10 Disney Princesses Without Makeup

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10 Disney Princesses Without Makeup
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In recent years, there has been an online movement to encourage women to embrace their natural beauty. The proponents of the natural movement have posted selfies and videos online of themselves sans makeup. These images have compelled a multitude of women to fall in love with their imperfectly perfect skin. More women than ever are now comfortable with confidently putting their flaws on display as a way to empower themselves and others.

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Faith Mwikali
this video was............#LIT!!!!
Raging Thumb
Joseph Ridley
Snow didn't pull the o'natural look off
Vicky Razon
Ariel's makeup is so creepy😰
How could they tell if ariel was wearing foundation 😂
I get the message. Makeup isnt everything, but sometimes its ok to wear makeup if you want.
The Edition
This channel is cringy to me, especialy that Snow White part...damn I unsubed shortley after I subed, just terrible!
Power Girls 101
I was so shocked when I saw snow white without make up
Domix 831
I dont know why but the everytime i see snow white without makeup scared the living daylight out of me
Sapphire Writer
On most of these, I don't think the dark lines around the eyes are suppose to be make up. They're dark outlines to bring out the eyes more because they're a cartoon. Even male anime characters have dark outlines around the eyes. It's an animation thing. Not make up.

Also, while we're on the subject, Snow White is fucking scary! OMG! Why did you remove her eye brows!? Eye brows are NOT make up!
yeah unbelivable. blah blah. whats the sensation now? snow wihite looks like a zombie. so no one have lashes? thats dumb. sorry honey, you better work bitch
Cynthia Vanderstappen
tiana looks better without make up
Dietrich Moffett
Tiana still look the same with or without makeup
Makaira Skeete
snow white looks creepy like she has no features
Jewel Hughes
all of the people look better in mackup
i love pokihonteses look with out make up who agreas
км //уσυlα// •ѕlумє gυяl•
Belle is sooooo cute without makeup!!
Celeste McDowell
when they say how beautiful snow white is and I'm just here all like da fuck are you blind?!?! BITCH SHE HAS NO FUCKING EYEBROWS!!!
Celeste McDowell
Snow White is freaky as fuck without make-up. I swear... and why does she absolutely have no eyebrows? I don't think I've ever gasped so hard at a picture ever before in my life...
Emily Garcia
I think Princess Jasmine look better without makeup.
David Muratalla
Laaaawd.... Snow White!!
Mithi Yadav
Where is snow white eyebrow
Bloody LPSTV
SNOW WHITE DOES NOT WHERE LIPSTICK!!!!!!on the movie''She has lips as red as roses''.stupid.if Ariel,she's a mermaid if she wore makup it would be smered.since when does a native American where makup,????huh???Meridai.she does not where makup either so stop being stupid ok!!!!!!!!!
But didn't we already see Mulan without makeup, when she was Ping?
Dragon DangerX
i am pretty sure that taking off their makeup wouldnt completely remove their eyelashes. And snow white wouldnt lose her eyebrows
Kaylee Blakenship
the best one that looks beautiful without makeup pochohanas and Arial and Belle
Carito Blue
elsa looks guly
juan beltran
snow white look creppy and elsa looks like a boy like if you aggre
karl murray
snow white doesn't have any eye-brows
muslima khatun
I heat tiana
Emily Hall
The Animator
''She looks more youthful, and young''
That was what The Things said in this video.
Seriously, more youthful (which means young) AND young.
*cries inside*
Amalia M
snow wite looks scary with no makeup because she has no eyebrows
Alvin Sandra
Princess are ugly without makeup
LPS Funny Cats
Elsa & Snow look Bad
But the artist is very good 😊😊😊
tom smith
Vũ Châu Anh Nguyễn
Tiana looks more beautiful without her make up on
Kamolchanok Ngamchaweng
3.08 She looks so much younger and more beautiful.
myha le
and I have long lashes and I don't were make and that's because I'm 8 years old
myha le
snow white looked like a baby ;-;
Baby Billie Joe Armweak
Snow White without makeup gives nightmares to my cat
dragon anime
i love tianna without makeup
rosie huynh
Not all these princesses are really wearing makeup. Not to be mean or rude in anyway, but there are some of those who have natural long eyelashes and may not wear makeup due to their roles in the movie.
chewy kitty chips
Snow white looks hideous
Armani Brown
Snow White looked creepy
Marquisha Caldwell
shot i was going to elsa but snow white is uglyer
Cinderella looked like an eight year old in disguise!
Cool Classic Cooking
Vaylena Sauve
I think the princess look beautiful in their own way
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