Star Trek Discovery Trailer Review Breakdown Analysis

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Initial reaction of the Star Trek Discovery trailer. I hope this video is complete dated and off-base in a few months, because my first impression of the show isn't good. 

- Junkball Media

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Star Trek Discovery Trailer Review Breakdown Analysis
Star Trek Discovery Trailer Review Breakdown Analysis
Star Trek Discovery Trailer Review Breakdown Analysis

Ken Zaske
There are two very bad things about Discovery: 1) Other than the premier it will be available only online. 2) It ripped off Axanar which was in development several years prior to the very first announcement of Discovery.
ö. . ,
Makes sense. They already had a "before Kirk" show that didn't go well. The next logic step is of course: "You get an other before Kirk show you faks, until you like it!!! Yeah, stupid audience, take this! We won't stop!"
is it just me or does it seem like they are intentionally trying to kill star trek?
Roland Rockerfella
Yup, it looks pretty bad. Even DS9 ( The best and darkest Trek made so far imho ) had some great goofy moments and characters.
The bridge reminded me of the Ent-E bridge with the slanted console supports and colour scheme.
Teemu M.
The new look of Klingons and everything is awesome. The lack of Mythic or Romantic mode in favor of low mimetic or Ironic is not awesome.
Rajiv Jadhav
lolol funny. love this review
this looks so bad, it sounds so bad, it smells so bad, it is going to get panned so hard. they fucked up literally everything. this looks like some generic sci-fi movie on sci-fi channel. the cgi looks like hot trash on a summer day. the acting and dialogue ranges from pointless to confusingly stupid. i hate this already and im so fucking pissed they are raping my 2nd favorite sci-fi IP.
keith b
do I hear the music from the band space? the band that gave you magic fly?
Bacon Eggs
Why isn't the music used credited? I can't find either of the two I can distinguish from each other, they sound great and I want to listen to them on their own, but I can't
If "The Orville" and "Discovery" make a Baby, thats Star Trek as it was and should be.
Will Frame
Sadly, I have zero interest in jumping through the CBS All Access hoop to watch this. I'd like to support the show and help keep it on the air, but if you're going to restrict the​ options for watching it, don't be surprised when it gets pirated, or not watched at all.
quacksackerthegreat Starfire
This is one STD that will not be contagious....
Tim Moses
I have to agree 100% with your assessment. Overall I'm not clamoring for it. It doesn't look like much fun.
As far as being relatable to Star Trek... set 10 years before TOS is still in TOS universe, and this looks and feels nothing like it.
I'd still give it a chance if it looked thoughtful and fun, but it's nowhere close.
I look more forward to giving Orville a shot than this.
Thread Bomb
I don't think you can say the show looks "humorless" based on what we've seen. They are pushing the drama, trying to get a sense of high stakes, but there may well be comedy as well.
And this trailer has bigger problems....
Thread Bomb
I don't mind the modern-looking ship and redesigned aliens. This stuff needs to happen to play to a modern audience. Concentrating on appearances is, dare I say, superficial?
The core issues for any show are script and acting, and the two serious issues here are Michelle Yeoh's bad acting, and the alien's power to "sense death". Given they'll be facing death almost every episode, this has potential to be as irritating and useless as Troi sensing anger and fear in TNG.
Thread Bomb
Worst thing about this trailer is the music. There is a fan edit (no doubt the first of many) that makes better watching:
The show looks a mess, it doesn't know what it is supposed to be, the acting looks ropey, the Klingons look odd, so many things that I want to talk about.

I'm going to watch it but I really do think they are pulling the show out of their arse !

I agree, The Orville looks better. (Picard and Riker double double facepalm)
Javier Bonilla
When you mentioned the Vengeance, something crossed my mind, maybe, just maybe this new crew is Section 31's one another reason of that is Section 31's uniform is almost completely blue if you take in consideration the new comics as canon of course.
Nailed it. This is the only honest review of the trailer I have been able to find. It looks like a video game...
I mostly agree. Especially about the "Orville" comment.
Miss Kitty Fantastico
I'm jammin' to the Friday the 13th Part III theme song.
Don Skiver
I don't see Discovery lasting more than one season. Nowadays, shows don't have the kind of leniency they had 30 years ago. As much as I love TNG, the first two seasons were almost unbearably cringe worthy with only a few exceptions in there. Luckily they hit their stride in season three and holy shit, there's no looking back.
Discovery won't get the same kind of chance. So for all the fans of the discovery trailer, you better pray to the Trek Gods that it hits the ground running.
For me personally though, this trailer makes the show look like shit, and I won't be watching it.
Furness Prime
I felt the same way.
Lovi Poekimo
The uniforms here reminds me too much of the uniforms from Babylon 5. Even the "Freddy Kreuger face" alien reminds me of the Drakh minus the horns.
Schardt Cinematic Productions
I Agree the Orville looks like a great Star Trekish kind of show. Like Galaxy Quest was. But Discovery looks like it's going to suck balls.
The final nail in the coffin for Trek as a series
Luke Devine
Good to see you back. I was so excited about Discovery and expecting something cerebral and more TOSesque than more recent reboots and instead we get lens flare, which is so patently aughts. I'm assuming some over 50 BSG fan shot this and it doesn't bode well for the show. And 'what am I looking at' seriously? You don't become captain if you don't know what you're looking at.
DerpySquid 1
55 dislikes are from Lesbian feminist SJWs
The Linux Gamer
I'm still EXCITED to watch the show. I'll give it a chance. But if there continues to be lazy writing after the first season (let's not forget how often characters in season one of TNG say "very, very"), I'll tune out.
LostPhoenix Silva
Star Trek discovery the Stargate Universe of trek ! good bye trek hello the Orville
Joshua Calkins
Wow, nothing good? I've got more hope for it than that. I'd be interested in seeing one of your longer, more in depth considerations on the subject since there is so much more to unpack. Maybe you'd even find a few things to like! As for the crumby uniforms and serviceable-yet-bland bridge, my highest hope is that they are misleading as to what the show will tend to look like. We still don't know the gist of the show, and it sure as hell isnt any by the book exploration jaunt. Will they really wear those weird dress uniforms for long? Meanwhile we know that whether or not the Shenzhou survives, it isn't the "hero" ship, so we can hold out for a better bridge (and corridor design) on that front. "Enterprise" looked soooo much better.

