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Filmed on a remote island in the Arctic, shrouded in fog - we are treated to stunning footage of a Polar Bear in pursuit of a Walrus. Faced with an imposing wall of blubber and hide, it appears that the world's largest land carnivore may have met his match

Taken From Planet Earth

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Fighting to Survive
who's the win, lion vs polar bear?
that bear had huge balls to even come near those beasts
JL Portnoy
I am the walrus! kookookatchoo!
William Raab
Sorry David, the largest seal in the world is the Elephant Seal. Actually, the Walrus is quite a bit smaller than the Elephant Seal.
Tenshino namida
Villy P
Its always white vs black nowadays smh
إيثـينـا المـويهـي .
mano que tanto de leoncios
Fresh Sans
Awwww poor polar bear
23 Savage
Wow had no idea Walrus's were this massive
Jano Glatz
The hard life of the ice bear
What an ugly animal they look like jelly😂
girijesh pandey
Is there any predator in this world who is absolutely on the top of the food pyramid ? I mean they die naturally and no one can hunt them.
Zuri Helen
poor bear.... 😿
Chariti Miller
Fun fact
Polar bears are actually yellow... the look white because of the sun reflecting off of the snow
Jordan Andrews
that was me at the club last night the girls just weren't having it
Julius caesar
And elephant seals?
jack cheung
mission failed, we'll get em' next time
Havoc Hybrid
"We need to build a WALLrus, and that's happening whether you like it or not."
Eric Ehara
I feeel bad for that walrus
polar bears are savage baby killers im so sick of wrestling them greetings from Norway 😜
It's like trying to open a pack of ground beef with mittens on!
صيانة فياتشيسلاف _
tusks a meter long ?
Hard to believe
Es increíble la valentía de los osos polares. Motivados por el hambre se ven obligados a intentar cazar de esta manera y es que la reducción de la capa de hielo de las zonas polares esta limitando su hábitat implacablemente. Esperemos que esta increíble raza de osos no se acabe extinguiendo por este motivo.
Carlos Oliveira
Global warming makes me feel bad for these guys
Green Alien
"Walruses are the largest seals in the world." Nope, you're wrong Planet Earth. I'm disappointed in you.
Uhh BBC unless my geographic knowledge is wrong, there are no Walruses or Polar Bears in Antarctica...

You might want to change that description to, "on a remote island in the Arctic"..

(and seriously look into the credentials of who posted this video)
My Intelleggenzzia
he dies soon after 😢
Arrested Development
Description says "Filmed on a remote island in Antarctica, shrouded in fog - we are
treated to stunning footage of a Polar Bear in pursuit of a Walrus". Antarctica?! There are no Polar bears and Walruses on Antarctica.
stupid walrusses all they had to do was confront the bear.
Stopher's channel
great vid👍
Grd Lpz
Anyone happy the walrus won? I was rooting for it the whole time.
Chase Blackwood
Male elephant seals are larger than walruses on average, making initial statement incorrect.
Great video though.
Megamarioman #1
This really has me on my toes
waleed yaseen
Looks like my ballsack running away
I never knew there were polar bears in the Antarctic, I always thought they were in the arctic.
Sherone Peters
Polar Bear- When I wake up I'm gonna ----- you up!

Walruses- XD Shiiiiiii!!!
Brandon Saikaley
I was hoping he was going to eat
Lonely Soul
Snoop dog planet earth thank me later ✌🏽
Will Bright
2:55 that walrus behind one has such a good heart to helping walrus
Mervin Leo
Volibear full URF mode
JUST like humans ,no help each other , all attack bear. humans suffer under 1% if they stood together
LoL... it's like watching hundreds of obese americans
Bekzod YulbarsoF
Chris Gilliam
If you folks like nature vids my channel is mostly trapping. Lots of game cam footage of critters.
Dora Glasberg
Guess no one told the bear the salmon was good tonight.
Roslan Yusop
bagus.....akhirnya mati.
Don Rüesch
Nature crazy, yo
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