Super Secret Levels in Video Games!

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Featuring: Top secret levels hidden in video games - The Easter Egg Hunter

The Easter Egg Hunter
A series covering the best video game Easter eggs, secrets and facts.

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Games Featured
Dying Light Super Mario Secret Level
Slender The Arrival Secret Level
Prince of Persia Sands of Time Secret Level
Serious Sam The First Encounter Secret Level
Sonic Adventure 2 Secret Level
Star Fox F Zero Secret Level
Shining Force 2 Secret Level
Super Mario World Secret Levels
Star Fox Out of this Dimension Secret Level

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Coolfire Youtube
What about secret one in fnaf3
Claudia Angelika Beltran
For me it says 666k views is it only me?
lone wonderer
When saw this video there were 666k views and this is a creepy video im scared
Toasty Tim
666k views, the devil needs his number too.
Michael Teel
luv da vid
Dragon Orb
super mario world secrets in 2017? really, everyone know it :/
TheGhosthunter 267
Mr Backwards
One is in
Christopher Bahena
Im a new subscriber. I also found the secret Slender the Arrival level by accident. I thought it was part of the game haha.
Sasque Uchija
so in conclusion in that slenderman easter egg they take you back to the playstation one era.
Donnie Bailey
Nice vid hope to see many more like it
Human Being
You are forgetting that there is also the secret blueprint for the Pyza Suit. An easy to use, on-the-go, glider suit.
Vincent M.
"Barrel role, barrel role, barrel role and barrel role!!"
My best friend and I found the slender one by accident and thought our game got hacked.. Those were the days
what, no cow level?
Derk Macula
number 3 is Mario yeah
Took me 15 days worth of time to get the sonic 2 battle secret Easter egg. Well worth it.
What super secret levels? The ones you just showed us?!?!?! 😆
Roger mucroy
Ah the days of getting 96 on Super Mario World without the internet and having to find all the secret levels yourself.
Anthony Fallon
595k views tells this is no secret.
mohammad almasoud
in the sonic extra level can u go to the extra level inside 🤔
Coolguy711 Heald 2
I love his channel no clickbait
You got my sub at Shining Force 2 haha..... I thought really, only I played that game and enjoyed it.

How about Secret of Mana?
Asu123456789 Asu123456789
Evil Spyke
Idk if this would be a secret or Not, but finding the esper Ultima in final fantasy 12.
Robby Reese #1
Borderlands presequel have a Mario world
I put that cheatcode on my fleshlight but it didnt do anything.
Jayesh Tube
U forgot far cry 4
Based Hitler
I like to set Jewish people on fire and rape them while they burn.
Michael Murray
Do you play as Slender himself in the secret level?
Ken Sagendorph
My favorite that I TRY TO Green Hill Zone In Sonic Adventure 2
No this is Patrick
I love the music that u play in the background
Channel down Sorry
OMG DOES ARE SUPER SECRET! I got all of those like THAT!
Zach Hawkins
Slender the arrival: NOPE
Skop3 Mast3r 2
WARNING: after seeing the following video, go see a theripist because now you have issues, you sick fuck
Josh Dekalb
How do people find these?
Mike Phillips
i'm shocked you didn't talk about the extra super secret levels in super mario world that changes everything to a different color pallet and changes the enemies as well.
Carnage845 87
I looooooved Serious Sam lol
TVXO Gamer
I was like " I bet the super Mario easter egg in dying light is going to be in their "

Edit:I knew it!
Nicholas Stolley
It's a young The Chase host 😂
Just a Potato
Beast Gamer
Erik Miller
the superdreadnaut in peppys level is closely resembling one of the star wars ships
lord we trust l
well looks like its time to go back to starfox
Jen Spring
I just noticed if you come on to the roof and you look at the map guess what? it is An "L" Which mean in my opion Luigi
AChildOnTheSlope Anims
Prince of Persia: Sands Of Time
Made by Oobisoft
For any of my fellow anxiety sufferers:
A small (not startling) jumpscare happens the second time he examines the Charlie Matheson poster. It's one of those static-y ones. A few static ones occur during the special level too.
Aj Grisley
QuestWalker KO
There are NO jumpscares for anyone that is interested
Raymundo Tayag
thanks dude
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