Patrick DJ
The book was better
ia agrat ??
Paulius Teresa
One question: Are the batteries of cameras are undepletable? Damn..
Cemre Bedir
Hanks is my favorite actor but this film was an absolute bullshit. Hm, wait for a second. This is not his film but Emma Watson's film. So, I may argue that this bullshit comes from her not him.
Jeff Caligari
Could write an assignment on this but I wont, maybe you know why, maybe you already know what would be written. Knowing everything isn't better in some circumstances. The magic dies it becomes a gimmick.
Knowing and doing are also very different. Logic is not emotion. Knowing about a danger will be taken very differently by different people. Fight or Flight. Everyone knowing everything might work in terms of understanding but we will only know everything up until now but not tomorrow. Each of the above statements could be elaborated into a chapter, it would be a great task to be assigned but there are bills to pay so people in the end try to know and do before everyone else because then we just give it away and are left without.
And status conflicts to feed egos.
Highly "ill" logical.
Dane Brit
emma follow your freind daniel radcliffe to stay away from drugs and achohol
Guy from Tennessee
I just watched this movie. This is GOING to happen.
Brian Patton
This already happens . Advertisements are constantly analyzing what you search and give ads to relate . I once put a construction snap chat video on my story feed and got an ad relating to that in my weather channel app.
Jake Kamps
Is the Circle Google?!
Γαμω το fb!!!
how to make a shitty movie with a good cast: The Circle, total crap...
This looks really gay
Brenan Stephens
This trailer is 10/10 movie was 0.1/10 and half the scenes in this trailer arent even in the movie
Sean Moss
Facebook Watch anybody?
Jezrreelh Paredes
la lala
Spoiler alert, aliens kills them one by one
Clinton Leonard
Her accent is not bad but is weak in places.
God this movie looks creepy
Nick Thabit
I have to read this book for school and the first page has the word "and" about 30 times... smh. This is gonna be a long 491 pages, send help
blaise johnny
is 0:23 apple's spaceship camp??
Ol' Whitey McWhiterson
"The Google"
دموع الورد
غبي غبي غبي غبي سسسسسسسسخيف العن امه فلم حماااااااار
Srinivas V
This is the future of AADHAAR, with Modi govt surveillance, if you are watching this in India.
Faizaan Aritro
Emma plz don't waste time in other movies and come back to act in Harry potter and the cursed child
Abby Burns
i don't understand her point at the end of the movie....
Wandile justice
I don't like this movie, I just don't get the purpose of it and I don't find it entertaining but don't get twisted I like Emma
Thomas Fink
This is the hacker's dream world,--creepy Orwellian.
Omg this movie was so baddddddd
ΛLΛΠ 1993
well at least we would get 3 minutes to masturbate in the bathroom.
Please upload future videos in 1920x800p not 1920x1080. For users with 21:9 screens uploading in 1920x1080 leaves black bars around the whole video. Uploading in 1920x800 will not reduce the quality of the video and the typical 16:9 user will not see a difference.
The Illuminati, they are watching you.
Oh the irony, Emma watson is in a movie about the dangers of not having online privacy shortly after a bunch of nudes of her leaked online.
Ambassador of Corruption
ugly british forehead...
Terrible film
i though emma had a pretty decent accent in this movie.... but she's a shitty actress none the less
luis boy888
El problema no es el saber, el problema es quien maneja el saber.
Ouinn Ouinn
Founders of Google, founders of Facebook... ALL JEWS.
They use the internet to control the world.
god dammit. she has the same fkdup expression on her face all the time.
Riguel Alleje
Hermione what are you doing at a large tech company? Isn't Hogwarts enough? HAHAHA
Have Fun
i didn't like the end though
The importance of privacy is the theme of this movie.
With complete transparency, you're exposed to everyone including criminals.
I don't like telling Facebook when I'm away from my house because of the potential for break in.
Watching this will make you understand the importance of caution and privacy.
the song ?
I'm watching this now.... didn't watch the trailer better be good! Lol
Gilles Jack
Hi guys, i just watched this movie for free 5 min ago, it's not a sci-fi or anticipation movie, The Circle exists already, watch your private life, your professional life, sell your infos, stock your infos... ! The Circle is not only Google, but with Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and many more ! They not let you the choice ! Poor next generation sure it's better to born stupid and to be a good modern slave consumer coz if you are so clever you will be chasing, imprisoning and killing ! #world2shit #idiocracy #matrix #thegyver #snowden #minorityreport
charly evans
Ironically the Parents of the main female character Mae were both born on the same year and died on the same year right after the filming of this movie. I recognized her as Janet from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I was so in shock of her death as i was with Bill Paxton.
Captain Cooper
I thought it was the Black Mirror season 4.
cow anims
i've watched the movie, damn john boyega looks ALOT like denzel washington.... his face, his sound, his acting, EVERYTHING really looks like denzel washington
Charming Russian Language and Culture
Finally watched this film! Very tragic and true.
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