Video # 400 - Machine gun parts found in the river!

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Well Guys and Gals this is my 400th YouTube video!. I hope yall enjoy it!. I went back to a spot on the river where I previously dug a rusty Uzi from the 1980s, I wondered up stream and started finding weird gun parts all over the place, most of them I didn't know what they were til I asked some people. I normally don't plan on finding WW2 related guns but I did. All of the parts are in bad shape, some have been sawed in half, and none of the parts go together. I probably have pieces to 4 or 5 different guns and none of them have serial numbers on them. It was an amazing hunt for sure , I think some of the gun parts I dug go off an Thompson machine gun but I'm no expert on guns. Tell me what yall think. I am going to try to report the guns but I don't know if it will help without any serial numbers, plus they are so beat up and rusty that they are useless . Thanks For Watching ! Good Luck and Happy Hunting !

Hey now kill A keemstar
Let's hope the cops don't watch YouTube
Kyle Manning
The aluminum part was off a desert eagle 50 cal
Gina Medina
when are you going to be in Florida? would like to see meet u...Sebas & Santi
Beau Makeham
The barrel that he found with holes in it is a push
Bailey Crawford
Can I get 20 like it's my bday
Molly Page
First find is a stock of a gun
Greg McDonald
I seen parts of a Ppsh41, Thompson 45acp, Uzi, Sten, and cut barrels
Mark Falls
13:00 was a suppressor from the looks
Laura Rojas
His vice and yell a re annoying
that thick one is a suppresser
Justin Butler
Denis Kravchenko
Bro u can make like a tank if you connect all that (CRAZY)
Krieg MeisterJ
His gloves are well worn
Aravis Nelson
your a amazing YouTuber!!!
Keegan Manuel
Where is that lake or river
Colby B
But wut is a Uzi doing in the water and did the Uzi go into veitnam
Miguel Cuevas
That was a silencer for a hitman pistol
Edmond Pecot Jr.
should look around with the md in the woods round the banks
Tommyguntom 01
You cool
Jessica Bradley
Good luck
Alex Forsell
Ehm... where exactly does this guy live if he found a Soviet submachine gun from world war 2?
Tram Trammell
That is not a top 10 receiver that's the barrel of a ppsh Russian submachine gun
Carter/Finn Q
# 400
Justin Blake
God damm
Shaquenna White
Give me what I live in Woodland Park Apartments
Angie Dazey
golf club
Second one is ppsh
Alexei Petersen
It is a supreser for a sniper
the boss 121
It is a surprise r
omg omg
That was a scoop
captain emoji
The big thick thing is a silencer
the stealth duck
12:00 that barrel was to a m3a1 submachine gun also known as a grease gun
ECO 441
I can't believe you found all of that ;-)
that black piece that you found was part of the uzi
that black piece that you found was part of the uzi
the Black Pearl that you found is the part of an uzi look it up
Aidan Teua
4000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 likes subscribe
omg omg
It was a handil
Danny Fisk
You need to contact law enforcement and report this find and location. Those were disposed of because they were used in a crime.
Deven Lind
Its a shot gun
Lon Jones
How about $2,000 for all of the parts?
Jalen Reynolds
At 17:08 that gun was a ppsh
Jalen Reynolds
At 12:14 the Berrel of a grease gun
Colson I love u guys
That part that u found the first one was a part of a gun the stock a.k.a butt of a gun
Stanislaw Michalak
this is totally a battle in wwII or idk
jbone •----_-〈
The part u found and dont know what it is... U thought it was a bomb... Its a coil/ magneto to create spark as the flywheel spins around
Joshua Tokelove
where are you doing that
Michael Fuentes
Hawa can you find a gun
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