WOW! Is This Really Safe Or Fair? Controversial Win Sparks International Debate

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Philip DeFranco
In advance: The reason I didn't use the final story (The most serious story) as the thumbnail/title, is I feel weird about pulling people in to these ad supported videos with a tragedy. I want to cover it because its important, but I don't want my videos to be tragedy porn. Obviously I cover news and its expected that bad shit is going to happen, but it just feels dirty to me these days. Just thought I'd try to explain for any people who see the title and think Im saying the attack is of lesser importance. Anyway, love you guys and I'll see you tomorrow.
Rebecca Gee
I'm sorry but if you're born a male, you're still a male. Therefore you should still be male sports, not females..
Danilo Vukovljak
You know. But you are afraid to say..
Ons Huis
what!? perverts who will dress up like women to look at other women or girls in the women's rest room don't exist?
guess rape is also just a fairytale that doesn't exist.
that's if I understand the very beginning right.
Andrew Alcorn
he is not a she. he is a he who thinks he is a she. and men are biological stronger than a women. even if you play with testosterone or hormones. So no it ain't fair that he was allowed to compete in women's weight lifting
Grant Jenkins
glad I found your channel man. keep up the good work.
Grotty Statute
Fight where your biological gender is. Period.
If ppl want to mutilate their body to change their sex so be it, but don't dare tell others we have to be ok with it, I wont abuse you for it but I sure as hell dont have to be ok with it. You want to use a female bathroom when you have a penis I'll tell you right now if my little girl see's some guy who wants to be a girl in a public restroom with anything hanging out I will hang them up by the throat! And of course a person born a male should not be aloud to compete in a women's division of sports its basic science this world has gone insane
Hungry Guy
Option 1: Tell all the people who don't know what sex they are that they have to compete among the people of the same sex they were born as.
Option 2: Ignore sex and gender in sports, let everybody compete as equals regardless of sex, and accept that men will win every game every time.
Katie McKenzie
Everybody seems to be talking about the trans more than anything else said in the video. The London attack was awful and the man trying to give CPR got to me. The thing that got to me the most was the live stream gang rape. When I tried to research it, I found that there is more than one instance of it. Three men were arrested in Sweden for raping a girl on Facebook livestream... It makes me feel awful that people could just watch and do nothing.
Patrick Curtis
Why not just have a separate tranny division in sports? That would solve every single problem. Every gets to compete with someone on their own biological level and it means more matches to watch, and the tranny matches would be really fun to watch because it's like a circus show.
Connor Stein
I dislike how some people in the comments call transexuality a choice (When they don't know anything about it). I'm glad I live in Canada where my medical condition is respected and established. Where my rights are flourishing and my community accepts me. I have never been bullied for my medical condition at work or out of it and that's how it should be. Proud to be Canadian.
Samuel Hodges
Hey Phil, I've been watching your show since I was middle school, I love the content keep it man! On a side note about Mack begs the transgender wrestler from Texas, im from a town close by and I use to wrestle as well and frankly I think what he did is completely unfair to every other girl that trained just as hard maybe even harder without testosterone. Although im sad that he didn't get to compete in the men's division I think she should've accepted that what he was doing was unfair I've met him personally and I think he's a good dude just don't think he should've competed.
Trans people competing in paralimpics maybe?
I'm all for feminism and equal opportunities for men and women, but we cannot pretend that they are exactly the same. Men are physically built to be stronger than women. Women have proven advantages over men mentally as far as multitasking and emotional intelligence. While hormones can assist in bridging these gaps for transgender people, it still won't be exactly the same and there is absolutely a reason women do not compete in sports on the same level as men.
Kevyn Kool
Idk some woman have naturally high testosterone and some men higher estrogen , someone's always better that's why we compete , maybe just have human games and best human wins??
Women's events should be a protected category in sports that only those who are undisputably women in every possible way get to compete in. While everybody should be able to compete in the Men's events, especially perfectly normal women, who are simply good enough to want to challenge them on an even playing field.
Penitent Hollow
Obviously, men's heads are built to take hits better, bones are denser and more muscle mass that you don't lose just because of hormone therapy. On the flip side, women are more flexible and tend to be smaller and lighter which would be an advantage in more gymnastic sports. Having someone with a built-in helmet boxing someone who doesn't is an unfair advantage as is someone who is smaller and more flexible out preforming people who simply aren't built that way. I feel like this is going to be a very unpopular opinion but I don't think trans-gender people should be allowed to compete in Olympic events where such obvious advantages come in to play, the weight lifting being an excellent example of this.
there shouldn't be transgender competition in standard competition. Men and women are not physically equal, even when someone has transitioned. I would rather have those who have transitioned be in their own competitive category.
On the trans issue i think it should be sorted like this
Male vs Male, Female vs Female, Trans Male vs Trans Male, Trans Female vs Trans Female, Trans Male/Female vs Male. That would be the fairest
Aurelie Nix
Trans people don't CHANGE gender, some trans people transition in one way, others in another, some go through surgeries etc. Trans women were not "born a man" and trans men are not "born women" they were assigned a gender and/or sex at birth and it wasn't correct. Stop calling trans women men and trans men women. Fuck man...
If you've taken any form of hormone therapy or had transition surgery then you can't compete in any competitive sport involving any form of financial incentive. You can't win money. If you want to be an amateur athlete that's commendable, enjoy your healthy active lifestyle to it's fullest. However you made a choice to transition, that choice has consequences. Not being eligible to be a competitive athlete should be one of these consequences. That's fair.
Deadspace 801
It seems unfair to all the women that train their whole life to be a weightlifter or a fighter. Because they're on the wrong side of History [at the time] they get no trophies and they get no scholarship I'm sure they feel like they wasted their time and/or their life a little....
Dwayno Willi
what you do with yourself is your business. I really don't care. when I start to care is when you expect the world to change because of your feelings. Don't expect me to change. don't expect the rules to change. you can't argue with biology, men have an unfair advantage.
Riley Pearce
Put any and all trannies in the special olympics...
The Reaccomodater, that's going to be the name of the next Terminator model/vilian
Phelip B.P.
I really don't need to think about my son or daughter or whatever. For some reason i was born white, i can pretend and act like i'm not, i can cosplay like fucking nightcrawler for the whole year and it wont make me fucking blue.... wtf ??? They have to compete on whatever the gender they were born. "ohh but i'm taking hormones" ohhhh please....SO DONT . WTF is wrong with the world ? This shouldn't even be considered an issue. . . . . .

