Video # 400 - Machine gun parts found in the river!

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Well Guys and Gals this is my 400th YouTube video!. I hope yall enjoy it!. I went back to a spot on the river where I previously dug a rusty Uzi from the 1980s, I wondered up stream and started finding weird gun parts all over the place, most of them I didn't know what they were til I asked some people. I normally don't plan on finding WW2 related guns but I did. All of the parts are in bad shape, some have been sawed in half, and none of the parts go together. I probably have pieces to 4 or 5 different guns and none of them have serial numbers on them. It was an amazing hunt for sure , I think some of the gun parts I dug go off an Thompson machine gun but I'm no expert on guns. Tell me what yall think. I am going to try to report the guns but I don't know if it will help without any serial numbers, plus they are so beat up and rusty that they are useless . Thanks For Watching ! Good Luck and Happy Hunting !

head crab on zombatron
what a waste of gun parts fucking criminals
Dan the man
who says film anymore
Edward Repairi
Be careful, it looked like one or two of those receivers (the aluminum one) could be cleaned up and be functional. The ATF determines the receiver is the gun. So in other words, if you own a functional receiver, even without the other parts you are in possession of an unregistered machine gun.

I collect machine guns and it appears someone's collection was probably stolen and dumped. Very sad, those guns are worth a fortune had the been in good condition. A transferable full auto Uzi goes for around $18K. A M3 Grease gun goes for $13K.
Mary Moore
Oops sorry but iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif said that he is a great way to go go away from me and don't even commit me enemoer
Rusty Guns
I would have at least informed your state police to the site and what you found. It could be nothing or it could a link to unsolved crimes.
Philip Boss
It's the stock
HookBlade Gaming
you literately found a barrel to a ppsh41
Cristy Tankersley
I want to be you when I grow up
Philip Morphew
That's a good place for it!
Lizz W
How is there several different machine guns in that river lol
Isaac Landis
bro you should have called the police. if those where murder weapons, you could me known to be helping to solve a murder.
Gucci in the Lui store
Collie 235
That gun part you wasn't sure wat it was it was a ww1 or 2 PPSH!!
Gab Calderon
wait wait wait its like a game in roblox its called murderes vs sheriffs
Gab Calderon
dude I have a real gun
John Sabatino
1:51 that was a mp40 stock
Jefferey Saloka
If only guns could talk.
Klifford Martin
I can tell that gun is it's a M16.
Tyler Thompson
Doesn't recognize uzi foldable stock.
Finds random hunk of iron. "YEP THATS A GUN PART FOR SURE"
Tyler Thompson
That metal thing you found was a foldable stock.
Parker Allen31111
or just fake uf youre in the county like u had to of set it up likr idk for u to find so many guns in one spot nah criminals would be smarter than that and dump there weapons in diff spots bcs if one of those weapons r used in one crime then the rest would solve another and that would be stupid there sentences would be stretched more
Max Fill the bus with pink and dloo it up
Probably criminal tried to kill someone and he died and drop the gun
Sarah Prince
Brayden Groff
you are funny
jayjay the gamer
and the thing u sed u thought was a bomb it was actually an old mine that was disabled
jayjay the gamer
u found a old suppresser
Samuel Leon
a lot of these parts look like they are from a German gun called the mp 10
Nicholas Leclercq
Hand it in to the police it's a Merder whepin
MadlyRhombus356 Gaming
1:41 thats the stock of the UZI!
Ryan Jr.
the one thing he found was off a gun it was ppsh
anthony valdez
The one att 9:10 is from a Thompson and the ones that looked like art the same
lewis gregg
when you dropped it there was a sight on the gun
lewis gregg
lol its a black ops 3 gun ha
R.I.P Ankles
Doesn't look like an uzi more like a Thompson
Veronica Banda
those were guns from World War II
Russian mob dump?
tom clancy gamer
hey nogging i hope the lord blessed you so you can be safe in the river
Joleen Quest
ww2 spor
Jackson Boniface
the thing u thought was a bomb is a wilderness camera used by hunters
Jackson Boniface
its a gun part, its a gun part its a gun part
the machine gun you found the part is most likely a PPSH-41
Master Chief
was there a big hit around that town in the past looks like a cleaning crew rolled into town.
Master Chief
@ 18:35 is that another suppressor
mlg doge
13:04 may be a silencer
Coyote Kyle
What do you do when you find this crazy stuff
Cris Lee
That was a ppsh 41 from ww2 and those were the bullets and he found a shotgun piece
Darth Revan
That was a stock stupid
Omar the Gamer55
days a shotgun I think
Dawson Riley
came down to the comments to see all the call of duty players who say they know what gun is which
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