Rookie LeBron James First Game at MSG, Highlights vs Knicks (2004.02.22) - 22 Pts

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Darius Clay
Derrick rose ecf highlights vs Miami please
54 _17m
the way he speaks reminds me of young kobe
dread gaming
LeGod James SIMPLE
MikeYezzy Gaming
He was just a kid
You can tell how much more confident he was by this game. I saw his earlier games. Now you saw him isolating on vets in the league.
I went to this game... paid a lot of money for those 2 tickets lol
Please Help Me
Young GOAT
bruce lau
that jump shot, he has improved that shot for a long period of time in this league...
bruce lau
man, a young LeBron James.. a rookie to a MAN at age 33 .. he had blossomed for a long time..
Waniel Womar
His jump shot changed a lot lmao.
Skip 2 My Lou
Rookie lebron sounds so different!
Skip 2 My Lou
Lonzo needs to watch this.
kevin mao
Nice to see some young LeBron highlights resurface. Rookie LeBron was a beast!!
Kavon Lee
Good ole days young lebron raw and authentic
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