Darude - Sandstorm (Cover)

SandstormDarude (Musical Artist)Trance Music (Musical Genre)nigahigaSandstorm (Composition)parodyMusic (TV Genre)ryan higahigatvdear ryan

Definitely had a 'dafuq did I just make' kinda moment this week.  Sorry guys lol..
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What is the name of the song in this video?
black plague: park hyung sikness
name of song pls
Laura Me
What's the name of the song?
What song was that
Muhammad Harry
It's TIME to watch another video of effort
GodFatherSloth 117
Acid is one hell of a drug
Who else thinks that he looks like Evan Fong AKA vannoss?
i'm aMAZE that u can do this aMAZINGLY without being cOPYrIGHTED. good job!

1 subscriber won
Tuomas Kauta
Ah... Watching quality content on YouTube.
Excuse me but does anyone know the name of this song? Its rather catchy.
Hằng Nguyễn
#Ariana Kulikov
The only thing I could think of when he said "Dun" was Josh. Josh Dun.
Omppu Emppu
ryan did you know that darude is finnish
arjun shetty
Pls like this comment so that Ryan sees his face in this video 😂
Josh dun dun dun dun dun
Black Goku
Song name?
Lucia Mosqueda
dear ryan can u do something with LDshadowlady like minecraft. #DearRyan
stingray Gaming and more
That was really clever
TheRedstoneAardvark / epicracer20
Your turning into Andrew Huang ;)
How do you think of this logic!?!?!?!
bigfattyneb dell taco
song name??
Moonlight Panic! Tøp Phan
Tanish Katiyar
Why is Sandstorm so famous?
Heidi Wallenberg
There was so much effort put into this, how much time does he have.
Dolan Twins Obsessed
Suomi spotted
Matthew Lo
When Donald Trump becomes President.
Crypto -Agar
What is the song xD
Oliva Teleron
Lol 😂😂😂
Joku Youtubesta
Ayush Manglum
The Cringe is Real!!
Donut Playz
omg I can't believe it , it so remixperfect
Resham Khan
Can you 1000 push ups
seńor twofle waffle
omg, how does he fo this, my videos are a 10th of his, his being 5000000
vice T
I think this is better then the original
The Hood
He has a computer with a yellow keyboard? Cool I want on with a blue keyboard
stewymanx378 1
I liked his channel but these weird tangents he goes on to figure out how to do things like singing I just don't like
Zarnex Marcel
Song name?
the do sounds like its from composer island on my singing monsters
Don't do Kids Drugs
Atira F
that editing is to ligit for ANYONE to handle
nailed it!
lololol dis asian guy remind me first version of salt bae
Zhair Abbaspour
From 2:10 until 2:20 I just heard "dildo"
Clorox Bleach
If he's the only one who can successfully use his voice to sing this song, he's really that impressive.
Reygen de la Cruz
can you sing bertycox - the signal
I am daRude

Joker Gaming
2:08 when it actually starts
Poptart Person
this must have took forever
Forgot Name
That dude looks like one of the gmm crew
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