Star Trek Discovery Trailer Review Breakdown Analysis

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Initial reaction of the Star Trek Discovery trailer. I hope this video is complete dated and off-base in a few months, because my first impression of the show isn't good. 

- Junkball Media

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Star Trek Discovery Trailer Review Breakdown Analysis
Star Trek Discovery Trailer Review Breakdown Analysis
Star Trek Discovery Trailer Review Breakdown Analysis

ECV-197 therapy plz
Michael Dignum
More reviews on this and The Orville please
Stargate, which is probably less serious than Star Trek (and if you disagree watch SG-1 s10e6, and if you've never watched it go watch it because it's a great parody of stargate and scifi in general) also tried going serious with Stargate Universe, it was bloody terrible.
Window Licker
This is going to flop. And i'm calling it now, when it flops you'll see SJWs on the usual scummy sites writing articles saying it flopped because it had female leads and Star Trek fans are sexist males (just like with Ghostbusters) even though Voyager had a female lead.
Howard King
zero i do not know why they will not go forward all the fans want a sequel. or a captain worf show which they will not make
Westley Pycroft
You crack me up fella
Kramer Nunez
Fantastic video. You are so right... not much to say and you said it all:)
The whole Star Trek universe has become a mess. Maybe it needs a complete overwork to make things consistent.
If I wanted more windows on my starship I'd have installed more Microsoft. Looks like the USS Vengeance has gotten it on with a pizza cutter.
The captain:"What am I looking at here?"
In the most boring ,lame,uninteresting voice ever.
I want Janeway back to say to Torez "What is the status of the warp drive you god damn turd head"
William Beard
3:41 Correction, that's blown out. =)
Hezekiah Ramirez
What looks good in the trailer? Well, I can name one thing. Sonequa Martin-Green. I know, I know... But it's true! She's hot. What do you want me to do, pretend she's not?
max corrice
They could send her in for refits to get rid of the window and touchscreens and add more original series elements, maybe show the kelvin getting them too?
Naiba kie
The trailer made me think of a less funny Galaxy Quest.
Axanar looks compelling and interesting to watch, while this looks over driven and boring. No wonder why CBS is sueing. They better hire axanars writers.
PAUL Burrows
Why did the teddy bear have a knife? (4.06)
It's hard to get the tone from specific scenes chosen and used out of context. People ought to wait until the show premieres before judging it, myself included. I'm hoping for humour like DS9, in that it's not a few quips here and there but scenes like Quark and Rom getting lost in the Jefferies tubes and turning up in Sisko's office, or Quark's monologue about the Federation, or anything Garak says. Real scenes between people. I love the look and tone so I'm cautiously optimistic because if the show's nothing like the trailer, I'll probably hate it. And that's okay because this'll be some new fans first Trek and they'll love it.
Lutra Nereis
I sort of saw this coming when Fuller left. CBS clearly doesn't want to take a chance. They have their research telling them that people love gritty dramas right now, and so that's what they're going to do. They even got their lead from the most popular gritty drama on TV right now in hopes that would draw in more of the people who love that kind of show. What they're going to end up doing is what happened with Enterprise. They're going to completely alienate the fanbase and the foundation of their support trying to appeal to a general audience, and the general audience isn't going to be loyal enough to stay with it. Oh well, here's hoping Seth can make something of his show.
I like the casting for the captain, so if the show fails, don't blame racism. Make another show with good writers and put her in charge of THAT ship. Oh, and have it on a network or Netflix.
Robert Turner
The Orville show trailer felt more Trek than the Discovery trailer. Which is really unfortunate as Orville is a pardoy/comedy.
Tim Saiza
Lol...this is the fourth video of yours i have watched. I'm subscribing now......and now on to your next video!!!
Star Trek Beyond was solid? Nah. It wasn't. It was good as a TOS episode and this new series should've been titled STAR TREK BEYOND! Quite amazing if I might say how re-making an entire series in the TOS timeline could have been. The Beyond movie my biggest gripes most of it was stupidity and slapstick action that doesn't prove much or give any meaning of why they were out there to begin with. The villain and his motives were a bad choice about just as bad as Shinzon from Nemesis. The Enterprise as the set piece was destroyed again because of the need for more thrilling action sequences. While there was good here and there. The final act and conclusion made no sense whatsoever and I hate that it ends with rock 'n roll from the trailer.

