50 Cent Most Gangsta Moments Part 1

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50 Cent Most Gangsta Moments. From interviews to altercations, 50 Cent just might be Hip Hops Richest Goon. What do you think? This video shows 50 Cent in many different lights at different points in his career from the early G-Unit days to after the success of his first album Get Rich or Die Tryin;. Enjoy the video and please give feedback.

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Part 2 is now up check it out!
Danny Gutierrez
Danny Gutierrez
Angus Lane
Whats the song @ 2:51???
Mentos Mentos
I just hope he don't turn up like dmx now
Battal Bulut
Keep on blowing then ait 50ct
Albert Wisenauer
Eminem is an enemy...common sense...facts have no feelings...keep being owned by the evil.
this is what coward do when they are many the jump on you people have balls then but when there alone them fucking rat one agsint one they dont dare to say shit coward as so called ganster fight alone man agsint man if u so gangster those who do that are pussies take care of ur own biz and fight alone if ur a thru man onley cowards jump on others in gorups rats lowlife scumbags they will never ever be thru gangsters or men real man take care of his beef aone with no help period
romeo lawrence
I am a fucking gunit for life fuck u all
MsBrownCuteNurse 1982
I like 50s teeth
you ahoe
1:40 you can feel the tension in the air
Amir Mahmood
The only real gangster left
- -
broke ass bitch
The last gangster rapper. .....
Per Svein Pedersen
I dont mean the album
i mean the first song in the video.
40 fourty
aint dat nigga like 40 u gangsta grandad
Tee Lee
Even if 50 was a bitch, my number one rule to beef is you don't fuck with somebody higher on the food chain than you... money talks
Shane Havens
Idk why but I find that shit so funny at 6:01 when 50 walks in while the music plays and then the dude just starts getting robbed πŸ˜‚
2:40 best part.
Jeff Hills
If 50 is so gagster why did he exit thru the back at the Hot 97 interview?
Google user
50 cent is still my favorite in still 2017 yeahhhh. Go 50
Beezy Bizzy
What's the name of the song at 9:06
Darth Vader
50 is one scary cat dude. He's one of the rap guys that you can't tell where the "persona" ends. Fif really do the things he talks about
Mikey Guergis
50 a G none of that lil uzi shii.
Runs With Scissors
What a great role model. No wonder cops are so afraid of black people.
Talo S
That's good he recognizes Allah
Phillip Jennings
2:06-2:38 50 meant that shit, I'm a combat vet and I know when mothafuckas aren't just talking about killing someone.
Salute 50
Vincent Vanderbilt
I'm Asian and I listen to 50 period
Hench Crustacean
50 is one of a few rappers that you actually believe he did what he used to spit about, if 50 said he clapped niggaz I believe him. Dude has had bare people say he was a true G in the hood.
Jeff Hills
LOL no real gangster stuff just a fake azz bully throwing weak punches. One on One he'd get busted up with the quickiness. Only gangster when he's got 30 friends rolling with him.
D.A. La Ghetto
Whats funny is that people let this shit go down as if 50 is even hard in the streets.
spoken truth 602
not gangsta at all
Ψ§Ω„Ω…Ψ³ΩŠΨ­ Ω‡Ωˆ Ψ§Ψ¨Ω† Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡
7:30 is exactually what an salve-owned music artist would say. behind the scenes there is homophilia and pedophilia in the industry roaming every corner and attacking all individuals circled in it.
Corey W.
50 Cent sounds like he’s talking out of his ass most of the time. He tries to make it up as he goes. He makes some damn gangster music. But every time I’ve seen a video of him β€œfighting” it’s either a bitch slap from 50, or he pushes a dude then doesn’t even try to get at them, he lets some little dude hold him back.
Alexander Coffman
I really did enjoy these whole segment of GANGSTER interviews.
Alexander Coffman
This whole line of interviews was GANGSTER.
andrew fuentes
Whats the first somg by 50 in the vid
Jeffrey Neuhaus
Stronger than LB's
Michael Myers
The games heart used to beat when he saw Suge knight and when 50 saw Suge he got pissed 😑😑😑😑😑
Mellyson King Eleonora
i got a CREWWWWWWWWWW my frontline stronger then a .....WHAAATT!!
Jerome Williams
You know what? In one of his early mixtapes, he talked about his moms telling him whatever he wants to be, be the best at it. And he said he wanted to be a bad guy, the best to ever do it. I fucks with fitty because he still the bad guy of hip hop and the last gangsta rapper, if Too Short and Ice T started the wave, 50 cent ended it. There’s no one else in the game carrying the torch.
jayson r
3:08 shouts to 'Monsta' in the cut. in the tan. waiting for the go to ride. 50s number 1 goon. aka I shot at 2 cops and got off
Robert Ray
If any Rappers/Singers see this post stop by my channel for some beats.
It's all about THE GAME. Rip Tupac
B46 Via Utica
0:09 Song?
Carry Medz
Add Me Fresno California
3:46 Nigga got tossed like a empty bottle πŸ’€
Where's that music from
Johnny Copeland
Real recognize REAL
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