Faith Mwikali
this video was............#LIT!!!!
Gracie V
Snow White looks ugly without makeup
Android Gamer 2
8:19 OMG I GOT SCARED @*!&
Android Gamer 2
Is it just me or is it that snow white so scary
Natalia Palacios Solis
they all look better with makeup
I never wear any make-up (except for weddings). I feel like myself, natural and free this way. I hate wearing oily film on my skin every day, eating lipstick with my food, not being able to rub my eyes. I feel trapped in this thing, like some mummy on an exhibition. Without it I feel like a human being. And, although I'm 27 yo, I look like I was 20 or less, since I almost never wore make-up in my life. It's sad the modern world makes women and girls sacrifice their true self, true beauty and their own comfort for some artificially created model of appearance. That's why I'm happy when I see videos like this. Keep up the good work. And I know there will be a lot of girls who'll say they feel good in make up, they feel more self-conscious, secure and so on. But why can't you feel self-conscious when you look like yourselves, just as men do? Putting on a make-up to feel more secure seems to me like putting on a mask to cover your true identity you're not really comfortable with. It helps you, sure, but it doesn't remove the problem. Oh, and Mulan didn't wear make-up most of the time. Unless it's normal for a Chinese warrior.
horoz burek
Kalie Terry
3:01 the new meme of my generation

Show white
Monica Hazelwood-Frisby
This video was lit
Lara Lain
Sara Hasbi
Ariel looks the same like if you agree
Jaylen Isidore
Tina looks better with out makeout
circus baby the creepypasta
I love it
mini safari
Princess tiana looks beautiful with make up on and off. It dosn't matter because she looks the same with a natural beautiful face.
annie the minecraftian
Why do their eyelashes disappear?
Sienna Hassett
Lily Bug
looks prettier with makeup
Kaitlin Salts
Um...snow white was born with red lips. "Her skin as pale as white and her lips as red as blood."
sweet candy
Elsa looks ugly without her makeup
Cat & Mouse
Amee Rodriguez
I’m so speaklesss
Soha Qader
should''t they still have eye lashes
Lazy Layla
When I look at snowhites 0-0 I GOT TO START Working out.
Twi Pie
Oml Snow White is creepy she came out of my worst nightmare
Riley Aragon
Princess Tiana looks better without makeup, definitely!
why did i even watch this
Leya Cuellar
Umm... Sorry to be rude but Snow White was not that pretty without makeup. I mean where are her eyebrows
Maya Hardy
With out for Tiana
Maya Hardy
Aubree Dobson
Snow White dose look younger

Raven Boyd
Sooooo ur just going to ignore the fact natural snow white had no eyebrowsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ n lmao jasmine no blemishes Tf its a drawing shes an animated character stfu dragging the video out
Gamer Girl
I feel like only Tiana, Merida, and Belle look pretty. The rest don't look so good... they look like 50 year olds... not to be rude, but, I think the ugliest one was Snow White. "Adorable", kind of a lie..
* cheesecake *20040601 *
No wonder snow white wakes up so early and she said she was cleaning we all know that she was putting makeup on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Anna Kultgen
Snow white looks gross
cute kitty unicorn cookie
Snow white looks creepy without her makeup
The Brockinator's Fan Made Trailers
Wow! All the Princesses look so much more beautiful with their natural look!! ☺️😊
The Vts Gamer
3:12 she looks like gay/lesbian
Carly Frith
And her skin was so clear.
But that’s because you didn’t take off any foundation on any of them
.............................. And then Cinderella + No makeup is SCARY 0.0

Tiana's pretty without.
Dan Nicholson
Tiana looks sort of the same with and without makeup and sort of Milan without makeup Cinderella looks sooo different and she looks so young Areil looks sort of the same Belle looks also so pretty
Angel Leez
this is fake. boooooooooo
anything ever
Six Little Nightmares
"her eyebrows stand out more.."
Div Dal
Jasmine looks better without makeup
Darcy Villa
i think that they look better without the lipstick but when you take away their eyelashes! it is a crime! girls ALWAYS have eyelashes even if they are not black they are still their, please take this is to consideration because we do still have lashes they don't always HAVE to have mascara!
Luna Reck
Most of the princesses are super ugly!
Arianna Romero
Me: sees snow whites face without makeup
Me:closes laptop
Me:Ima get nightmares...
Dragonhearttt Animal Jam
I love this video! It's so funny how they look
WendyandAnniesCake Show
Red Lion
Could I have uhhhh

pictures of before and after without someone narrating their makeup choices which I dont understand??
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