About ST: Discovery:

Lens Flares... please... NO MORE! I actually want to watch this series. The lighting of everything should not be so bland and should have better light sources. The aliens are super bad and there's too many just for showing them. As for effects and the stage. Enterprise as a whole series does look much better and holds up to canon better than what we are seeing in Discovery.

Uniforms do not keep in line with the Prime universe and make little sense in the timeline it's set into. The Shenzhou bridge design and much more of what we see is super not canon. That see-through window should not exist. I'm okay with the displays and such, but they could have better designs more fitting of a TOS/Enterprise styling. The metal look does not really fit this era. It's too Star Wars escue!

Finally. Yeah. Star Trek Orville. I sense Discoverys' death is coming!
Gundarium Dragon
Yeah, the more attempts I see to revive Star Trek, the more I'm convinced it died with Enterprise, and now it's a rotting stinking corpse with puppet strings.
iii SCOOP iii
Brannon Braga and Joe Frakes will apparently join the orvill team!
iii SCOOP iii
You had to choice here between me unsubscribing or staying with the channel. You chose the latter, good job, junkball media!
Ma Boi Scotty
I don't mind things looking different. I don't mind a few Ken's flares or the occasional continuity error. But it HAS to ahve a good script and believable acting. There needs to be character depth that rivals that of Picard or sisko and please don't use phrases such as "Starfleet doesn't fire first". Like fuck it doesn't, but usually you'd expect the captain to hold off on agression in favour of gaining more information first. Anyways, disappointed with the trailer as are most trekkies, I'll give it a chance but at the moment my heart is filled with woe.
Joseph Dickson
4:36 nails it.
First off, it's "visual effects" not "special effects". Second, I don't know what visual effects you're looking at, I think the visual effects on this show look absolutely fantastic! Besides, who are we to criticize a show based on its visual effects? Babylon 5 had terrible visual effects, but nobody complained about them, and that show was popular!
Oli Beutler
Can anyone tell me what the intro music is called at 0:07?
Kevin Guhl
LOL, so true, The Orville looks 1,000 times better.
I agree with you on the bridge design of this and the JJPrise.
"Freddy Kruger Face" ... lol
Jadin tenax
Its a total cash grab by CBS and I hate them for it. It is also a total Reboot and not cannon. They should have done it like Axanar but they didn't .....In the end I hate it as much as I hate all the JJ movies. I will not be watching it. Bring on the Orville and anything Axanar puts out.
Matthew Hazlett
oh man, that last cut was savage... "Death, I can feel it coming now..." I agree.. lol
kevin sullivan
The Terrible........
1) Pilot (1st episode) will be on CBS network. Then you will have to decide to pay to watch.
2) This series takes place 10 years before Kirk, Spock & Bones crew.
3) It seems like they are taking the J.J. Abram's Star Trek world instead of Gene Roddenberry's Start Trek world.
4) You can count out The Borg (The Trek's best villians).

Why I don't give a 💩 about Discovery:

