Video # 400 - Machine gun parts found in the river!

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Well Guys and Gals this is my 400th YouTube video!. I hope yall enjoy it!. I went back to a spot on the river where I previously dug a rusty Uzi from the 1980s, I wondered up stream and started finding weird gun parts all over the place, most of them I didn't know what they were til I asked some people. I normally don't plan on finding WW2 related guns but I did. All of the parts are in bad shape, some have been sawed in half, and none of the parts go together. I probably have pieces to 4 or 5 different guns and none of them have serial numbers on them. It was an amazing hunt for sure , I think some of the gun parts I dug go off an Thompson machine gun but I'm no expert on guns. Tell me what yall think. I am going to try to report the guns but I don't know if it will help without any serial numbers, plus they are so beat up and rusty that they are useless . Thanks For Watching ! Good Luck and Happy Hunting !

Dan Page
The first thing u found was a backstock for that uzi
Dan Page
The first thing I found was a backstock for that uzi
Josef Kadela
It is Czechoslovakian machine gun Vz. 26 :) there is shoulder supportat the beginning of the video.
Scott Schmitt
The Soviet PaPa Shaw is the best find! No doubt a WW2 veteran bring back that someone decided they didn't want in the house at some point!
Boden Fortney
Your one of the best metal detectors
When that bug was on your arm I smacked my iPad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
it's a silencer
Brad Puncochar
you are an idiot that's obviously shotgun
Ethan Peyton
The first thing he found beside the uzi was probably a stock for the uzi
chris bowen
that gun u found is a sa-26 and I looked it up and u have All the parts to it
Jeffery Reece
the big thing is a pump action shotgun silencer
Damon Nepinak
First thing u found was part of a gun
Gird Kids
the other thing you found was a stock to some kind of SMG or shotgun or whatever
Travis Ottobre
I think it's time to get new gloves 🤣
Josiah Taylor
that thing that you called a weird looking at 17.09 is
part of a thompson
6:36 maybe a G36
5:55 pistol frame
5:25 or a ppsh 41
5:25 that is a barrel to a heavy machine gun like a rail gun
1:49 that is a stock
David Hazlitt
You really should of called the police
LynX eDiTz
the fist find that you found is a stock of a uzi so you have got even more parts and that is possibly a murder weapon or something
Anubis Pup
With what you were finding I'd inform the police as it is a weapons dump, who knows what those guns were used for given that they were all cut up.
Crystal Parrott
The silencer barrel is a suppresser
Gunnar Hill
wow awesome find
Carole Ward
hitler couldnt aford 1 of them
John Naismith
Hey just found your channel! love what you do! You would love it here in Scotland I bet you would find artefacts dating back hundreds of years! only downside would be the weather! even in the summer it gets real cold. Keep up the great work and god bless.
Oisin Naughton
the first find was the stock
Dylan Forsten
go out and buy new gloves
Brandon Parker
Let me enlighten you. So the one is to a russian PPSH, now before anyone makes dumb mindless claims, i noticed that you found the parts to a thompson submachinegun and a grease gun. all of which are world war 2 weapons. this is not likely a murder case because theres only guns there. and they arent chopped up. these weapons mostly had wooden parts. all this time in the water, its no surprise that the wood would rot off. as for the suppressor, this intrigues me. now the suppressor is relatively modern, you can tell from it's appearance. this would probably be to a seperate weapon. if not then to the uzi or the SA 21. there also looked to be multiple thomspons in there with 3 of those parts being the same.
anyway i hope this helps. most likely some jackass who did not want guns in his house, or if you want a crazy theory, some relation to the mafia. (these are weapons they loved using.)
Aryl Ethaniel
Kalle Vraa
Your First Gun is not a uzi its a shotgun
Kelin Elsner
Are you an idiot that is a stock for the osie
Thomas Paur
its the stock
Austin Scott
10:30ish was the bolt carrier for the UZI
You should call de police
5:27 THAT IS A PPSH-41
Rick N.
thompsons...uzi's...pps soviet smg's....uzi silencer!!! all has the distinct odor with the initials...M.O.B.!!!!.....just throw it back and delete this vid....
the first part is pqrt of the gun its where u cock it back
Light Taker
because you just don't find suppressors like that in a river where you go tubing and fishing
Light Taker
somebody murdered somebody those weapons had to have bodies on them especially that suppressor whatever light machine gun it came off of it killed somebody
Light Taker
long black tube ? that's a suppressor for either a light machine gun or a rifle
Bryce22 Kothe
it was a stock
Kevin Atwood
Return it to the police you dummy
Jake Hutley
That wired metal thing you found is probably the stock for that SA26
Austin Lemke
that one gun that only had no barrle looked like it was a wellrod a world war 2 silent pistol
Cristian Badea
wtf man
you should give thoes guns to the cop :/ but thåt is so cool
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