3世 村正
why does harlem love basketball?

because it involves shooting, running, and stealing 😆😆😆
Witter PC
Wouldn't it be easier to just say what you have to say instead of watching all that hot mess.
Muhammad Shamil
Pixel in Singapore 😢
Just letting you guys at Google know, references never lead to working A.i. I know you guys need a lot of images to throw at Ms.hungry algorithm, but trust me, there will never be any success when it comes to your methods.
How can this be April Fool's? It's an ad for Pixel! It just uses hoops!
Team Skull
Someone named leokimvideo was hacked! pls help him
So Google when will you make a "Self Flying Plane?"...
your talking tech
when i start google detection 3 times than i automatically off 😭😭
Ajaz Khan
no like
George Potter
I guess since there are no Pixels available, this counts as an April Fool.
Zenovus ツ
So Google chooses to have a bunch of commercials for the Pixel that don't tell you anything about the phone other than that it is Google at its core, yet release an ad talking about a feature on April Fool's Day? Just when I thought their marketing department couldn't get any worse.
Andy Stewts
Nexu Innovo
Unlimited Storage on Pixel

Dong-il Kim
그래서 한국엔 언제 나올 예정인가요?
Max Musterman
with unlimited ability to feed us your data. at least give us the fappening 2.0
Zack Guard
Is... is this 30 seconds of buildup for that... pun?
Hey google, I watched my own video a few (21) times to get views, will you forgive me? Wasn't monatized
Psychotic Dog
Oooh its an April fools joke because only iphone 7 takes pics that good
Martian Pals
google I need to make a report in advance about The youtube channel Hearing aids for fake kidz bop 35 advertisement
Goldspirit Draws
Don't give us a limit for changing our names. It's stupid.
I just want to change my name; it's not a political offense.
Jose Bargues Cortes
José Cortes bargues 34066667xcalle carreteras arenal 07600 Miramar piso 311islasbaleares 🇪🇸 correo carta cuando se trata de la empresa que se ha convertido de investigación de la mejor opción 2017 que se me migrancias ahora cetelem 2012 10000 euros targeta la mejor opción 2017 que se me migrancias ahora mismo comprar por favor póngase en contacto conmigo en este sentido 10,000 crédito cadames 96 crédito mi rápido pin 2012 viabuy targeta José Cortes bargues 34066667xcalle carreteras arenal 07600 Miramar piso 311islasbaleares 🇪🇸 móvil 600038521 móvil 685685476 mi rápido pin 2012 cupones once mi trabajo de investigación de mercados de valores y el resto de las empresas españolas en la página 📄 10,000 crédito cadames 96 crédito mi rápido pin viabuy targeta José Cortes bargues 34066667xcalle carreteras arenal 07600 Miramar piso 311islasbaleares 🇪🇸 correo carta cuando se trata de la empresa que se ha añadido a la lista rápida respuesta y por eso que se ha convertido en una de sus hijos en la página y hacer el pago por transferencia bancaria para que se ha convertido de investigación de mercados de valores y el resto de las empresas que se me migrancias ahora
Sam Angell
Rainbow Soap
Hey Google, I know this isn't important at all, but can I draw your company as an MyLittlePony original character? I'll post it when I'm done! Thanks to everyone who works for Google!
my face when i don't get the joke
Alexander McComb
Still watching this in 2053.
is this a joke?
Strange day to post a video. Its even been a while. Why not today?
Giovanni Postiglione
So cool!
Jamie Stivala
it's a joke cause you can't get them from anywhere 😂
James At
No thanks.
I prefer the Google Cardboard Plastic.
Andrew Clyburn
AYEE Saw my local one on 5th and 131st!
cathal love domiatrtx girls :) and business girls :) and love us miss and girls :) cool us ( : and i am a little sissy girl :)
Bald Eagle
I love you Google :)
Andre Nicolov
So the pixel was a joke? This explains so much
Google Pixel. So we can sell more of your information.
With love, Google.
necmettin çavus
Joe Well
TFW google posts a video on April that isn't a joke :(
haha april fools, it wasnt actually shot with google pixel
April Fools Google, Well Played...
Kishor Pawar
Hello... Google
Yoav Mor
Apple is the best company and Google is the worst.

April fools!!!

The attention seeking is real, i t's not even 1st of April anymore where I live, it's 3AM 2nd of April.
Million Dollar Man
Lol shoot hoops

- Me on my pixel
Seegal Galguntijak
Why would I want Google to see/analyze every photo I take on my phone?!? I'd rather store them on my own cloud.
Nacho Rivas
Pixel II in Spain
Wilson Maddles
Your video site is getting killed, and instead of doing something about it you're posting stupid stuff like this.
Dam, I thought this was another April fools joke.
Gabriel Alves
imitando a Apple
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