Sean Spicer apologizes for Hitler reference

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer that he made a mistake referencing Adolph Hitler when discussing chemical attacks in Syria and apologizes for the comments.

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"And frankly" lol
He Bo
The problem isn't that you made an "insensitive" comparison Sean. The problem is that you're part of the presidents administration and you don't even know the BASIC historical facts of one of the largest genocides in modern history. You're fucking stupid and that's the problem. Why would you even apologize for it being "insensitive"? Never heard you or any of the other dumbasses in the Trump administration apologize for being insensitive. I thought your big thing was being against PC culture. Spare me the bullshit Sean Spicer. You and everyone in the Trump administration are silly human beings.
Hamad Oman
The power of Jews works. And then they wonder why people hate Jews. OMG
Officer Dominick Izzo - Cop / Warrior / Christian
No worries, Sean, you still have my support!
phat handyman
fuck this cracker... someone genocide his family tree so he understands... and please, use the gas chamber...
James Jack
War criminal propagandists often overstep their own boundaries. As Spicer is a lead propagandist for one of, and one of the largest murderous regimes on this planet it's easy for him to forget that there are others that have come before him and his friends which have outdone them. War propagandists are want to utilize and incorporate only the "biggest lie".

Spicer and the men he works for are cold blooded mass murderers, war mongers and war criminals, the biggest producers and exporters of Opium in the world, controllers of the cocaine flowing into the United States ... and as they fully present with homicidal mania and homicidal psychosis we can certainly see how their thought processes are not as clear as one might think that "leaders of a nation" might ought to be.
He doesn't even mention that he was factually wrong!
Taralya Mcdonough
Apologies are something his boss won't do. Thanks for being better than Trump in that way.
Wolf needs to apologize for being a dick. Actually I think he should resign.
Holocaust never happened.
Farhan Ishrak Fahim
Only if Hitler didn't make the grave mistake of leaving out some of the jewish pigs from execution the world would be at peace today.
Cameron Clark
This guys an absolute fuck head
Sam Holbrook
Turn on Captions, they don't fill up Spicer's forehead!!
Why does Sean always look like hes squinting really hard?
Maurine Davis
Thank you Sean Spicer for your apologize!
At least he knows how to apologize unlike these CNN peoole. CNN is fake and they need to apoligize for it.
daniel ap
0:30 For a split second I thought he was gonna say "the Holocaust, for which there is no evidence."
CNN: "How can we make this about race. Let's mention the Jews and frame Spicer as a racist."
Ryan Ellis
Fire him, Trump.... do something right in your 'career'....
Alan Sun
We still hate you
De Rossi
apology for what? he didnt say anything wrong.
SlabKing D
bend over some more spicy i like it
"Look I know Hitler gassed millions in the gassing department buildings but that's not the same as dropping chemical bombs on his own innocent people. Hilter was gassing the Jews and such people and i'm not sure if gas is a chemical. I'll need to come back to you on that.." "Dring! Dring!" "Hello Spicer, Donald the Trump here....You're Fired!"
"I've just come off the phone to Donald and he tells me that if you're man Harry Hissad has so much as a bottle of bleach he's going to bomb Iraq silly."
AL Farhood
"WE ARE THE BEST IN BEING KILLED BY GAS DONT COMPARE US TO ANY OTHERS " is that what this thing is about? well , how stupid this world is really getting. fuck you very much everybody :)
don't apologize to these cunts. Libtards taking what he said out of
context. Yes, concentration camps were terrible, but his point was that
chemical weapons were not used on the battlefield. Fake news
Isn't he really just apologizing for being an idiot?
Lonnie Meador
Strange, New Pundits on your own channel has called Trump hitler, when will they apologize?
Ok thanks for the apology and now get the fuck out of the government and my tv
He was trying to draw a distinction of the tactic of using airplanes to drop chemical weapons on population centers. Any attack on innocent people is reprehensible and inexcusable.
In KEK we trust

Fucking kikes, fact is that Hitler DID NOT use chemical weapons on combatants. Period.
Black Trump
jews are liars...were never gassed and did not lose 6 million...therw were only 500k living in germany at war time...the jew is the worlds sole problem.
Despite Spicer's many faults, he's the only one on Trump's administration who actually apologizes and takes back his words when he fucks up.
coffeatt arabicaut
wolf blitzer is the propagandist leader of the parasites at the adl! stealing billions in the name of decent jews! disturbing! The Holocaust Industry- Norman Finkelstine- read it! holohoax was a known scam created out of thin air in 1967! After mayer's spawn (red shield) ordered UK to create a country called israhell for the zionist! FACT!
coffeatt arabicaut
GAS chambers were a fantasy created by the israhell zionist! USS Liberty was a murder of 134 sailors for LBJ! the number 6,000,000 jews was invented (printed in NYT) early 1900's and repeated in print over 140 times up until 1940's FACT! look it up! Total lie and scam_ to cover the mass execution of 60,000,000 million christians by bolshevik jews at Holodomor! the true holocaust! FACT! - 265K died in detainment camps- Red Cross! Including gypsies, poles, etc...
Louis Greenleaf
Wolf Shitzer should be happy that Spicer announced that Trump is doing his best to destabilize Syria for Israeli interests.
What more does the Jewish lobby want?
Oh they want to talk about the 6 million Jews that were all put into a single pot belly stove again... okay, it's their country!
HAD to know either the stupid OR the racism was gonna flop out on America some time..
The Wastafarian
"Things every american catholic says for 300, alex"
Mustafa Abdille
It was a mistake having Spicer in this position. The Trump administration should really take a step back and regroup. At some point, even Trump's voters will get sick of this continuous idiocy. This is not a good game plan for a long-term republican stronghold. Good luck. 👍🏾
Joni Coats
At least Spicey has the character to apologies .
Im not a boy or a girl where do I use the restroom?
Shadow Rider
Fucking idiot.
Fucking idiot how do you even compare the systematic racist murder of over 6 MILLION people with a fucking gas attack in syria, you FUCKING IDIOT!
Edward Cranium
too late. you're fired. trump isn't far behind. see ya.
Christoph Waltz
good goy
why appologize
he should have ended with heil trump
The White House went from class under Obama to trash under Trump.
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