This is probably meaningless since the movie is already out in the US, but I'm here in Germany watching the trailer and the movie comes to us in September, so I'm commenting anyway.

I'm really exited for this movie, but not because of the actors but because I think the book is really good. I just fear that the movie will be to 'on the nose' with the social critic. A thing that's been handeld pretty clever in the book (at least I think so). I just hope they keep the perspective of the book and don't make the protagonist to aware.
Anyone seen the movie and can calm me down?
Ken Hernandez
Early Paul, late John? Wrong answer.
فيصل رعد
فيصل رعد
Ronaldo Mendez
Brought to you by Big Brother... "we are always watching...ALWAYS!!!"
J Lee
liberal fuckfest
gina gogyeng
the comments in 'the circle' remind me of youtube's comments
Santiago Pedroza
Agnese Reveliņa
Powerful, captivating book made into boring and unconvincing movie. Disappointed.
Spoiler alert at the end Emma Watson doesn't believe Ty to stop the circle. Bad ending tbh on book
Criminal Gamer
I love you Emma !!!
Rhyme uk
Knowing is good
Knowing everything is better
It is bullshit
Michael Ray
This movie left me with one unanswered question. What accent is Emma Watson trying to pull off?
Another Illuminati movie
Maarten Gravemade
I can easily see this as an episode of Black Mirror
Jorge Pereira
Another Steve Jobs's biopic ?
Hive Tutorials
I want to watch but I can't find it in Trafford centre
Daddy Slaggy
I see a modern day Truman show (1998)jim carrey here lol
Paul or John ?
ahahah :D
Anybody notice the logo is almost identical to the Uber logo?
Relax and assume the position.
Go into doggy submission.
Bishal Gorai
❤ Û Emma
Cpt. Haddock
I totally agree with the concept. If there will be no secret there wont be any long lasting problems, there will be accountability. humanities growth will be sky rocketed towards much much better future.😇but there still would be need control mass sentiment.
I havent finished the book, kinda difficult because is boring sometimes😔
Noah Johnson
The Circle is like the patriots AIs system
I was actually disappointed by this movie. The moment you think something big is about to happen it just doesn't and boom the end. Not cool.
Jason The Pagan Atheist
"What are you most scared of?"
Bears with shotguns.
Catnip 12
who came here just to see hermione and forrest
Đức Anh Trần
I watched this film and I couldn't understand what is the main target=)))
"Where watching you"
Jeesus! That's creepy
Puddin Pop
this Circle and the other circle.. ive watched the trailer of the horror circle first and got me looking for Emma.
Greg Solis
What a bad trailer. Wow
Lottie Mackiewicz
crossing my fingers it is as good as the book
noneyour business
all these new movie are a warning/threat Conditioning from Illuminati
Caleb Castillo
good trailer but bad song, "we're watching you", you're making me not want to watch this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This movie was one of the worst I've ever seen in my entire life, then again, wasn't too disappointed, you can see in the trailer that all it offers is an idea of a more radical Google trying to kill privacy for good. 15% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes says it all.
Hoggar Krababbel
Am I the only one who's annoyed by that one faacial expression she's capable of?
Mkuzy L
Early mario late sonic*
long thing
where the hell is harry potter , his girlfriend is stealing every show
I need a pony!
Tristan Castro
I'm watching it and it keeps playing over and over the same scenes
Mało obiektywna opinia filmowa
Tak jak w mojej recenzji chyba lepiej tu pasuje "Po tym filmie usuniesz się z kina." ;)
Lucas lifter
there just showing us as americans how much are lives arent private and thats how the goverment is spying on you everyday we have no privacy anymore its sick
Anita Kimball
I'm pretty sure the only reason this movie got such bad reviews is because Google got pissed and paid people to rate it poorly
Dutch Cinephile
Tom Hanks "Because knowing is good but knowing everything is better"
Miss H
The movie ended abruptly and completely lacked any form of conclusion... Very bizarre. I had my high hopes but this had one of the worst endings to a movie. Very disappointed. 2/10
Titus Ng
0:39-0:40 ---- Cardboard monitor.
adam Balcer
a true horror movie, the future
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