I don't know if it is a too radical way to think, but if i decided to do this or that in life i would have to also get the consequences of it right ?
ANYTHING you do actuallly, will entail some sort of consequence and i am truly sorry if anyone reads this and get offended by it .But just shut the fuck up and deal with it.

Why common rules and logic ALWAYS has to be bend when it comes to race or gender ? I don't give a fuck about another person does as long as dont affect myself, ( maybe i do if its family ).

Is it too radical DeFranco ? What do you think ? I would love to know !
Cry About it
Clearly you lack the understanding of the lengths a pervert or pedophile will go to.
Just gonna say, even as a trans* person I don't know what the right answer is. I think it comes down to the differences between sex and gender (gender is how you identify, sex is your reproductive organs). I think sports are divided because of SEX, not gender, because there are physiological differences that we can't ignore. Honestly it's a hot topic, I'm trans* and even I don't know the answer, the only sport I've ever been heavily involved in is karate, in which men and women sparred each other (at least where I took classes and had competitions), there was no gender or sex divide. And having been a physical female at the time, I had no issues going up against girls or guys; some matches I won some I lost, some I won against guys or girls, some I lost to guys or girls... The gender and/or sex of my opponent had no impact on me either way (for the record I was born with the female sex but have been living as a man for 7 years). I dunno, anyone else have feelings? Maybe someone who plays sports where there is a strong divide between sexes?
Donnie Wilhelm
Why are u calling this dude that cut his dick off a she? Just because someone is retarded enough to play that game doesn't mean that everyone else should start playing it too. People need to cut this PC bullshit and come back to reality.
slooth YT
my transgender son can use whatever bathroom he want, in the adoption center
discussion regarding the sports issue with trans gender. i personally don't care if they wish to compete. but, how long was the weightlifter training as a man before the hormone replacement therapy "changed" them? that'd be like arnold schwarzenegger putting on a bra after years of working out as a bloke then competing.. it doesn't work. i also do understand the female to male change due to the fact they have less testosterone, so won't build as much muscle mass over the years they were women. sending them into a fight against fully trained guys who never had hormone treatment is just as unfair to the competitor, though kudos for the fact they want a go, and could probably beat more than enough to make it count. it's a grey area that will never get cleaned out as the body all takes too much time to change.

