DISGUSTING! We Need To Talk About The Teen Kidnapped And Beaten on FBLive...

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Chicago Hate Crime Kidnapping Livestreamed: http://heavy.com/news/2017/01/chicago-blm-kidnapping-hate-crime-suspects-mugshots-photos-pictures/

SEARS and Kmart Store Closure: https://consumerist.com/2017/01/05/sears-and-kmart-announce-150-store-closures-including-the-first-kmart/

VINE Shutting Down: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2016/12/16/good-news-vine-will-survive-wont/

Washington Post Express Fail: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38518943 

Sick Boy Dies After Parents Refuse Doctors: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/sick-boy-dies-after-parents-prayed-for-his-recovery-instead-of-calling-emergency-services-a3433196.html

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Philip DeFranco
Bleh...bleh...bleh. I hate people. Happy Thursday to you and yours. <3
Stu Pot
OF course they had to be ghetto hood rats. Fucking hate ghetto people.
nat lider
If the news media doesn't care about the news and current affairs it reports on, then why would we expect consumers to respect the content? If the veracity and meaningfulness of content is undermined then why should consumers trust the news or its value as information; laziness and thoughtlessness breeds contempt - when media orgs chase views and likes and shares instead of chasing the story then duh it's all fake news
funky bro
i unsubbed
funky bro
he hates women
Lex Luther
these are kids of a lost generation of parents who cant control them trying to be political in a savage way....what was the message? how to be a criminal.... and smoke weed while doing it
Ghnana Madineni
Arguably, racism is a "systematic oppression", but that doesn't mean white people can't be affected by hate crime and prejudice which is still terrible.
jordy plays games
To the 1k dislikes, your parents didn't love you, so why should we?
They all literally look like they are high.
Now them niggers can go hang out with there nigger friends in prison. lmfao niggers. yea I said it!!!! Black lives MATTER because they kill each other.
A username that you dont give a fuck about.
Hate crime or not. They still did something horryfic.
Basically just a fan account Princess
I just sneezed and fell over.
the prophecy
to alot of these comments: if you're using the actions of these idiots to judge the entirety of the black race you're an idiot.
The Whale Bear
Well... time to open Alcatraz back up, but only for them.
Mick Sydney
Aditya Shrestha
Doesn't matter if it is a hate crime or not. They kidnapped and tortured that should be enough for 20 years.
Sarah and Tim Johnson moved to New Zealand and skipped court. Warrants have been issued. (2/1/17)
This is why we need to wipe out black people, they are getting out of control!
Elliot Agosto
Hey you should look into the story about the guy who worked at Home Depot in Oregon and basically stop the child from being kidnapped and then was fired because he was not holding up to the standards befitting an employee of Home Depot
black fiction
this just makes me hate people more White/black all i just feel so disgusted 😨😨😨😨 GOD help us black and white people together amen
Elijah the Elephant
The Sears (anchor store O.o) in the mall near me recently was replaced with a Primark and I'm sad about it.
Tyson Williams
"Make stupid decisions", it was fucking torture and kidnapping, I can't even explain how much I'm disturbed by these people saying "oh, whatever, people make mistakes"
frog 420
Fuck martin luther king, fuck black people
protosham yeah!
racist ass kids
Fuck niggers
Little Featus Doireann
why do people do this. Who does it help. its just sick and wrong
Teddy Barnaclezz
I hope those ignorant fuckers get locked up and don't come out. I don't care what kind of "excuse" the idiots who support them make, if they think they are making some kind of difference by kidnapping and torturing that kid, whether it be because he was mentally challenged or white, then they are no better than the dumbasses who support the ideas of the KKK or the Nazis.
What happened with this? Are those kidnappers in prison? For how long? How is the victim doing?
Maeva 22
So first of all no one should kidnap anyone but also what those kids did was stupid and it doesn't help black ppls reputation which makes white ppl hate us more and then it's revenge back and forth. that's why I think those kids did this revenge and stupidity
Chris Kopsch
this fat black lesbian really pissed me off
Adolf Hitler
if people see nothing wrong with this then u are a stupid piece of shit
what scum bags hope all getting it in the ass
Ray Jones
But it's impossible for black people to be racist, right?
Awake 2 Chill
Fuck 'em
Sandra Agbakoba
Of course its racism. Its infuriating and despicable when ppl don't uphold the spirt of the EQUALITY agenda when fighting against racism. I hope those four go to jail as i would hope they would the the races were flipped.
Pinochimo Art
I hate black people like this because now everywhere I read everyone is just like "don't trust blacl people niggers monkeys" and I'm nothing like them and it just really hurts. If you're black and you're on the attack, turn white before you fight for black right.

