Video # 400 - Machine gun parts found in the river!

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Well Guys and Gals this is my 400th YouTube video!. I hope yall enjoy it!. I went back to a spot on the river where I previously dug a rusty Uzi from the 1980s, I wondered up stream and started finding weird gun parts all over the place, most of them I didn't know what they were til I asked some people. I normally don't plan on finding WW2 related guns but I did. All of the parts are in bad shape, some have been sawed in half, and none of the parts go together. I probably have pieces to 4 or 5 different guns and none of them have serial numbers on them. It was an amazing hunt for sure , I think some of the gun parts I dug go off an Thompson machine gun but I'm no expert on guns. Tell me what yall think. I am going to try to report the guns but I don't know if it will help without any serial numbers, plus they are so beat up and rusty that they are useless . Thanks For Watching ! Good Luck and Happy Hunting !

VroomVroom Hunter
I love your vids I seen one vid of treasure hunting and I just got addicted to it so I subscribed liked most of your vids 👍🏽👍🏽✌🏽
Damian Earl
uzis have foldable stocks
Damian Earl
that pice of iron was the stock durr durrdurr
Or the revolutionary war
aph plays
the sa-26 you have 4 of its parts
A ppsh 14 is a Russian sub
Possibly gun parts from the Chicago Valentines Murder Capone gang and rivals.
ben Harkleroad
that one slide is off a Tommy gun
JB Wren
Looks like you found an old dixie mafia gun dump Lol
the 2 mystery gun parts whit the trigger missing are a Thompson machine gun Lower reciever
Zak Atak
Iron thing was a stock for the sa 26
Shayan Noor
this might make me sound dump or smart but the reason why things are magnetic is because of iron in the metal so if you get a reading thats iron or idk use a magnet but lead etc doesnt work
E motebro 2.0
That gaint barrel is a honey badger barrel
I bet someone had a bunch of class III Weapons and didn't want to get caught with them or someone's dad passed away and they didn't want them found so they cut them up and dumped them in the river.
bdog team
or mafia
TheFlyingTurtle // TFT
I love your acsent
Jonathan Harris
Bonnie and clide were running from the cops along a river maybe one of them tossed or lost it there.
Tellemhow beer
i know a couple of spots here in Texas i need to check out
Big Swaddy
Looks like you found a suppressor, a but plate from a Lee Enfield .303, defiantly a PPH, and the "full gun" you found resembles a Tommy Gun. With the way the guns are sawed apart i would guess a few different scenerios. Either you just solved about 10 different cold case files from the 40-50's, as it looks like a mob gun dump ground. Or the area was used by law enforcement back in the 50's to dismantle and dump seized firearms. Either way if these can be cleaned up and can actually be used you may get a pretty penny from collector for some of those parts. Happy Hunting and great finds!!
bugsy parker
a kick start for a motorbike
bugsy parker
it's for a motorbike
Richard Scarlett
Great find. It looks like these guns were rendered inoperable by some agency, police or orginization but what I would like to know is,WTH are they doing disposing of them in creeks. Thats not the way they're supposed to be disposed of. You really do need to give serious thought to making a call to the ATF. If you havent already I'm pretty sure someone who sees this most likely will. Its just a matter of time.
steven richards
17:02 Is the top receiver of a Thompson 1927/28 sub machine gun. It almost seems like someone had all those un-registered machine guns,and decided to get rid of them before they got caught with them !
u might want to contact the authority
Calvin R
Let you know man gun scan this brake like that sometimes but they have to be rusty
Yo-Kai Fan!
He found so many guns they were probably from a war😐
Blake Dixon
Potato Salad
At 7:50 that's part of a mp40 sub machine gun very cool find
Ryan Zajac
the barrel he found first is the barrel to a ppsh or ppd-40
John S
Looks like somebody's old cache got compromised... at least, that's what it would mean in my (up until recently rather peaceful, but generally preparedness minded) area. I know of some folks who have secret stashes of military surplus / military style weapons buried out in the woods (some people have for decades) just in case the feds ever try to confiscate our guns. A lot of the older caches are mostly combloc weapons too, since for a while you could get an SKS for $75, a demilled ak-47 for maybe a couple hundred etc. It was a lot cheaper than buying AR-15s.

Depending on the container used for the cache, some weapons would need to be stored disassembled. It's also possible that a person would want to include imported parts kits to manufacture new weapons or repair existing ones. Of course, for a number of years now, it's been required by law that the receiver be cut up before those are imported. It used to be that they could do that with an angle grinder, but these days, I think they're required to cut it into three pieces with a torch and throw away one of the pieces or some crap like that. It would explain why a person would have a hacked up soviet submachinegun. It's been impossible to get items like that imported in one piece legally for decades. I'm subscribed to some catalogs where they still sell the cut up ones for parts though.

Of course, that's just a guess. Maybe the culture is different where you live, but around here we have a lot of militia guys and very little violent crime. It does seem unlikely to me that they're all murder weapons though. I mean, if they are indeed murder weapons, either one murder required all of those weapons (in which case, it would likely have been a spectacular event that you could probably find some record of) or a serial killer with very peculiar taste in firearms (since a serial killer would likely favor something less distinctive and more easily concealable) made a habit of revisiting the same exact place after many separate murders which each would likely have followed a less than subtle MO given his choice in weapons. Again, if this was the case, you would be able to find some kind of record of it, since that's the kind of thing that would certainly draw people's attention.

Given the choice between the two, I think the former is more likely than the latter, but that could just be my own bias on account of where I live. Lots of folks bury guns in the woods though and some even try to sink airtight containers of them to the bottom of bodies of water just in case.
Aaron Compton
.ya, a ppsh41
Jojo Fox
7:52 i think that gun part he held was bei g held upside down and if it is its a barrel coz its got sights on it and the top back part is missing so maybe its a gas tube they have on ak 47s or ak74u im guessing
Matt Goergen
selling any of them
Shannon Arnold
Can you plz subscribe to my channel
Dylan Cooling
It's apart of the Uzi
Dylan Cooling
It's a ppsh41
Merik Perry
Okami Artist
That weird slide is a Thompson SMG.
Kaden Bratton
The second big piece was part of a gun it went over the barrel and went farther back to you
I never saw those old guns
Why is you have broken glove you can cut your self
Dominic N
hahahaha funny
just kill the horseflies with all those guns u found
Z & D
Z & D
It's a folding stawk
Derrick Wallace
It's a silinsler
Trí Khang Nguyễn
5:51 you found a submachine gun part
Trí Khang Nguyễn
5:28 you found a ppsh 41 barrel
parkor masters
tru proble a gun crime scene where u live
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