1) Since its Abrams world, I liked Reboot 1st movie, REALLY HATED "Into The Darkness" (saw it once on DVD that I brought), the Ultimate "Wrath of Khan" super rip-off. Did not & WILL NOT see Beyond. Did not last long in theaters, so I guess it wasn't all that good.
2) Real reason I will not longer watch Abrams Star Trek (or even his Star Wars - never was a fan of Lucas's Star Wars) was most of the new crew (Reboot) made a video that endorsed Hillary Rotten Corpse (Clinton). I can barely watch Sulu on TOS & Stewart/Goldberg on TNG.
3) At least I still have the XXX porn parodies of Trek.
Oh crap, were those guys in the Xindi outfits supposed to be Klingons??
Never mind this crew. I wanna' see Admiral Styles McCoolstache when he was a captain. When are we getting a show about him? Huh? HUH?!
I think that the lack of immediate humor is a smart move, honestly. Television has changed, and the feel-good-buddy-show just isn't something that does well in genre programming these days. We're in a post Game of Thrones/Walking Dead world, and even Enterprise arguably suffered because of its tone after 9/11, when the cynical Battlestar Galactica dominated it in ratings. I suspect that warmth and humor will find its way into Discovery, but not until after the characters have been established and the show finds its footing.
jessica butler
Nice vid! Thank you😊
Kavinsky Smith
and I gotta say is it weird that I liked the franklin far better than the A, and that I actually liked the new refit of the JJ, as it atleast did something different with the design? as the franklin atleast looks like the NX we should have got, and the new A, just looks too far in the wrong direction again, as say what you want about the J, but atleast it was something completely different.
Kavinsky Smith
and you know what gets me the most, the people who keep saying this is in the prime time line, it aint, not even in the slightest, like the trekyards guys, good guys but way too trusting of terrible TV executives who have given us the Big Bang for the past 8 years.
Kavinsky Smith
You know I'm glad to have someone I trust make the same observations that I did lol IE this is gonna be shit, as literally my comment on the trailer was just that along with OHHH! New Junkball media video in suggestions! look at me go! lol
John F
This Discovery trailer is utterly fantastic. They didn't tell us they were giving us a cinema quality movie every week. Impressive.
Yeah, my first impression is rather meh as well. There's just nothing of the Gene Roddenberry's spirit in this one. The ship looks too Klingon, there's too much grim action in the trailer, and what I've seen of the rest, makes it look like they're trying to do a J.J. Abrams version of Enterprise. With all that and the fact that you have to purchase access to even watch the show. ....I agree with you, I don't see this lasting long at all.
"star trek beyond". "it was better than it shouldve been." very true but still not saying much. i get the distinct impression that the entire premise was so someone could deliver the line "this is where the frontier pushes back....."

uuuuuuuugggghhhhhh. great. just what the franchise needed. more lens flair. let me guess, the lens flair is a prelude to a time travel story. great. brilliant. couldnt be better.

why the bridge is on the bottom of the saucer. because that leaves no where to go but up......

"i sense it coming now." yeppers
Samuel Kirk
Trek is dead. We don't need more JarJar Abrams garbage!! Plus we have to PAY to see it? Why not put it on Netflix for everyone or stream free like SUPERGIRL or THE FLASH does on plus focus on ONE character?? Not the entire cast like TOS & TNG & DS9 & VOY & (even the poorly done & inconsistent) ENT!!??? JarJar Abrams killed Star Trek & Star Wars. And that ship.... my dogs leave better shapes in the front yard!!!! Hey, lets be dumb & lazy & use rejected ship designs from TOS!!!! Plus, Star Trek Discovery = STD!! Are they saying new Trek is a disease?? roflmbo
Plus THIS is PRIME universe?? Looks EXACTLY like JJ "Kelvin" universe to me!!! The "lense flare" distracts from the action & even helps obscure it at times!! :P~~~~~~ (blowing raspberries)
Mysterious Middle East
The trailer was fine. Star Trek fans are hating on this for no good reason and are the reason why the franchise originally got put on ice for 5 years, because they couldn't get behind Enterprise (which is a good show and holds up pretty well today), and why we were given that mediocre reboot set in the JJ Verse.

Now we are getting what looks like a Prime Timeline show. But regardless where its set, it looks consistent with both Enterprise and the JJ Verse, and Enterprise already showed how the two eras can be merged (60s and 00s) and got away with it.

The only issue I have with Discovery is that its not set Post Nemesis, and those weird looking Klingons, who should be looking like humans.
dark star
The Orville makes this show look like dogshit
this trailer is so bad, star wars the last jedi will be a better continuation of the franchise!!!
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