It's just disgusting because now I'm gonna get the stupid niggas saying that it's justified because he's white and just make my race look worse
Sean Seaphan
institutionalized racism strikes again
Sarah Poynter
Is there an update on the four "kid"
FidNip theFrog
I hate when people say black people can't be race'st 😡just a small pet peeve
Max Caulfield e
the fact that this happen is disgusting. if this isn't proof of reverse racisim exists I don't know what is.
carolyn wheeler
what's worse is that though he was white he is special needs. if we are gonna hold demographics up side by side, the disabled community has been far more discriminated both historically and currently. they don't actually have rights in most cases. if they surrender guardianship (required in many environments in order to receive nessidarily aide) they have so many fewer rights than any black person. (barring the black and disabled community, of course). I would even claim that the degree of freedom a disabled person has depends on how much they are able to communicate for themselves. fuck those kids. they deserve the most severe punishment
nick bacorn
At 4:02 look at the lady at the top right. She already knows it's bullshit. Keep on doing you Phillip DeFranco!! Favorite YouTube channel by far
WhiteTiger Gaming
Can you cover daddy of 5 custody battle of kids please Phil
GameRage TheSilentBird
I couldn't care less about the color of ones skin color, if you are harming anyone you're a monster, and color doesn't give you a pass to hurt other people no matter what!
Mike Czenkus
I'd beat them pussies that took that kid. Badly
Juyeong Park
This has nothing to do with BLM!!!. True, but also not true. They were doing this at the time where BLM protestors are breaking sht down and beating up random white people for no valid reason but just because they are white. They were definitely influenced by these violent BLM protestors. some of you guys call these BLM protestors who are violent, racist, and committing hate crime are "not" BLM. Sadly, they are. BLM originally had good intentions, but it has been tainted by black people's victim culture. It was very easy to be tainted to begin with. Furthermore, this whole thing isn't necessary. Black people already have same rights as white people, and those gangs are the majority who kills black people.(which most of you lots are silent about) They are killing each other everyday, but it's alright for them cuz same color... does it make sense? NO. And for those who were unjustly killed by white cops, You can totally do other type of protests to get justice & stop innocent black people from being killed by racist or stupid cops.
BLM can lead to LOTS of misinterpretations and it induces too much excuses for the black people to go full berserk on innocent white people for no reason at all...... But truly in these days, who are the real victims? a cop fires a gun to the black man and it goes viral and cop either gets tons of hate or gets fired/ socially buried. The cop deserved it all and he received justice. BAM. but black people gangs up one mentally disabled white man and tortures him for 2 days just for being white, people defend these racist scums of society. ahahhahah. To me it's pretty obvious.
Jack Frost
There are a surprising amount of people who refuse to go to the doctors, and insist that praying the illness away is the best thing... I am Christian, and I want to say to all those people who refuse to go to the doctors: For centuries, religious people have prayed for answers to stop their illnesses and the illnesses and sufferings of their families. Who's to say that modern medicine isn't the answer to those prayers? By refusing to take your children to the doctors, by refusing to go there yourself, you may be directly ignoring the answer that God has given you. Think about it. God has put these qualified people around you, in hospitals, GPs and even on health advice hotlines. To refuse their help is to ignore God's attempt to help you. Miracles are everywhere. Modern medicine and treatment is one of those miracles. So instead of praying for God to just make your illness go away, go and see the qualified people (whose JOB it is to help you and save you) that God has given us.
Julia Salas
what was the point in this if he's slow why's that guy talking politics I think there need to be more education in the African community about bullying
Okay, seriously, why didn't I know about this channel before? I've been binge watching all the old videos on this channel for the last three days. I literally have no idea how many I've watched now. This content is sooooo good.
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