sandra ragbir
Hema malini looks good
hassan nooree
When the past comes knocking don`t answer. It has nothing new to tell you friend! @786vendaskam
Shazia Khan
Reena Roy ko khana km krna hoga
Shazia Khan
Hema malni tow aur zeada khubsurat lg rahi hn
Pooja K
They still look graceful and beautiful, age wise
Latika Trikha
Sri Devi still looks a lil same
ayushman khan
My fevroite jaya parda
Abhijeet Nair
Why Sadhana ji ?? she died in 2015 itself and you are showing how actresses look in 2017
gaurav chatterjee
They r evergreen always
parvin pal
didn't they know they will get old soon ... fact of life . Sonam had a sexy voice I wonder if she sounds the same
Nina Qarina
Have money old can become young
Rida ali
Omg what happened to reena roy ...n idiot madhu bala had dead in early age by the way!
Were is Asha parik
Rinku Vora
sridevi is still hot
Laleen Kant
Zee entertainment
Laleen Kant
Nagpatney sinha
Ramasarm satsang
Abu Abbas
This is not shocking at all they r still beautiful...
fan_bollywood me
jawani me har koi alag hi dikhta hai..alag hi noor hota hai
fan_bollywood me
Shri devi managed to look ravishing till n ow with her great fashion sense ..she is almosat 59 yr
A Goerdin
Besides the make up and the surgery this proves once more again that they are just like the witches from the tales
Shaheen S
It is not shocking,

Sab ko iss time per aana hai

Aaj inki to kal hamari bari.
Ritu Sharma
What shocking in this.. According there age they all look Gud.. Every age has its own grace....
Ashton Mandel
beautie and youth fade with time and age that is the universal truth wheather we like it or not .
shabeena ashfaq
sab KO old hona hai isme naya kya hai
Syeda Sakina
Georgia Jawaid
People grow old & it is only natural to age. People without plastic surgery grow older gracefully & look more natural.
Ritusharmawali Bangalore
Its called ageing gratefully....u dumb head morons
Gazala Khan
The last pic is Madhubala- not Sadhana
Asra Aleem
All of them have aged gracefully.....
Taimoor Shahid
Hema prettiest of all!
Sabrina ahamed
Nothing wrong with them...The look fabulous... And don't say "shocking ".....
Royal girl
waqt k sath sath san khatam hojata h jawani b khatam hojati h
Anil Hettiarachchi
He a malini forever young
Yohan Laksitha
sridevi is still on the screen
Shel Ma
OLD are GOld 😎😍😍😍
kanika nayan
see my list:
SM Arsalan
Sridevi g Abhi bhi Sahi baqi tow sari bhuddi ghoonsat
Unown Boy
Where is anjali jathar???? From the movie trimurti
made in china
They are moms and became grannys for some..and they will always remain so for the people who love them..aging is destiny moron
Pepi Anastasovska
Tahseen Khanem
Old age m bhi ye kafi beautiful h
Premshika Gungadeen
Why shocking
Priti Patel
Rekhaji is d evergreen n evr Young....😘😘😘
Manju Rangra
Whats shocking ? there all still very pretty and glamour with age - age catches everyone
Rakheela Majeed
Where is Mumtaz
croy tracy
Last picture of Madubala? next is Sadhna why compare two different stars
nadia shewar
I totally agree it's age goes with time They still beautiful in there way so it's it not shocking at all
mozart amadeus
But i will yet Hug Them all if i geht the beautiful Chance😘😘😘😘😘Love from Singapur prema
Kasturi K
What's so shocking in it? They just grew old ... a natural phenomena.
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