Dad in viral BBC interview speaks out


Professor Robert Kelly was talking live to the BBC Friday from his South Korean home when his two children walked in on him. Kelly's wife burst through the door to try to salvage the situation. The video went viral, and now the family is speaking out about the incident. Charlie D'Agata reports.

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aim hi
marion is so adorable:)
Wed Adams
I looove the family I can totally relate.
Trace Ford
So irresponsible and unprofessional.
Alazouf al harbi
So cute, At the beginning at thought his wife was a nanny.
halima abdulkarim halliru
hmmm I am picturing the father being an Arabian Muslim.....the comments will be very very different 😂
Gavla Tennis
He really didn't need to push that child away like that. Believe it or not, people in the world realise that kids will be kids. Just engage with the child and then continue the interview.
Susan Huy
Ha...I called it spot on in a much earlier post regarding this charming event."My own personal interpretation was that since the interview took place in the evening, their time, Mom was in the kitchen or living room with the kids, possibly enjoying a drink herself after a long hard day, while minding the kids and also trying to watch the live interview on live TV which was being given that very moment by her hubby. (Academics, unless they have 20+ years of seniority generally are not paid well, given what they had to invest in their education, so possibly a bit anxious too that things went well, and if a success, might get other future interviews that probably give the family extra cash, either for the kids' college fund, or trips home to see the American grandparents...). Then she sees on TV how first the one kid entered the room, and then the second, realizes that Dad forgot to lock the door behind him and then she did that famous duck and slide...Mom to the rescue."It turns out she was not only watching it, but trying to record it.
You got to love it the moment "life" becomes true "art". Charlie Chaplin could not have come up with anything better!
sun light
SO REAL!!!!! MAKE A CHANNEL !!!! Professor and a little domestic mayhem:"THIS IS MY LIFE,MAN!" :) AMAZING WIFE AND CHILDREN :))))))))))))))))
i lost it when the little guy in the walker sauntered in.

too funny.
American Mysteries & Conspiracies
That "wife" is nothing more than a freeloader in submission proving why her whole gender still fights for equality ! GET A JOB BITCH !!
People say the dad was trying not to laugh. But its more like he's dying of embarrassment and trying to cover it with a grimacing smirk. I dont think he found it amusing AT ALL. Untill afterwards when he saw it went viral as a comedy clip. Now he's going with the flow. His wife sure seems submissive to him I must say. This is clear in her panic. and more clear in the way she keeps looking to him in the follow up interview.
Ms Kitty Kitty
I loved that clip of the kids walking in and mom trying to hurry them out!
Seen the original clip a hundred of times and their various interviews but still can't get enough of this cute and charming family! Marion is such a swagger!! 🙅😍
The mom's "Kramer" slide gets me every time.
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