Jony Jung
so funny
Kyurim Kim
Not north korea!!!! South!!!! South!!!! South Korea!!!!!
ahlulbait follower
Respect for the mother!
you probably dont have any kids if you give negative comments on the wife
Da // yar Nau // man
s.w. a.l.k
oh mum, that was so cute
we are no north korea, it's south korea!!!
Scott Moon
The girl dragged by her mom is reluctant to leave her father by saying "Why, why are you doing this?" in Korean meaning "why are you dragging me out?" It's so precious!.
Cara Dove
Rachel Day
i can't get over the hilarity of the little girl just swaggering in LOL!!!
Wow look people are having a good time and laughing about it, like it should be.
William Levy
The only place where maids and nannies are a common job are Britain and America. We like to take care and raise our children.
i got the real story. she was the nanny when the interview was made. Then they married the day after to teach the world a lesson, that not all s.koreans are nannies. respect.
The mom acting like a ninja on the background, love it XD
Olivia SUN
Milton M. Muriungi
lovely stuff
Angelia Gonzalez
Hey its daddy's fault for not locking the door...LOL!!!
Angelia Gonzalez
With all the hell America is going through with this so called president this was well do for all of us thank you Kiddies!
Little Samson
Not North Korea!
Putins Cat
The woman shouldn't have freaked! She's like, you won't see me if I duck.
minsoo lee
so cute ^.^
Just Me
That is absolutely TOO TOO CUTE! And the wife is the funniest part .. with her strategic movements. LOL!! If THIS doesn't make you smile ......
앵커들도 그녀는 그의 굿와이프라고 설명하구만
한국애들 ㅉㅉ
The brick emerald gamer
Squeaky Lemon
When another news teams is doing better then you do you have to show all you viewers something that happens to make the others look bad
i really hate when people start analyzing things like this. this is by far the most humanizing event on tv in 2017. just cherish it.
South korean president got impeached but this is the news that everyone ia talking about
sun light
SO REAL!!!!! MAKE A CHANNEL !!!! Professor and a little domestic mayhem:"THIS IS MY LIFE,MAN!" :) AMAZING WIFE AND CHILDREN :))))))))))))))))
Why is the house maid dragging the kids like that savage
Cilok 8108
ThatOne youtubeguy
cnn cant anything right. The footagr looks crap its south korea and not north korea
one hunnit
just a part of a regualr family as we've all seen. fun ppl.
Paul Adventure
The wife have a 100-meter-pace like Bolt, and heres Curve-technicue is brilliant!
jom layan
so cute..
Rekha yadav
so cute..
Jeff Foehringer
Hey everyone, I'm here to tell you for at least the 1,000,000th time that the woman in the video is not his nanny, it's his wife. And
I'm up on my soapbox to tell all of you that you are racists and patriarchal and completely un-PC to assume that the woman in the video was not related to him. And now that I feel superior for telling you off, I'm looking for other videos where I can be a SJW from my keyboard. Because I don't have a life, and that makes me sad.
Elibnu Elkasih
supercute family
태극홍익배달 Jo
Beautiful Family !!! Stay happy as always !!!
สุรินทร์ ตั้งสว่างไทย
It is the best lovely video
Just no
Ninja mom
The girl walked in with so much swagger!
annna xoxo
it isn't north of korea. they shoud have checked about that youtube video before broadcating one more time..
Ghazala Ghani
absolutely beautiful😂how cute IS that really😂
What a nice anchor she is-
North Korea lol
KHALDUN ALQAISI خلدون ع. ع. القيسي
At first, I thought she is the babysitter hehehehehe
저 여자 아나운서도 방송사고 했네
Norlyn Hayes
rip replay hahaha
dean winchestah
nice family
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