also, regarding the terror incident. if there was only 1 attacker, why was 8 houses raided? why was one of the perpetrators being taken by ambulance on the bridge if the "lone attacker" was shot and killed at the house of commons? it's not on the bridge, it's on a street in town. of course, if pics were doctored, i'll most definitely stand corrected, but i don't even trust mainstream media to tell me what day it is, they lie that much... may the victims of all these atrocities never be forgotten.
Daniel McKay
It's real simple: If you were ever a man, you compete against men only.
Kathryn Koenig
Sports should be split based on ability, not on gender. There are plenty of men who are weaker than the average man, or women who are stronger than the average female. It should be about strength and actual ability.
Jordan TRusso
Can we stop calling male transexuals "she" and female transexuals "he"? You cant change your gender! Trans operations are purely cosmetic! That's why trans suicide rate is so high, because you dont truly become the gender that you want. You tear your body up just to pretend to be something that you are not. What ever happened to "be comfortable in your own skin?"Does that rule only apply to obese people now? Why cant you just accept who you were born as and love you for who you are?
It's not really that "trans women" have an advantage. It's that they're not women.
naeu nuhm
I once walked into a men's restroom that was occupied without noticing
the urinals, and used the unoccupied stall. As I was washing my hands
(still didn't notice the urinals), a guy walks in and we both look at
each other questioningly. I finally realized I was in the wrong
restroom. Was I pervert? No. Was I sleep-deprived? Yes. No one
complained or made a big fuss about it.

I knowingly use the men's room when there is a huge line in the women's room. No one cares about it, so I don't understand the opposition.
Bobbaloo O
You can choose to take something to reduce bone density? This sounds insane and like self harming?
Synchronic 7
men should compete against men same with women 21st century at its finest this world is getting out of control crazy liberals and sjw's
Lori Burnip
I think people should be separated by ability, strength & weight in many sports, not gender. They should have weight/strength tests & divide people into weight classes based on their abilities. That would eliminate the gender issue, but then again I don't know much about sports, so I might be mistaken.
Gy Bx
Feminists wanted it, women support it, now let the Femmies deal with it. No male should be involved. It's NOT a male problem. Let the ever-so-smart females untangle the mess they've made without any male involvement whatsoever.
It's so nice to shine a light on the ones who will go out of their way to help others. Thank you for reminding me that there's still good in this world.
ahmed al mehri
I just realized I'm affected by the laptop ban
In all honesty man. The problem with the bathrooms is CHILDREN! If you were a father would you like to have a trany in there next to your little daughter? This is not ridiculous to be against that, and that doesn't mean at all that you are against transgenders at all. It has to do with protecting children for Christs sake.
Rebel Warnings For All Humanity
I flew to Mexico 2 weeks ago landing in Mexico City. I noticed there are several venders that offer wrapping your luggage in cellophane and marked with a bar code and you are given a receipt to match. I travel around the world on a regular basis and I don't know of many other airports that offer this service. This was my first trip to Mexico and I was only planning on staying for 2 days, but left after 1 because it was not safe for a solo female traveling alone. I had my bags wrapped when I went to leave Mexico and return to South Korea. I figured there was a good reason why this service is offered in a time when we have locks to protect our belongings. Of course the only other people able to get in to your luggage are of course the TSA and/or baggage handlers. Mexico tried everything to get me to pay to leave their country by stating I was missing a form, sending me to another location, where I would get more run around and each time a form strangely was left out and no one spoke English. I was delayed by immigration and I had just 10 mins to board the plane. They insisted that I now had to check my one carry on that has all my audio and video recording equipment as well as my laptops and other electronics. I refuse to ever let that out of my possession and they would not let me board. They never asked to search anything or questioned the contents. After this the paper shuffle ramped up. No one spoke English to answer my questions. They could however say, "If you can not find the form you will have to pay". I refused I was not allowed to leave for nearly 30 hours. I ended up having to call the American Consulate and they said that they probably thought I was a drug mule. I told them that they have never once asked about my bags or asked to look in my bags. Finally one worker took pity on me and I was able to get a standby seat leaving back to LAX. When I get to LAX and I told US customs what I had experienced, he looked and me and in very matter of fact tone told me "Yeah, Mexico is pretty pissed at us about Trump!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so if you go to Mexico you might want to have a T-shirt that says "I'm from the US and I didn't vote for him. Id have it written in Spanish though. LOL I won't be going back there ever, I'm totally not interested in being punished for this perceived crime against humanity. I didn't vote for him, but I did vote.
Biological men should not compete with biological women. It's biological fact that men in general have 3x upper body strength, more muscle mass, stronger bone density and more testosterone.
IT"S STILL NOT FAIR!!!!! Trans-women athletes still have XY chromosomes in every cell of their bodies, they are bigger than women regardless of hormones....why are people so dumb? You can't change biology completely through hormones!
Jane Madison
Men and women are already equal. What law do men have that women don't? In fact, women have more laws protecting them in the case of divorce and abortion. The women get the kids over men and the women can abort the child even if the father wants to keep his kid. That's not fair
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