cody parker
Stupid pricks poking a fucking snake hope he fucking eats you
battra zap
Tom Hanks
how the fuck are they going to get charged for looking at a fucking animal in the first clip, fucking stupid
André Mariano
E mermão o Brasil tem cobra grande meu parceiro
56 426 225
Glad the three assholes were caught and fined. hope they do some time.
Titana-boa,60 million years 18 meters - Royal anacondas giants from 13 to 14 meters in 1860 and 1976 1980 on the amazon river terror now in brazil are extinct because of these brazilian people prehistoric stupid donkeys are killed
You don't have to be Titanoboa to eat crocodiles and cows.
Green Anacondas can do that just fine even if biggest specimens are 10-15 feet shorter than Titanoboa.
Besides,body length while important,isn't everything.
Much more important is the size of a head.
olegario zamudio
They werent hunting the anaconda, the anaconda was perfectly healthy. Laws just another word for collecting cash from people.
stale bread
#1 Jake Paul
Lucas Mayse
The commentator said "Mt. Tsuguri" instead of "Mt. Tsurugi" at 1:37 lol
maeda dzakwan
wow anaconda
Sara Degraves
he largest living snakes in the world, measured either by length or
Jesus Christ in the first one why were the fuck tards doing that? That snake was just minding its own business
Rhys Peregrine
Nature does not fuck around.
milton kort
ok that titanoboa thats a big sneak ow and 16 mil years ago HAHAHA is BS cos they still live in south america
Yhani Prakoko
Snack despatico run music word
Saurabh Tyagi
wow that was a superb videos seen in my life ever
abid sarker
play this video...
Markus Leotoots
I think its fake
beynice doutches
Obtain Any Country Passports (+12403895438) (
Forlan Siyabonga
I just need to understand why the 1st snake didn't swallow this man...those vids
WOW , Watch on my channel the snake attacks
Prehistoric times were some bad times...
hhh youo
Amazing Okies
Now witch one is Kevin Durant😂
Good Guy
wtf did it eat? a small boy?
Kc baby
MaGoddess [Creative Commons]
were gonna need a bigger bowl
iyesma mares
This is simply horrible
Check out my snake it loves me. Snake: DERRRRR FOOD DERRRRRR
Ifghvbjnb Vhvvvjb
Eu sou brsileiro e vi esta cobra.
backpocket philosopher
I can't be fined or told SUBSCRIBE NOW. Only a man, and to his wife, lower ranking armyman, policeman or any other man legitimately placed under his authority ought give imperatives.
Kenny McCormick
where's Jake paul?
adriyan pambahako
lah yang di ular yang ditemukan di Sumatra panjangnya 14 meter lebih dan masih hidup sampai sekarang.
roniel oliveira
Brasil hehehe ;)

Algum br?
Bekah Faith
Just came to see if Hillary Clinton made the list
Rock Hills Comedy

World greatest surprise
Tap the link and don't forget to subscribe. Thank you
sky 1187
False picture
christina maleena
it's sad that snake has to live in captivity as a "scary attraction"
Riko 135cc
Ngmong opo.
Byron Recla
Elias Firmino
The first video was made here in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The countryside of my state has large wilderness areas that are protected by law and remain untouched - it's called Pantanal, the world's largest tropical wetland area. People go fishing there, which I find very stupid given the inhabitants of the area (like the snake on the video).
I have one 14 foot 3 years old eats 2 rsbbits every 2 weeks.. top 5 biggest snakes.. really chilled too and not venomous! 🐇🐉
jay is cool
Where's kd?
Let's Be Honest That Giant Congo Snake obviously dwarfs Titanoboa & if it is real then Holy Crap that would be mind blowing we're talking 195 Feet Long here & Titanoboa is Freakin 48-50 Feet Long
ryan guan
ryan guan
what the hell
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