Mystery Drink Challenge! (MattyBRaps vs Sierra Haschak)

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MattyB sits down with Sierra Haschak to go head-to-head in this week's Mystery Drink Challenge!  While MattyB feels confident he's got this one won, Sierra has plans of her own.  

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PrinceElla Parson
Sierra win
Jessenia Roque
mattyb saw the paper
Lilly O'sallivan
Hi Marty b my name is Lilly o'sallivan👍
Louise Mcinroy
Hi matt
taylor cutler
sierra sit it
Olivia Gaming
girls are fun?
i live in europe
please reply
Matt is cheating stop mart
Nina Cornigans
Nina Cornigans
theresa cornwell
Matty is cute
The Book Of Isabel
The sun gives planets light😮so cool😜😜
what grade are you in sierra. Also I think you are smarter than mattyb
Azhar Masood
sun is a star not a planet
hey sorry for seeing this video late but i just dicovered your channel and yea am a youtuber to so yeah cool video
x TreFlipz
It was funny
Yael Greenblatt
mattyb is a loser
assasins creed rules
He's had rockstar before in the other mystery drink challenge
Δέσποινα Βλαχοπούλου
7:43 really goodly???
Olivia Pentand
Mat you speak goodly English
Алина Ушакова
brayan valdizon
its mattyl raps
Caitlyn Hennessy
What grade is Matt in
Elyse Stachewicz
I did that challenge with my brother Brandon Stachewicz but without the trivia
Dan Lauer
Is sierra really in a bigger grade than mattyb
Issy playz
matt the sun is a STAR
Sanaya Cross
sarat sahu
mattyb ur I.q z so bad.....u told sun z a planet!!!!!!shame on u
Maddy Bilmas
I wish mattyb would have won the competition
Keke Smith
be in your video 🙃
kayla drew
matty loses
Marlene Romero
Las Vegas
mary lanigan
matt drinked out of Sierra glass
summer's glitter girl Vlogs
Did sierra skip a grade cuz if matts older but in lower grades....???
summer's glitter girl Vlogs
On the doe question me and Matt got same awnsers lol
summer's glitter girl Vlogs
On the doe question me and Matt got same awnsers lol
Lexy Smith
How gross was it Matt
Shannon Davis
Mattyb the sun is a star sorry but you are not that smart
Reyah Marquez
how is she in a higher grade but hes older?😂
Montserrat Ortiz
mattyb loves sierra😘😘😘😘
Kalani Nikora-Hetaraka
I love your videos mattyb can i have your phone number
Kat Goltiao
She's smart
Ananya Pandipati
what grade is sierra in and what grade is Matty in
J Dog
Why is sierra in a higher grade level
lucy 04009
Man man
Queenie Ocariza
Asia is the best
Mula Money
he did cheat on the 5 ring thing
Mula Money
I don't know if you reliz that you dri
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