Most Painful Things A Human Can Experience

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Today we will focus not so much on those macabre aspects of human nature, but on pains anyone of us could suffer today. Join us on this excruciating tour of how much we can hurt in this episode of The Infographics Show, The Most Painful Things a Human Can Experience.⭐SUBSCRIBE: ⭐

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mh gamer
The worst pain is playing call of duty and there is a power cut 😭😭😭
Mopsie Muffin
so, you know that one soft spot on your knee, on the inward facing side of the kneecap?

when i was four, there were a few nails laying around, RUSTY nails, and long story short, i got one partially in that soft spot... praise the great yiff yiff i had my tetnis shots.
Yeah No
Mel A
Worst pain:
1)Having that one kid who kicks your seat on a plane
2)Waking up for school every morning
3)Having to put up with annoying people
4)Failing a test that you've worked for day and night
5)Maths class
6)Maths teacher
7)Maths in general
Joe Yuzwa
Rsd. I've got it. Not many people have got it. The pain it causes is so great that it is known to exceed the pain endure due during childbirth and also cancer.
when someone doesnt like you back
_ Bigsquid _
Worst pain would be loneliness
Like If u agree 😆
Samuel _lovehockey88
What about testicle injuries, I've been slide tackled from behind playing soccer and that was really painful because I injured my Achilles and also slicing off my finger tip from cooking hurt like a bitch
Kash Kovar
I broke my femer when I fell of my skateboard and I also had a cyst in it so that didn't help
Angelica The Angel Cat
Worst pain: Hitting your hip on the table
Dead memz
Sometimes I get trigeminal neuralgia and it is the most painful thing I have ever and probably will ever experience. I always get it in my gums and side of my mouth it makes me cry hysterically and I scream and rip my skin and hair out because of how sore it is I once got an attack at the library lol I was screaming at the top of my lungs on the floor crying like crazy
Noam Rotstain
Getting kicked in the balls
I dont feel pain because I am emo
Prankster Gangster
what about anesthesia awareness?
Martin's Entertainment
Pls subscribe
Well this was a lovely video
Broken Pinky bone. It hurt like hell for a couple hours. The pain did go away it just sucked when i had to go to a later appointment to get the bone put back in place and some of the pain came back but no where near as close.
moabc12 moabc12
i have a torn achilles... it huuuurt.
chewbaca 12345
right when he say remember to drink lots of water to prevent kidney stones did anyone else get a urge to drink water
Jau Sweden
What about getting shampoo in your dickhole
Trash Can Gaming
I have a huge fear of pain even though I can take a lot
Tooth extraction when the Lidocaine wears off and the tooth is hooked onto your gum. That's the most excruciating pain I've ever dealt with.
Chocolate Bleach
Well obviously it's getting your balls crushed
getting friendzoned
Nigerian Scammer
My dentist accidentally drilled into my nerve without any pain relief or anaesthetic and didn't realise he had drilled to deep and so just put a metal filling on my raw nerve that was spasming from being drilled
Grimm Reaper
doas mental suffering Count as pain?
Jamming your finger between the refrigerator handles
Romsta Vlogs
My dad broke his femur 5 months ago and he's still in pain 😅
Jasonee Foster
I have been electrically cardioverted while I was alive multiple times!
Andrew Naylor
I'm missing a bone in both my knees so they slide out of place and make me feel like I'm braking my leg
Klaani K
Imagine your parents having sex.... now that's painful
16 yrs old and had kidney stones, had 3 of them and i had to get surgery to get them removed, they put a stent or stint idk but it drains the dust from blasting the stones and the stent is tied to a string and the string goes out of ur dick and u have to pull it out without any pain meds or anything, you just pull ur pants down and the nurse rips it out. WORST PAIN EVER
Shadab Khan
Why burning is chosen by God to punish transgressor ?
Ans : Because its the most painful punishment out there .
So giving birth is more painful than getting gassed in a trench? Mmmm..... Okay.
Chris McGary
Getting hit in the balls with a 20mph lacrosse ball
Guy Neilson
1. The friend zone
kieran mcgookie
I broke 3 bones my hip, collar bone and my arm I screamed like 5 time after that I felt nothing for the screams to start it took about 30 sec I think I was more shock than pain that I was screaming about because I didn't feel any pain throughout the experience, I was winded though
beefy beef
Watching behind the meme
Lt. DizzyNoodles
I think you forgot about Sadness
gym playlists
worst pain is when you headbutt the draw
Stepping on a lego
I do horse riding and I fell off doing cross country, broke my rib and it pierced my lung, I was rushed into surgery and had to spend a month under observation. I'm lucky to be alive
donald john trump
worst known pain to man: not building a wall between mexico yet
Fire Duck
1. A broken heart...It may not be physical, but emotional pain is one of the worst
Flame Shankx
My friend got kicked in the balls with steel toe boots
Matthew Horch
Tearing my acl
1. Stepping on a lego
Wumpa Remixer
The worst pain is bieng kocked in the crotch
HD Crafting
Ive had those head aches before the only way to get the pain to go away is to use some strong sleep meds to knock you out
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