The Circle Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Emma Watson Movie

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Starring: Karen Gillan, Emma Watson, Tom Hanks
The Circle Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Emma Watson Movie

A woman lands a job at a powerful tech company called the Circle, where she becomes involved with a mysterious man.

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Richard Lamoreaux
Looks weak. Skipping it
David Tejada
OMG! Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, my all-time favourite actors in the same movie. After the movie I'll die peacefully :,)
Lorianna Escareno
Omg I really want to see this movie!!
Mike Prometheus
so basically the film is about losing privacy .. hmm ok .. seen it.. Snowden for example or enemy of the State..
Mike Prometheus
why this girl ? why ?
falls asleep on a rocket l
I need to see this movie
The Wolf Hunter
This better be coming out in Singapore or Malaysia
The Wolf Hunter
Downfall of Google
Loved this book, brilliant story. Hopefully the movie will live up to it. Not loving Emma's US accent though...
Skylar Douglass
What's the song in this trailer?
Jette K
It's TOO realistic!!!!!!!
Steven Morris
This looks like a great movie. It sucks that this is the last time we will see Bill Paxton again.

This will be hardly worth watching if your here to see Bill Paxton performance. But i will be here for the movie because it looks good. Emma Watson will be great in this. This movie looks very interesting.

Bill Paxton's last movie and tv show 😔

Mean Dreams and Training Day. We will miss you Bill.
Evelyn Reid
I'm excited
Carlos Chicas
"They're watching you"
Jennie Snow
So it's really late, and I just realized that under the trailer they have an option to show more or show less... Why is that an option, obviously knowing everything is better. Lmao
Anthony Ho
anyone get black mirror vibes?
Mike D
Bill Paxton is in this it's his last movie and plays the father of Emma Watson's character in the movie. He's not shown in previews. RIP
cia: the movie
Song please? 😏
G46t45 Æ
beauty and the beast and this already?!?!
Remember skynet
Guillermo Gomila
It looks like a very shitty film. But, idc, I'm just going to watch it for Tom Hanks and Emma Watson.
Mukti Patel
Umm... Ellar Coltrane anyone?!? He's amazing.
So basically Google.
Allie Cazan
I read the book, there isn't gonna be anything inappropriate in this movie right? The don't show anything in the trailer but I'm curious.
Ok how is it possible to have a movie with a harry potter actress, a doctor who actress, a star wars actor, TWO agents of shield actors - AND TOM HANKS?!!! I'm sold! XD
This looks great! exciting, great actors and actresses !
Andrea N
So.... this is 1984 novel´s movie?
shanmukha boora
SBI logo copied
Daan K
The book is soooooo good.
i first thought this was going to be another movie about steve jobs ...
Cristina CEC
Emma Watson is the perfect Mae Holland :s
Maybe this will happen in the future...
Alex Karabáš
Based on Watch Dogs 2
Alex Karabáš
Based on Watch Dogs 2
So Wach_Dogs The Movie
🔴 The Circle movie available here:
More like, apple.......
Larry P
am I the only one who favors Tom Hanks over Emma Watson?
Joseph Cerda
This Movie might be hinting a lot shit.. To make it worse they have Tom Hanks... He must love this role more than the Gay Lawer.. It fits him
I mean it looks cool Tom, but I'd still take Turner and Hooch 2 over anything.
James Bush
Edward Snowden needs to make a cameo in this movie.
GayGaymerTom The Greatest
Is this about google?
Because the new Apple campus is a circle?
This looks a bit Black Mirror lol
Petite Flower
emma watson is a tranny. hollyweird employs trannies to deceive all you mouth breathers.
Patrick Lange
Is it too late to add In Memory Of Bill Paxton to the end credits? They should dedicate this film to his memory because this is his final movie.
Karine Torin
8:44 🔴 The Circle 2017 ᴴ ᴰ fuII movie:
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