Meet the designer cats with wild blood

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Bengals, Savannahs, and Toygers, explained. 

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By breeding house cats with wild animals, humans developed hybrid cats that look like little leopards. Bengal cats are a breed that was developed by breeding domestic cats with asian leopard cats. The first American bengal breeder is a woman named Jean Mill, but her work has continued through other breeders. We met one of those breeders, Anthony Hutcherson, when we went to film the cats at the Westminster Dog Show. Besides bengals, we also saw another hybrid breed: savannahs. Instead of asian leopard cats, savannahs were developed by breeding house cats with servals. Unlike the other two breeds, the last breed we met, toygers, are not hybrid cats. Breeder Judy Sugden created the breed by carefully breeding domestic cats with qualities that resemble wild tigers. To learn more about the cats and the breeders that made possible, watch the video above.

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Jan Czajkowski
small cat what are you doing?!
Artam Studio
Excellent piece. Now I know to whom I can blame for my 7 years to date of sleeplessness from my Bengal's constant ambulance siren yowls...will never own another cat after this experience!
Sky Walker
The girl at 4:25 is low-key cute
Waqar Aslam
I thought it was only in Dubai.
Domenico Coviello
The Aryan Cat!!!
These people are crazy. I bet they are all liberals.
Im breeding my Ford to look like a Ferrari
Savannah Irwin
I want a Savannah cat so bad :o
Michael Williams
Do they care about cats or just how they look? @ 5:43 mark it shows that no they don't care about cats in general just their aspirations
Sean Heavenmount
Are we not gods?
Crystal Cockrell
I think people need to adopt the many homeless cats and give the a place to go instead of breeding all the other cats which it's not to say these aren't pretty they are but there's so many that are strays people could just get a stray and take care of it
TECH videos
Society d families doesn't matter in abroad , they busy in animal bullshit
B Scher
As cute as some of those animals are, adopting is still a much better thing to do
I want one I want one now they are so beautiful
Juan Ramirez
Lol everything is illegal in NYC
Jeanny Tse
NYC needs more savanahs to combat all the sewer rats there
So, why are they illegal in Alaska?
kelsey jewett
I need all three
David Marshall
There are a few points being made here that I don't think make a lot of sense:

1. Selective breeding is wrong - we should just leave the cats we have alone, otherwise we're playing God.

How do you think a wild animal became domesticated? Over generations humans have selectively bred wild cats showing certain traits until we've ended up with the cats we've got now. It's no accident and it's certainly not natural. I agree that reckless selective breeding is a really bad thing - the dog breathing thing being a good example - but if you're against selective breeding entirely then on principle you shouldn't keep a pet.

2. Bengals are entirely designer pets

No, it was because someone tried to see if the gene for feline leukemia found in Asian Leopard Cats could be passed on by breeding. It wasn't but they didn't kill the cats and gave them away and someone liked the temperament and looks and decided to try and domesticate it further.

3. Cats that don't make the grade are destroyed

No, unless it's a really disreputable breeder (which is another issue) ,they're sold for a huge discount or given away. In these parts at least they're not registered with the pedigree folks so they can't be used for pedigree breeding and I've heard that sometimes they insist on neutering to ensure that you don't breed them. We got our two because they'd been a little sickly as kittens (FHV, I think) which made them ineligible for pedigree breeding.

4. Bengals are wild animals and they're also worse for the local wildlife

I have two Bengals and I have friends who own "normal" cats who get "presents" much more frequently than I do for a similar age. They're certainly not wild. They're very cat-like sometimes but often more like dogs. They are affectionate, stupid, annoying, adorable, inquisitive, distant, clingy, vocal and a dozen other things. They're not wild in the slightest. Ours also have no sense of spatial awareness which is hilarious. :-)

