The deals the 'Shark Tank' sharks regret never taking: Part 2 | ABC News

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Mark Cuban says one deal he regrets not doing was with John Tabis' Bouqs Company.

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hi im telling you about my invention, the wall
wat if donald trump went in there
It's early in the morning, I have class in a few hours and for that reason... I'm out.
Gusto Ghost
I fucking knew he was gonna say "they needed me!" 😭😂
So, it's the publicity of being on Shark Tank that raising the sales of these regrets? It is possible that these businesses would not be doing so well if they were not on the show. The Sharks may not like something, but a viewer might and go to buy the product.
Jaewan Park
With Lori, I want to be "in" and not "out". :)
The wine guy will have issues. As far as I know, I think you are supposed to do everything but literally suck the investors dicks.
RIcky Rick
Good for the COPA guy. Rubbed it right in their fucking faces. He succeeded WITHOUT them and he knew it. Best part of the entire video.
danexi perez
It was probably best that the doorbot guy didn't get a deal with the sharks cus' they would have played his life
Joseph Holden
This goes to show you that professionals don't know everything or are truly needed. Sure they know what they know, but not everything. Sure they are needed if you deem it so, but not all the time. Shark Tank is simply a way for someone to get their business rolling if someone can't do it themselves...some can. Listen to yourselves when it comes to dreams or making'll know what to do in the end. If you love what you do, it will win out. Trust yourself, sometimes being let down is the catalyst to letting you know that ONLY YOU can do it...not anyone else.
"I didn't need the shark tank, they needed me"

I wonder if he realizes half of them are Billionaires, y'know...with a B.
The bees Knees
That guy made as much as Barbara ahahah! He should be sitting with the sharks or replace her since that 40mill looking smaller and smaller now that wine boy got 38mill
norn iron
dragons den is better
When you're a billionaire you can do whatever. Mark wears jeans and shirt in a interview and no one gives a damn 😂
JDR 235
katy. esp
AHHHHH I HAVE A RING?!? I didn't even know it was on shark tank!!! I love that thing!!!!
Pussy Slayer
I felt bad for the poor wine guy for being humiliated. But then I was happy when he came back to rub it the sharks faces. Dude is definitely a boss.
Shark Tank is to angel investing what Indiana Jones is to archaeology. This show is so fake and dramatized.
Juan Aguirre
Mark Cuban looks old noe
Micheal Myers
fuck the sharks​ that is funny as hell
The irony is, the only reason they are successful is because the got the exposure on the show.
Krazy KoolAiD Man
I hate this show with a passion because of those fucking bastards
Jose Mercado
They regret not getting a bit of all these companies. You can see it in all of their faces 😂
Sharks didn't need wine guy they are filthy rich
Kevin Trejo
Why the fuck is Barbara there, she never invested in anything, what the fuck does she have to regret?
Afro Daily
I have never seen the black dude invest in anything every period in the history of the show.
Carl Zimmerman
The sharks are douch bags and for that reason...I'm out
Brandon dunn
doorbot needs a built-in machine gun then I'd buy it
Mohammed Islam
Arrogant Bitch ...
Alex 101
i liked the flower dude, really cool dude when everyone was throwing hate his way. humble and chill
Le reddit silver member
Barbara is such a dumb bitch
Grim Reaper
"I think in the second one, he forgot his place." Their fucking ego, pride, all of that bullshit. There's a fucking hypocrisy with them. They're allowed to act like assholes, but when someone is an asshole against with them, then they become fucking Neanderthals and rant, "he forgot his place." Foh.
King Bradberry
That Wine guy was incredibly intelligent actually. The sharks just screw people over in the long run with their deals and he just came on twice for free advertising
Cliff Legler
How about the home meal delivery start up ? Laurie and Kevin's beef was "but you have to make it yourself"! Now insanely popular, I have enjoyed weekly deliveries from Greenchef for months, besides the newspaper, my only subscription purchases.
Cliff Legler
How about the home meal delivery start up ? Laurie and Kevin's beef was "but you have to make it yourself"! Now insanely popular, I have enjoyed weekly deliveries from Greenchef for months, besides the newspaper, my only subscription purchases.
The flower guy reminds me of Ethan from heavy rain
nickie slumthug
also these companies basically got famous just by appearing on shark tank
jordan osuna
lol of course Chinese women want to reproduce
Eduardo Cruz
The most successful brand was and is the Scrub daddy
these entrepreneurs should still be grateful to shark tank. Heck they got a ton of advertising for free
Sometimes you have to rub it in. And in all that with the Copa dude they all seemed like jackasses.
Douglas Schmieder
Drummers Eve
The sharks can say what they want, but theyre fucking babies. Yes, they're millionaires, but listen to how defensive they get. Lol. My ass you arent disappointed you missed out on hundreds of millions. The denial is so thick you could cut it with a knife.
Cuntaur Stroke
Ok you might look at the wine guy as a brat but look... He beat the Sharks at their own game. He destroyed them! I'm glad he went back in there to toast them cuz the Sharks are annoying as hell, Matt "Oh he was up there thinking he was some big shot!" But buddy he was... Also all you try to do is be a big shot so I have no idea why you're talking
Bruno Qirim
Wine dude went from Steve Jobs to Pimp in one year
- I saved a ton of money on my flowers wedding
Norm Tan
Alt Title: 5 Butthurt People Eating a Buttload of Sour Grapes
the sharks don't "need you" nigga...
Wow! i see those copa wine cups here at H-E-B! Its nice to see the story behind it....
Tobias Goulden Schultz
Jesus.. they care more about attitude and posture than sales and vision. After missing a deal they're still proud because "he was coy" - who cares it's a bag of money!
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