Phoenix Chen
Alright now
I live in NY and I can guarantee you that the best pizza is in the neighbourhoods, not in the city
Forest Hills has a lot of pizzerias, and a lot of them are actual family recipes from Italy and it's like a warm toasty blanket being wrapped around you like a straitjacket
I want someone who can love me like Ned loves his wife
Kate Darkhall SSO
I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO doubt Ariel and Ned will NEVER get a divorce x3
Christian Colding
NY isnt really known to have the best pizza in the world..... the only place they know to make pizza is in Italy!
Toki Doki Master12
Watching this while eating pizza 🍕.... PIZZACEPTION O-O
Caitlyn Theresa
John’s of Bleeker st is the best I️ don’t need any other opinions
Leo Gamer_mcpe
How many of you guys where drulin Bc of the Pizza
Random Girl
When I clicked the video, an ad about pizza popped up.
Jennifer Paynter
I’m eating pizza while watching this
Eduardo's Channel
I've never been to NYC but I've been to la and I think NYC has better pizza
"Well my family is new York-Italian" than why are you saying that NY has the best pizza in the world?
Daydream Burrito
Koffing vs. Weezing
^^Only true Pokemon geeks can decipher this^^
Moheem Palal
Why are American Pizzas so thin?
Worth it?
Big Boy
My dad owns a restaurant and them bashing other restaurants makes me cringe
Reject Parndiox
Tacos are better
arhat ??
i agree with this message new york has amazing pizza even if it's 89 cents
arhat ??
this is true i was the pizza
Nate Ascending
We have a special guest!

God dammit again?
I live in New Jersey and whenever I go to New York City I always get pizza
Russel Mack
jimmy memes
I want to visit NY one day
Parvesh Kumar
Bruh joes pizzeria is the BEST I ABSOULUTLEY LOVE IT
Alex Chen
Joe's is the same place Worth It went to
Maja O
Eugene is so hot
annjessica ramos
Hi Chris!!!!!!!!!!!😘
To me, the best pizzas in The US is not in NY but in New Haven!

Nothing beats New Haven Ahbeats!

Sally’s, Frank Pepe’s!
When it comes to affordable NY pizza in LA, La Monicas in Westwood Village is my favorite!
Sophia B.
ahhhh thank god i live in NY!
Pamela Maranan
I want to see the Try Guys try an escape room!!!!
Why didn't they go to LA pizza places with decent reviews? I find it hard to believe you can't find at least 1 or 2 pizza places in LA with decent pizza.
Raymond Toole
Did anyone see the minion from 0:00 to 0:36 in Ned and Eugene’s background. Leave a like if you did.
Izzy Thomas
Watching this video back and realising that it's Joe's pizza from worth it :)
lol I'm from New York and seeing them try to do the accent is so weird
Shylar Jones
Sabrina Rö
maan! now im really craving a slice of pizza.
Ula Jones
My school pizza is so good!!
Dori Holy Water Girl
try guys try hitman game thats one😂
sophia vicidomine
" so is it good to forget about it?"
Jenny Deng
Isn’t the Joe’s pizza the one that Steven &Andrew went in worth it?
Mighty MLG Turtlez
Glyph DaHarpoon
I like my stretchy cheese
Eziel Luyong
zach : it taste like a mistake!!😂😂
Daisy Langham
Ned's reaction to his wife made me so happy <3
• Yøυ are wнaт yøυ løve, nøт wнø løves yøυ •
honestly we all know New York pizza is the best but it's not difficult to find a more than decent slice in L.A.
Lo Lo
Ned and Eugene my true alphas
Top Fails
L.A pizza is good af. It ain't bad
CREEGY _17 Creegan
I have been to the johns place in New York
Nikki's Mania
Zach being the smallest
Go to Italy and eat their pizza.
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