5. Cat breeders are evil because of rescue cats.

Not going to argue the rights and wrongs of the existence of breeders, however there are loads of rescue cats because of cat owners - not breeders. Either irresponsible owners who let their cats breed like bunnies or people who get a cat and can't commit to it. Cats are much worse than dogs in that respect. If you're not going abroad then it's a simple thing to take the dog. Doesn't work like that with cats. Allergies is another usually crap reason to get rid of a cat, in most cases. Some allergies are severe, in which case fine - especially if it's a kid with the allergy that came along after the cat (although that must be tough). Usually though, animal allergies give you massive cold and flu-like symptoms. If you have then either you don't get a cat at all or commit to making sacrifices. I'm allergic to cats and dogs and I'd heard Bengals are slightly better than most cats (different hair) I first met the breeder and spent a lot of time with them to see how severe a reaction was. I also agreed that if there was a greater issue then I was allowed to keep the cats out of the bedroom and otherwise munch Cetrizine. Luckily it's been not too bad and a little Cetrizine is fine. After about a week it was clear that if it was a problem then I would need to sleep in a tent in the garden.

I would have loved to get a rescue cat. I know that I have an allergy to cats that means I can't spend more than a short time in a cat-owners house withouth medication and even then not a huge amount of time. I knew that a normal cat would be impossible (I have spent a lot of time near cats) and getting a Bengal was a risk but it would be unfair to the cats to punish them for it. Top tip - supermarket own Cetrizine is about a third of the price of brands like Benedryl.
Greek Greek
I wonder how many people who think this is unnatural and sick support the meat industry 🤔
Madelyn Today
There needs to be a word for that feeling you get when your brain rewards you for seeing something cute.
DomYoRich Lil Flacko
I love to learn
I should bring my kitty to one of these shows. He looks like an all black puma.
noen andre
Wow its really late, why am i here?
The OreFossil395
Let's do this with dogs!
wolf eats dog
Never mind
ChaosAnime 27
If there's ever a cat that is a lion-looking hybrid, I will get it 100%.
When I carry my cat he bites me
So, we're not gonna talk about the fact this Anthony Hutcherson dude sounds pretty much exactly like Donald Glover?
Sexy Buffalo Wing
Selective breeding is wrong. We are the reason Pugs can barley breathe.
Black Wolf
I have a cat that looks like a white tiger no bull hes cute
Jane Hibberd
I want that tiger cat
Bradon Tenhunen
you can see his lotion in the back
Mike the grate and other grates
To the people who say this is humane or unnatural, unless you are a vegan, leaf wearing, unmutated banana eating monkey, screw off
Yeah, I'll adopt at a shelter thank you.
Allykitten211 X
Plastic surgery of cats
MJ Baptista
"So toight. Like a toyger."
Armand Raynal
3:23 loud noise "Sorry that's my cat running through the room"

Should have bought kitten mittons!
jack kelly
what about lions tho
Alex Casas
Adapt anyone
Ben Wall
Cole SnowStick
7:37 Tony the Tiger
Carl Kearse
This is so wrong.
Pokemaster X
I want one
Yulia Ants
Wow what a beauty! I've got bengal kitten also. He is cut and all. But .. check out the video on my channel
They talk about it like it's weed
Abby Tennisco
Breeders are selfish and prevented. People only breed because there's money in it, and they probably get off to watching the animals mate. There are millions of homeless cats in shelters today. It's selfish to buy a designer cat rather than adopting one that actually wants to be taken home with you. Bangle cats will destroy your house and sanity. These cats are WILD and not meant to be kept indoors. Even if you decide to allow a bangle to be an outdoor pet, it could potentially destroy the local ecosystem by killing an excessive amount of birds, mice, and other small animals. DO NOT BUY A BANGLE. Adopt don't shop
i got my street mix grey/black tabby cat... and perfectly happy. Pure blood breeds got too many health defects/weaknesses
Jade Robinson
breeders really don't give a crap about shelter cats unless it's rare :/ getting to live your life by not saving other lives
Anett Bazingá
its like theyre implying designer cats are accesory like a designer handbag?
I want a cat that looks like a Siberian tiger
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