Philip DeFranco
Bleh...bleh...bleh. I hate people. Happy Thursday to you and yours. <3
Attila Pataki
praying oddly doesnt work...
fuck white people!.
Brittany Baxter
Wow. They are very lucky that wasn't my baby. I don't care what color you are. You lay an inappropriate nose hair on my children and my inner small town WY will come out. 😈
Derptqstic The derper
I would've said yeah I say fuck Donald trump too. But I'm not special needs
Painted Dream
So much hate in this hurts to have to watch it get even worse
Leo Davis
do you have speash needs
I'm sorry but if a group of white kids did that to a black kid and they were sporting Trump shirts, everyone would scream how racist it is, but if the same thing happens in reverse then it's not racist? Fuck off, I can't even attempt to reason with someone that stupid. The fact that he was a special needs person just means that their punishment should be that much worse.
Stella Bright
See not only white people are racist
Remember me?
its not about the race its about the individual Martin Luther King Jr was a humanitarian who fought for the rights of his fellow man by proving the stereotypes of black people being savage animals wrong his non violent protests did more for developing a peaceful earth than most people will do in a 100 years and this is a group of people who beat a man for his skin color like i said race isn't important the merits of the individual are there are good and bad white people there are good and bad black people don't make these things a race issue make it a bad person issue not all black people are these kidnappers not all black people are Martin Luther King Jr judge the individual not the whole these individuals hated white people the klan is a group of individuals who hate black people they are not a representation of every human with that skin color
autumn equinox
it's funny how some people think that poc are angels and can do no wrong because of the melanin in their skin. if you attack someone on the basis of their race, fuck you. you are the problem here. this goes for all types of crimes committed due to race, not just white on black. other than that, keep on keepin' on and i hope that young man is back home and safe with his family. ✌
Alexander Hamilton
You guys are all retarded. Dont you understand. Theyre allowed to do this. Remember slavery that was hundreds of years ago and doesnt involve anyone from the present day what so ever? They can do whatever they want if thats theyre excuse.
They were "just kids being kids"
I hate people
Clorox Bleach
Im black and I support BLM I dont agree with everything they do like the looting and burning but that video I watch was just cruel. I am only 14 years old so what the generation ahead of me does affects my generation. Its already bad that us blacks are known to sag are pants or we will always steal but I cant stand seeing the news everyday with the newest murder or shootout was caused by a black person. Its simple to see that racism still exist in are country but Us blacks can do something about stop being the cause of problems and start destroying the problems :D
What... Black People can't be racist! What? The kid had his white privilege to save him. He is a fascist.
*I'm being sarcastic
C Fox
Any updates on this?
Uber Hamster
Kidnapping members? They need to kidnap some hair products.
Stu Pot
OF course they had to be ghetto hood rats. Fucking hate ghetto people.
nat lider
If the news media doesn't care about the news and current affairs it reports on, then why would we expect consumers to respect the content? If the veracity and meaningfulness of content is undermined then why should consumers trust the news or its value as information; laziness and thoughtlessness breeds contempt - when media orgs chase views and likes and shares instead of chasing the story then duh it's all fake news
funky bro
i unsubbed
funky bro
he hates women
Lex Luther
these are kids of a lost generation of parents who cant control them trying to be political in a savage way....what was the message? how to be a criminal.... and smoke weed while doing it
Ghnana Madineni
Arguably, racism is a "systematic oppression", but that doesn't mean white people can't be affected by hate crime and prejudice which is still terrible.
jordy plays games
To the 1k dislikes, your parents didn't love you, so why should we?
They all literally look like they are high.
Now them niggers can go hang out with there nigger friends in prison. lmfao niggers. yea I said it!!!! Black lives MATTER because they kill each other.
•kristine skarsbak•
Hate crime or not. They still did something horryfic.
Basically just a fan account Princess
I just sneezed and fell over.
the prophecy
to alot of these comments: if you're using the actions of these idiots to judge the entirety of the black race you're an idiot.
The Whale Bear
Well... time to open Alcatraz back up, but only for them.
Mick Sydney
Aditya Shrestha
Doesn't matter if it is a hate crime or not. They kidnapped and tortured that should be enough for 20 years.
Sarah and Tim Johnson moved to New Zealand and skipped court. Warrants have been issued. (2/1/17)
This is why we need to wipe out black people, they are getting out of control!
Elliot Agosto
Hey you should look into the story about the guy who worked at Home Depot in Oregon and basically stop the child from being kidnapped and then was fired because he was not holding up to the standards befitting an employee of Home Depot
black fiction
this just makes me hate people more White/black all i just feel so disgusted 😨😨😨😨 GOD help us black and white people together amen
Spicy Eli
The Sears (anchor store O.o) in the mall near me recently was replaced with a Primark and I'm sad about it.
Tyson Williams
"Make stupid decisions", it was fucking torture and kidnapping, I can't even explain how much I'm disturbed by these people saying "oh, whatever, people make mistakes"
frog 420
Fuck martin luther king, fuck black people
protosham yeah!
racist ass kids
Fuck niggers
Little Featus Doireann
why do people do this. Who does it help. its just sick and wrong
Teddy Barnaclezz
I hope those ignorant fuckers get locked up and don't come out. I don't care what kind of "excuse" the idiots who support them make, if they think they are making some kind of difference by kidnapping and torturing that kid, whether it be because he was mentally challenged or white, then they are no better than the dumbasses who support the ideas of the KKK or the Nazis.
What happened with this? Are those kidnappers in prison? For how long? How is the victim doing?
Maeva 22
So first of all no one should kidnap anyone but also what those kids did was stupid and it doesn't help black ppls reputation which makes white ppl hate us more and then it's revenge back and forth. that's why I think those kids did this revenge and stupidity
Chris Kopsch
this fat black lesbian really pissed me off
Adolf Hitler
if people see nothing wrong with this then u are a stupid piece of shit
what scum bags hope all getting it in the ass
Ray Jones
But it's impossible for black people to be racist, right?
Awake 2 Chill
Fuck 'em
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