The Circle Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Emma Watson Movie

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Starring: Karen Gillan, Emma Watson, Tom Hanks
The Circle Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Emma Watson Movie

A woman lands a job at a powerful tech company called the Circle, where she becomes involved with a mysterious man.

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Isn't this movie a little late for the 0bama administration?
one persons utopia is another persons dystopia
Hey Hanks HA HA HA HA HA HA Your a stinking left wing liberal and we don't go to your bullshit movies any more ! HA HA HA HA Tell de niro he can kiss our asses also. HA HA HA
Gloria Camacho
Harry Potter meets Black Mirror.
Hank Snow
I hear this movie sucked ass, one critic said Emma Watson has spent way too much time looking concerned while staring into various mirrors. Haha. She is hot tho, I would fill that hot lil taco for days.
Terry Gibson
Welcome to the 21st century. This will become REALITY
Xx_FaZe_Rolf_xX l
she has the shittest american accent ahahah
Peyton Bale
The Circle 2017 f u l l m o v i e || available

click to watch
heyyitspol __
Came here for Emma Watson... found KAREN GILLAN!
Zohal Arbabzada
If you're wondering why it is similar to 1984 ... all dystopian novels pay homage to his work and the ideas in some form or another. 1984 is one of the books that established dystopian fiction leading to works such as the Handmaid's Tale and even the Hunger Games.
Jose Rodriguez
I was so hoping Emma Watson's character followed her friend worldwide during a presentation and it turned out to be Harry Potter. Then Harry Potter dies.
Does anyone that's seen the movie know the name of the first song played during the credits?.
16% on RT. sad!
WATSON founded IBM and BIG BLUE etc...they chose Watson for this movie on computers producing transparency. We know the decision room of the anger building in CARSON or HUD director? we know may the name of this lady who has the ability to see anger building and she seeks it out and calms it down. we know the cafeteria of Hollywood's studio's had the barrier broken bye MAY BRITT-Swedish girl and SAMMY DAVIS. May seeks out TY who builds new homes for disabled or may's parents? Disable can not go any where, so Hollywood is there to be them and they see their lives as theirs. MAY, when secrets are exposed they feel FREE? maybe trump and Russia will make TRUMP FREE? in the movie they show the power of everything known and privacy is not possible and TRUMP for the first time said NO IRS TAX FORMS and he is PRIVACY! MAY's boyfriend dies fleeing public life with a NOSE DIVE off a bridge in a RANGER like ted kennedy is the head of the family and he was in the ARMY or ranger. We know JOHN JOHN KENNEDY took a NOSE DIVE in a PIPER BONANZA. When MAY exposed all of the ceo's history to be transparent like john john etc the movie ended like WikiLeaks exposing TRUMP privacy? MAY and VEE in nerve end up like castro in the fort or circle fighting for freedom from accessories to murder like MAY's boyfriend. WATSON or MAY, FOUNDER OF IBM ,takes us on the tour of the NEW world.. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and not the NY TIMES or news fit to print?
Darth C Reaper
Oh. My. Goodness. Amy meets Hermione. DOCTOOOOOOOOOOR!
TopTribute BandsNstuff
So 40 yrs after the "fact" we make movies to inform the Sheeple. OK.
Hanniffy Dinn
It's actually true !
NITESH Upadhyay
that logo of circle is exactly similar to the logo of state bank of India.
only difference is the colour
Tom Hanks goes to the heighest paycheck these days. Angels vs Demons 3? Sure. How much? And then other "stars" are exited, 'coz Tom is attached to the project. Sad, but true.
Equilibrium Shiko
Lmao, if this is becoming real sometime soon, I'll gladly end my own life before it starts.
Disgusting globalist, leftist, liberal propaganda movie, give up your identity, give up your privacy, submit to the will of big corporations, become a slave and let the elite decide your fate. Well, I tell you what, elite only wants few million of you to serve their needs, they view rest of you as malfunctioning biological creatures who poison their oxygen and need to be exterminated.
Zaid Norviel
This book is sooooooooo good!!!!! IT has like 5 sex scenes
Martin Bro
this looks boring as fuck
They got nothing on Umbrella Corp.
Looks dumb as hell, but I'll watch it just to see that psycho feminazi Emma Watson.
Don't really get why critics hate this so much
Suyash Awasthi
Anybody getting a black mirror vibe from it?
google facebook apple and Netflix form the circle... all these companies use and abuse the sheeple as they bah bah bah their miserable lives away and then die
aya mohamed
It's amy pooondd
People are going to be sorely disappointed with this movie
what an idiot, lets herself get spied on and then complains that it ruins her life later. no one is that dumb to be spied on. NO ONE WANTS TO BE SPIED ON.
Jake Rutigliano
Hermione and Finn. I am starting to see crossover fics.
M.saqlain younas
Emma Watson
#My crush......
silvia anderson
8:24 u can watch The Circle 2017 now on this site
He Richard
And that,lady's and gentlemen is why we need build the wall
Devin Paige
0:37 Watch Dogs the movie
Aquamarine Crystal Gem
gonna go see this today!
Kyle Jaynes
This movie is going to be incredibly stupid.
Jaret Castro
I will watch and I can't wait to watch The Circle (2017). I will go with Misael Rodriguez's Family.
fernando hernandez
Pretty much Apple Park.
Mark 433
I wouldn't give 2 cents for a lousy Tom Hanks movie ticket. I don't care if you threw in all the candy & popcorn in the theater
should I watch it or not?
Markoi Green
She is so medicore looking haha
Ass Gbh
not good the movess
Lea Knezić
It ended to soon, they should explain what happens after last scene. But overall, good movie, it's like you're watching one episode of Black Mirror. :)
Creamcheese Diarrhea
looks like another dumb millennial made zionist film.
Barbara Rathbun
Boycott the movie on the boat with Obumass and Oprah..part of the one world for free on one of these links
David Battle
Won't be seeing this one. Paranoia becomes a movie lol.
"you are now in what we like to call the circle of trust, if you violate anything you'll be out of the circle".
I envy Boyega, he's landing all the hot white chicks.
LoL Girl
i rly have to watch this...
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