Yuki Playz
she sounds different x/
Worst show ever
Mohamed Farouk
I like that cadaver. hahaha
Lucas Newsome
tf happened to her voice
like οποίος παρατήρησε οτι στο intro έχει και ελληνικά λεγοντας "χτυπά με μωρο μου αλλη μια φορά"😂😂😂
Dier lloyd
It has been a long time since i watched this show and can i say something WHAT HAPPENED TO JIMMY
Naomi Willms
her voice is so deep its hurts to watch
мσнαммεɔ αʟı
? name this song :| 4:15 xd
Yeah I like that Cadaver.
Stjepan Begović
Croatian, here. It's all fake. The double translation does not go like they said at all. It's very close to original words....
Sparkle Unicorn Kitten
Adam Farhan
Must be great to be a Croatian huh
Rabiya Noor
I think Malinda's version was better.
Brian Andrew Pangemanan
i love how Miley sounds more Google than the Google itself.
Septipliershiper Lols
bed papers smell like you xD
Isaac Calvo
awful blade daughter speak survival entitle yell union.
Trololol Lolololol
Mileys second one gave me chills
Charlene Pang
I'm gonna purchase your baby
Lindsay Fox
What you should of done on that is put wreaking ball on there
Sarah K
Jimmy's mustache 😣
Reid Shea
LEAB TheBaller
Miley Looks more beautiful when her long hair is on
Tony H
Minister's Male Child is kinda lit 🔥
Angelo Masi
Wow She really can't sing no talent at all
I didn't notice her voice is that low, wow
Bilal Mughal
They must practice for sure!
Hugh Broderick
I can taste garbage in my mouth when she is on the screen
SSJ Mitchell
Jimmy looks like a homeless man who has a suit and it's the only thing he wears
her voice sounds lower than when i last heard it. she still sounds good though.
Amber Bennington
Since nobody's gonna say it, I will. WTF is wrong with her HAIR??? It looks so gross.
It's a good thing that we Croatian people know english haha
Lian Cawa
hey Jimmy Fallon Miley Cyrus isnt her real name
Wish they weren't pumping Miley's voice through autotune.
Damn Miley lookin like a snack, 😋🤙🔥
Dodgy Roggy
0:00 "LÖÖ mind, kallis veel üks kord" that's Estonian if anyone wondered or recognized. And it means "Hit me baby one more time."
Chloe Jones
Lol I have to admit... she looks so cute ^_^
Miley's voice!!! <3
Colton Fair
Seems like other english speaking people just wrote different words that were alike....
Smoke anothah one bub!
mea lov
Miley - I like that cadaver
Me. - What is a cadaver
blue moon03
mileys voice is so deep now
Mihaela Jukic
Im watching this because I'm from Croatia😆😆😆😆
ChristiBaer Vlogs
im so used to Mileys hair being short, now its longer~ I like it
Justice USA
Her natural voice is sooo ugly
Symone Rumay
Mikey cirus's voice is way lower than I thougt
Ahhh I'm from Croatia :)
Her voice sucked in this video...
Jamo Li
who is this crossdresser,and why is he famous。。。。。。
Her legs are to long for her body wtf
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