I definitely agree that there is a lack of fun in the air, but some peoples' gripe that it can't visually represent the era without crappy sets and fx doesn't make sense to me. Story continuity is of great importance, not how glossy the ship looks. Would TMP be much different if Spock had piloted Bunham's space suit into Vger, or would it have been basically the same damn thing? Anyway, cheers.
Pause at 4:07. This frame of this video is literally more interesting than the ENTIRE trailer.
The show pretty much lost me once it was announced it was another prequel and this trailer hasn't changed my mind...I'm still hopeful it will turn out to be good but Orville is looking a lot more appealing at this stage.
Emperor Caligula
Ok you lost me in your first sentence, justifying lensflares. Lensflares are ALWAYS bad, because they mean your film visually sucks and you have to prep it up with a cheap trick.
Geahk Burchill
See that bus barreling toward us? Give it a chance. It might be made of balloon animals.
Trent Timoy
If your analysis was any grayer it would fit right in with the interior of the U.S.S. Shenzen's bridge. I'm reserving my judgement until well within the first season's episodes.
Troy M
it will be a quick series
Gavin Kinrade
I don't agree with most of the analysis from this video. I really like the trailer. I think it makes Startrek feel current and fresh. When TNG came out there was initially hate for that show because it was different, that show ran seven seasons and gave birth to a whole plethora of spin offs.

I am gonna get behind this new trek, I like that they're doing something different and going for a serialised approach instead of a bunch of unconnected random episodes. I like that they are being bold and taking risks.

I think it's unfair to write off the show after just one trailer.
I can't wait to watch the first episode so that we can all get a feel for it.
Jeremy Schooler
Just hear me out here: what if this show is a prequel to the Kelvin timeline? If so that would explain everything from the glossy look of all the ships, the windows on the bridge and the JJ Abrams vibe you get from it. If that's the case then this show will be great for what it's supposed to be but if it is prime timeline then I hope it never makes it past a first season.
FUBAR Model Yard
Unlike many, I still like Enterprise. except for the horrible theme song. Discovery looks forced and designed by a focus group
Peter Hamilton
@Junkball In case you're a Daft Punk fan, figured this would be the best place to leave this:
Niall and Rachel O'Neill
You nailed it.
I'm tired of CBS cashing grab on Star Trek.

Why they don't go forward on the timeline?
Cause they can't crash grab spock and kirk (the real famous star trek).. and cause it is the law to do prequels now days.

WIll it look outdated as the 60s show is.. but coerent with continuity?
Ofcourse not!

Will it have submarine space battles and put more weigh on optmistic dialog?
Nop, it will be action dark and greedy.

Will it feel as real Star Trek and follow it concepts?

I'm tired! Just create a new franchise, if star trek (the real star trek) is so out dated to get a series worthy of it legacy.

Or at least.. have respect and set Discovery on the new movies timeline... and not on the real Star Trek Timeline...
Trek died in 2009. R.I.P.

Not interested in this. This is no longer a Trek I can relate to or appreciate. I don't care if it succeeds or fails because I just don't care to watch it.
Bag of ALL Trades
those dislikes though.
Haters gonna hate.
doomed huh
What would you have said about tTNG in 1986 ?
What am I looking at? Because although nobody has ever seen this thing, I'm too stupid to even take a guess as to what it is. An object of unknown origin? How about gee, I haven't any idea what that is. Stupid dialog is a bad sign.
Good criticism. I would've added that feminism also ruined it though. Female captain and first officer (neither are white), no white males the math. They are targeting a demographic that doesn't exist for that show and is overtly racist and sexist towards the audience that actually likes this kind of content. It's DOA. Luckily we have Oreville.
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