Isla Fisher is NOT Amy Adams

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People (including Lady Gaga) often confuse Isla Fisher with fellow actress Amy Adams so she created a PSA to clear things up once and for all.

Talkin' About the Movie with Yehya – Blade Runner 2049
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Isla Fisher is NOT Amy Adams

Mr. 33
I only learn amy adams in superman..i thought shes isla fisher
Nicolas P.
Isla Fishah
The Mythical Creature Zoologist
Is she related to Jenna Fisher?
Michael Hernandez
Of course your not Amy Adams, you're something less attractive and far more annoying.
Rhonda Baker
I kept thinking Joana Garcia was Amy Adams. I don't know this lady
Amy Adams is NOT Tonya Harding
Jonathan Rodgers
I always got them mixed up too. ☺
I can remember seeing her for the first time and thinking it was Amy.
Leah Warren
Amy Adams was Giselle in Enchanted, Isla Fisher was the Tooth Fairy in Rise of the Guardians
apart from their hair colour, they look nothing alike..
White Rose
I don’t think they look alike at all
She looks one of the Ambers, from the Bad Girls Club!
This is Bre's Life
I was like Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams???
This is Bre's Life
Wedding Crashers I thought she was Amy Adams
they are sooo similar
Trey Gibson
Isla Fisher is better looking.
♥️ love them both
What about Nicole Kidman? Are either of them Nicole Kidman?
Alonzo Lombardi
She's The Girl In The Green Scarf.
James Kardys
1:56 For the record, that's not Isla's actual singing voice. She intentionally tried to sound bad there. When she actually tries to sing, she actually sounds pretty good.

In the video link below, you can hear her singing "It Must've Been Love" by Roxette at 19:14, and "My Guy" by Mary Wells at 38:19.
Caiti M.
Holy crap I always thought they were the same person.
hoa ly
Is she in Leap year and now you see me right? I haven’t been sure since I saw this 😰
No Sir, Not I
I like Isla Fisher a little more because of Wedding Crashers. Lmao if you haven't seen her character in that movie, go watch it. 😂😂😂
Elijah Wood/Daniel RadcliffeKeira Knightley/Natalie Portman next please! 😂
Sonia De Jesus
Don Cordero
But i really thought she was amy adams...
Stefan Kovacevic
Wrong they are the exact same person, no difference.
Lázaro Murad
she's so underrated, very good actress!!
Jack and God Is Gracious
Mackenzie Palmer
This just goes to show Hollywood has a type.
Chloe Mae Y. Quiambao
The first time I saw Isla Fisher, I mistook her as Amy Adams, I saw her in a movie called Confessions of a Shopaholic. But never again!
Tia C'rell
I love both of them so damn much
david white
Was the baby Yours Jimmy not It but we love you
Can I have both? Both X 1000 Hot!
Iamqueen lea
I totally mistook Isla Fisher to Amy Adams and Ana Kendrick to Isla Fisher. They look like sisters to me. 😂
Erik9393 Sports Channel
i like the way isla fisher said 'bowed my head'
lumpy space spirit
oh my gosh, isla fisher has an accent
De_Dene HD
What about JoAnna Garcia Swisher?
Geez, you red-heads are hard to tell apart
i fap to both, why distinguish
Franchu Mir
Funny thing is that it was Marilyn Manson who approached her, not Lady Gaga
King Steve
Amy Adams has more talent.
Yeah, bullshit!!! What’s next? Borat is not real?
Plínio, O Copo Do Vlad
Am I the only one who thinks they have nothing similar to each other?
Nihil Islands
Karim Benzema & Shia La Beof, Joe Pesci&Dani deVitto, hemsworth bros, Olsen sisters, Ellen Pompeo& Marie McCray, Avril Lavigne & Liz Vicious.
yanuar aidi
her accent is kinda fading
Andry Patrick Rakotondrazaka
Thank you... Jaimie Camel!!
Prisca Nemger
Amy Adams always reminded me of Pam from The Office. Before Adams became a household name I thought it was her on The Office.
Maite Ibañez
LMFAO Isla is great love her
kpop thrash
before i clicked the video i thought the guest was amy adams, sorry.
Tiana Pi Tesr
Is she Jessica Chastain?
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