A handsome man surprised Shakira in The Voice 2016

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A handsome man surprised the Shakira in The Voice
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Rich Nell Sabenia
it sounds like nickleback
Oluwateniola Omotayo
Ikr #shaggy
Didn't the title say handsome...
Fil Cajucom
yeah! hahahaha
Santosh Trasy
handsome yeah
Cyri7 - Games
He looks like when Messi was young.
Ethan Durdin
Looks like shaggy, sings like Nickelback. Lol
CryingCreeper Girl
Is he Shaggy and Pewdiepie's son? lol
He looks and sounds like shaggy
Boss gam3r
No offence
Boss gam3r
He is ugly
V.S. Gopalakrishnan
Voice is not much good but a very good singer.
Next Kurt Cobain?
Concepcion Neri
he looks like owlcity
Kashvi Tolani
I personally really like his voice
Iyyahmei Flatterfield
its really a matter of do or die, like, I've wasted minutes for me to check if the guy is really handsome and yeah, he's like Shaggy of Scooby Doo. Not surprising tho. Sorry. I think, it's the biggest mistake I've ever had. lol.
princess nolasco
damn. I thought shaggy has a weird voice. what the hell is this?!?!? shaggy can sing?!?!
Jade The Enderwolf
99.9% comments: This is Shaggy/Pewdiepie
Me: He is attractive ;-;
Hannah May Sioson
unique daw eh kay renz verano lang yan panes yan eh hahaha
Tone Loc
I would really hope and pray for his sake he becomes an independent artist because with the natural talent he has some of these labels will try to fuck him over and also he should write his music also try to do shows as well.
Joey Loeb
lol i thought it was gonna be shakira
Jerick gacayan
panget namab
rabia basri
Musical Priya
Scooby doooooo😍
Faisal Khan
Why do I only shaggy from Scooby Doo although we does have a good voice
nemanja popovic
handsome ???
Chiffilia John
savannah Skipworth
he sing good
W Ferreira
Handsome? Where?
Andjelka Banicevic
he looks like shaggy (from Scooby-doo
jm manalla
david cook part2
Jenifer Montelongo
Beautiful ❤️
Donna Acebar
his voice is handsome! he looks fine too.
I am a farmer and his voice is like the sound of the rain when I needed them most.
Emmanuel Smitch
is a joke ? is like a feedo 7up
hes not ugly or anything, the hair n beard just doesnt flatter his features too much
Abdullah Alqudah
rhyme not ryhme 🙍
best day of my life :)
Johanne Vlogz
Cue them goosebumps
seif zeghic
blake shelton didn't turn
that means the kid isn't that good
shakira shockong to
wowww i'm shocking he is so handsome 🙀😲🙄
Cha Odell
i loveeeee him! watta great voice.
hey zup
volker verwijmeren
ICH and awhowae
Ivo de Bruin
How come this guy isnt famous yet?!
Raven Son
whos watching this in 2017 lml
eliw namba
yabadaba doo!!scooby doo!!
Mj Yumping
What does a landscaper do? It sounds very familiar...
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