5 Unexplained Videos On The Internet

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From a mysterious woman that vanishes into thin air to a satanic human sacrifice at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, here are 5 Unexplained Videos On The Internet

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I Like Bleach
the last one i would get a gun kill em all
I Like Bleach
4:02 when the autistic doesnt get his my little pony plush
H-Money [Acne God]
on number 2 the door opened on its own
Dylan Ginther
I have to admit if i were to randomly see that poltergeist video on youtube with little views

Id be terrified
Ice Cream SugarRush
I'm tired of everyone ruining the videos for me. FUCK OFF if you don't believe it. NOBODY cares
Mephistopheles Seraphinus
0:43 she begins to walk as the other one in front walks in front of her, look VERY closely and you can see her turn as the woman in front walks as the "lady that disappeared turns with her".... She is only hidden because she is walking behind the person "perfectly"....
Sarah _egh
I understand what they are saying in the first video😁

Jeg forstår hvad de siger i den første video😁
Notice how the taxi door opened on its own before the man approached the door
Baby Princess
The first video is nothing creepy Just the women was hiding behind d other women n was going along wid her luggage..
Yeah because stabbing someone is just humor
rimon donik 3 Iyumrimob
no.5 is fake😂😂😂😂
Lucas Bernardi
1st one, clearly walks with her out of frame, her body movement is apparent
cesar cruz
I think the honduras one was more like an alien... maybe even using invisibility?... Idk ghosts dont "watch out" the way that thing did...
Jackie Carle
4.42 ish on the 2nd video the one before the last video, at around 4.42 - 43 there seems to be what looks like a moth or something flying around.
Stephenie Tsundere San
They really hate that kitchen
Elizabeth Redding
anshul bhardwaj
Dumb*** that's not the statue of Satan at CERN , that's lord Shiva . he's one of our major gods not a demon . Plz don't post your videos with half baked knowledge .
Samantha Torres
avatar vhccgfoxn
ix ix buco xbjxtxbkx
kx k como xbjxtxbkx con nkxbkxvjcb
Kitty Kiss
The last clip.. of course they would go straight for the dude to be the one put in handcuffs.
Royal Lapis lazuli
8:36 how do we know there not having a spasm attack or heart attack or maybe there mentally ill
Alantė Ramoškaitė
fucking awesome.
David Yanes
When I saw top 3, just seing "Honduran ghost" made me laught because we are a poor country with corrupted presidents. Thanks for making me laught for some seconds.
Floofie kun
It's probably some visual quality issues. The quality seems to dip there which makes it look like some kind of ghost gurl.
Ricky Bowen
They stopped the footage of the woman getting
in the cab cause it shows her shut the door
Bret Coppleman
The first clip, womens body language indicates she is about to move in the same direction off walking... just lucky timing
Praveen vin
last statue indicates lord nataraja !! he is indian lord !! should search in google about that statue and nataraja
Mitchell Williams
If this video convinces people of the existence of the supernatural, I weep for the future of humanity.
Michael J Negro Jr
That one that messed up that kitchen? If I clean the kitchen and he would have done that to my kitchen, beat that little ghost ass
That's what you get for having a man bun..LOL..
1: magician ? (I gus) and what the hell with the people around her are they blind?
2: i think she was in date with him
3: i think they are playing hide and go seek
4: editor have nice skills
5: if you think like its most disturbing then just go to 🔲🔲🔲 and ask old people who have 80-90 years like tell me about human sacrifices in time of festivals 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉 after you heard that you cant even sleep 2-3 days
RedPill Swallowed
We gotta stop making these guys money with these retarded videos....the content has gone WAY down hill....
KL31M33R /
Last bitch is HIGH as mothafukka
Ayden Price
8:16: That pose you make when you really need to take a shit ,but you can't
so you show us a dude having a seizure? lmao ok
Vuitton, The Ruler
So you wanna tear up a kitchen to get some views on YouTube huh?
Luminiferous Aether
Woman assaults man, man meekly defends himself, gets yelled at by everyone else and tackled by security. It would have been reasonable to slam her head into the wall for that and just for pushing her and telling her to stop everyone targets the male, and says nothing when she randomly starts attacking him, I do think that woman was possessed, how can you not believe in demonic possession when you see how possessed society is with the idea that you must coddle women yet simultaneously consider them equal? I don't think women are inferior to men inherently, but society needs to make up it's mind, are women equal? or is it okay for women to hit men and men should do nothing because they are just precious little babies and don't know any better because of their raving periods fucking up their brain chemistry? Is feminism about equality or is it about sexism against men? If you slap me I slap you regardless of your genitalia, everyone who doesn't get that is a moron, I shouldn't have to live in a society where females are allowed to attack me just because they're on drugs and everyone sympathizes with them and assumes I'm the bad guy because they have a vagina. If some psycho bitch you don't even know starts pulling your hair you need to slap that bitch.

Bunch of fucking pussy! Why the ghost hide? Seems like they are more afraid of us and the stupid morons recording they scared off! Bastard's,!
Nandita srinivasan
Guys protect me I'm scared
Stewart Turner
The ghost in the kitchen just got " kitchen anger " lol
Flyboy Steven
Tell you what...ever since we started living in an age of photoshop and computer graphics, i'm more skeptical than ever about videos like these.....
Nabajit Upadhyaya
from 4:19 look at open cupboard door...
Chelsey farquhar
The last honourable mention actually wasn't a possession. I saw another compiled video like this and it was due to some kind of drug that can make you seem like you're possessed and act violently
john assassin
Dont watch this at night
Erin F04DE
"She's probably possessed" is said as if a woman being possessed is normal!!!!
My attempt at explaining the honorable mentions (assuming they aren't completely staged):Okay, first honorable mention is maybe a sinkhole or gas main rupturing, sending a sudden pulse of force/compressed gas release up through a fault in the road? Second appears to be someone taking a large voltage of electricity via the metal frame of that freezer, then having a seizure as a result, and the third one is obviously drugs.
Well ghosts can be polite to i mean letting guy into a taxi first . Very kind
Tomin Kurisunkal
For number one, if u look near her legs u can see she is hiding behind the person with the trolley
Kkkmmm Kodllsls
2:05 just a normal wouman
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