Aqua Marine
No.2 always makes me laugh because the ghost throws an orange in the dumbest way ever
gamer guy22
the first one looks lile my teacher??
I hate these "poltergeist" videos. Things that fly in odd arcs like they were thrown always seem to come from areas that the camera can't see (where people could be off camera) and other things seem to move in straight trajectories towards those same blind areas (because they are being pulled by thread).
In the first one, you can see right before the woman is covered by the woman in front that she is beginning to turn to walk away. She just happens to walk at exactly the same speed as the woman in front of her so she seems to disappear.
tanushree mullick
why the freek am I watching this at night 😱😭😭😭
the statue is Hindu god
Calvin Nao
that doctor play peek ka boo back en fort ehh i hate that fck.... first at the door now in the bed strecher...
Diogo Siqueira
About the Honduras Hosp, The same old question: why don't we see HD recordings and/or details in cases like this? I mean, I really believe in spirits (or ghosts, doesn't matter) but it's hard to believe that with all our today's tech we still can't get HD recordings
Josh Patalsky
who else is hiding in the comments?
Jeff Peck
Best part of your videos is when you stop talking and get on with the clips :)
video #5 is faked.She vanishes just for the camera, nobody around reacted. All videos bullshit faked except those where people are possessed by demons.
5.Ghost Me:Boring
4.Ghost Me: watched it already
3.Ghost me: more ghost?
2:Ghost Me:oh come on man! I've already seen a ghost! no more ghost!
1.Satanic Ritual Me:Oh no! not a ritual! couple of seconds later meh that's boring

honorable mentions Me:Welp this is funny
Kara Ruckle
Omg 3...I'd back away too...a lot faster!! That thing was not afraid.
I love these list type videos for some reason, and have only watched a few of your videos, but you have earned my sub.
Sean Jacobson
4:19 KOBE!!!!!! Lmao
anonymous ghost
Jorji 2606
9:25 she's not possessed shes got the effect of FLAKKA
Liana Leia
I saw these on Daz Games! :-) :-) :-)
Den Dan
That last video pist me off, there he was minding his business and the security pounded on HIM, and not once did anyone shout out yo he didn't do anything. Fuck society, and to save anyone the time, Fuck me too.
captin weestain
Bath salts
BattleRqyale Gaming
What they did with that girl which was in ritual? I didnt understand!
Tyla shy
wow has that lady come forth
steven Sandy
1 its called photoshop 2 its called google deep learning 3 its called watson 4 its called dwave 5 its called amazon echo 6 its called siri 7 its called artificial intelligence 8 its called photo edit 9 its called frame by frame editing 10 its called cortana 11 its called alexa 12 its being made all over the world 12 its called youtube 13 its called you cant trust everything you see on the internet dumbass 5 Unexplained Videos On The Internet that i just explained debunked enjoy
Of course the last honorable mention the cops come in and see the guy fighting the girl and immediately both jump on him, leaving he girl alone and shes the instigator and crazy one...hopefully the other people told them the right story
#4 was a promo video for a Japanese Horror Movie..I forget the name but a few people on here debunked it already. And Morreyn is right about #5 she just walks behind the lady with the stroller, you can see the back of her shoe and shadow
8:08 How I feel when I see how much taxes are taken out of my paycheck.
The Sabature
Last three videos .
Kids, don't do drugs !!!
Rosen Nihilist
4:02 this bitch hangry
Andrew Moore
3:56 is pretty funny XD
Wind Lady
The satanic rite was a prank. Yes I buy the explanation.
Wind Lady
Mellowbird :D. He's a comedian.
4:05 sv_cheats 1
4:06 sv_gravity 0
4:07 an angry pepe comes in .
8:29 whoa ok, is it just me or did he grow ANOTHER HEAD for a split second there?

(not to mention that in the reflection after he fell, there seem to be another him appearing out of nowhere and sat up when in reality, he was still down on the floor.)
David copperfield
Razor Gaming
the ghost in the second one got mad af from playing cod advanced warfare and couldn't put up with it anymore
Valerie Montanez
the guy filming the ritual video should be given an award for the fakest reaction in a video. Come on, guy. That girl in the subway needed her ass beat. That guy had some patience because I wouldn't have lasted that long before snapping on her!
That first one was timed pretty good. Really nothing unusual about it. I think it was just weird timing
Keevan C.
Anyone Ever Gets Possesed by a spirit?
Neko Kawaii
4:03 - 5:03

Annikah Driscoll
Jonny is that a GHOST?!?!? Quick! Grab the lowest quality camera we have!
Kunshi Sushi
What if ghosts are just alien lifeforms that we cannot see because of them not being in our light spectrum?
Cretu Cristi
While watching the video , it stopped unfortunately without touching the screen ... These ghosts tho ! XD
that single orange apparently bothered the ghost at 4:12. it kind of gave some comical releave.
Louie Alouie
Okay the video with ghost letting and the cab tripped me out.. I tried finding a logical explanation for the video but couldn't.
Clorox Bleach
Unexplained? Leave that to the comments
2:03 the girl/woman could be Samara Morgan :D
Rebecca Kasprzak
This vid just doesn't seem right like the richual no that's not something you should joke about
when that man got arrested at the end is when i got pissed.
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