cake!!!?????
Kayn Vlogs
"Creamy Pie" - Taras 2017
Liza Diego
Idaly Velazquez
The string "knife" was actually a cake leveler
Dude What
Does anybody wonder how much cake he bought
Karaplays 09
SnowFlake Sel
Weres my cake give me all of those
Rachel Hernandez
the string is a cake leveler
Rachel Hernandez
What does he do with all this cake? How does he use it all by hisself
Gerard James
Creamy pie lol
Kate The Minecrafter
Make Q and A video
Bhoom dm
Y r u saying boom boom boom everytime
Yuu Yeo
The third gadget is a cake leveler
Boubou Al Azzouzi
I just wana know whats his problm with " boom" πŸ€”πŸ˜’
xTronic Gaming
U making me hungry
Kevin o callig
dip in boiling waler and slice
mada macc
Petra Decman
crazy russian cake slicer
Do editing
resistor gone wild
thums up if anyone love black forest cake
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