Video # 400 - Machine gun parts found in the river!

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Well Guys and Gals this is my 400th YouTube video!. I hope yall enjoy it!. I went back to a spot on the river where I previously dug a rusty Uzi from the 1980s, I wondered up stream and started finding weird gun parts all over the place, most of them I didn't know what they were til I asked some people. I normally don't plan on finding WW2 related guns but I did. All of the parts are in bad shape, some have been sawed in half, and none of the parts go together. I probably have pieces to 4 or 5 different guns and none of them have serial numbers on them. It was an amazing hunt for sure , I think some of the gun parts I dug go off an Thompson machine gun but I'm no expert on guns. Tell me what yall think. I am going to try to report the guns but I don't know if it will help without any serial numbers, plus they are so beat up and rusty that they are useless . Thanks For Watching ! Good Luck and Happy Hunting !

Psycho Pixel
captain boss123
you almost make a PPSH
captain boss123
that's​ all WW2 gun parts
captain boss123
I am a gun and war geek
captain boss123
you are finding a lot of WW2 gun parts
captain boss123
that's a ppsh top
dab Avila
it is a water. gun
Not Sure
looks like some tommy gun parts
Davian Dominguez
I sall a builit cap
Jane Crabtree
what state are you in ?
Kris 9mm
Morison 1004
"Stainless Steal"
Lucas Houghton
It's ww2 Thompson M1A1 parts but I am not sure
Stein Petter Antonsen
maybe the gun were eksploded becus it is a ww2 gun witch the russiuns yust in the war
=magnet on the pick is genius.
=you're an absolute 8 year expert here. More videos on your gear and any general metal detecting tips would be appreciated.
=what program do you use for your video transitions?
=check my channel
Charlie Lambert
try to put the guns pieces on the other pieces
lol all he is missing for that SA 26 is the mag
Connor Munoz
It's a stock probably for the Uzi
Aiden Sherman
the first find was the stock to the uzi
MilSurpJunkie 2003
16:58 the part you found there is the top piece to a Thompson machine gun but it's the m1928 version with the bolt handle on top instead of on the side. Hope the info helps.😊
Zachariah B. Hill
it was a mp5 automatic not a uzi the other thing you found was the iron stock to it
Haz the Golden minecart684
Bradley Hill
That's a gun brill
Bradley Hill
''Tis a tomy
Tommy Lynn
fuck off geinch
elaine sevilla
Da Boss
Wtf Nice dude good job finding these things
Abby Van Dyk
nice video man
Wyatt Martin
What if he finds a m 14 the clip of corse
WRAgames Huntoon
you could make a gun probably
Where the hell r u looking there's so much parts to guns
@17:30 the thing you thought was a bomb is an ignition coil off of a GM. Older Gm. They used that system up through the 80's.
TGG Techno
That black piece of metal is the stock of the uzi
cray cray coby
There must have been a war or something
Matthew Kelly
he realy sounds like a nugget noob
Dude when you found the PPSH barrel I was thinking that in my head from COD lol
Gavin Harris
Guns for days
Gavin Harris
That is a stock from a gun
George Veritas
Russian gun!!!
aceman 223
the first thing you found was a back part of a gun
aceman 223
that's the back of a gun
Patrick Guzman
Russian spy's is my guess
Derpy squid Playz
First thing you found is a piece of a sniper from WW 2
i'm not saying hes dumb but i get it a rusted old gun he thought the stock was a handle that is okay though since it is rusted out
Aidan Acebo
dude that first top reciever/barrel was from a PPSh-41, a Russian WWII SMG. soviets made millions of them, great firearms.
James McMahon
Only in Murica where you can just pick guns out the creek
Supercars Without Limits
love this video!!!I subscribed
VroomVroom Hunter
I love your vids I seen one vid of treasure hunting and I just got addicted to it so I subscribed liked most of your vids 👍🏽👍🏽✌🏽
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