Amtrak Snow-mo Collision with Music

amtrakslo-mocollisionavemariaamtrak collisionamtrak snowsnowtrainsaccident

Original Video:

Trap Clan
At that moment they New they fucked up
Jose Aguilar
Shot in iPhone 7
Leonard Strohmaier
what's the song called?
A thing of beauty.
City folk . . . dumb dumb dumb
Adam Huffnagle
Lack of Commonsense on the Passenger standing too close to the yellow line. Also Amtrak crews should have cleared the snow off the track before allowing trains to stop.
Wow! What a re-take on the Ave Maria! Is it now a prayer to ameliorate human stupidity?
Michael Nesbitt
I guess the only one with a functional brain was the guy taking the video
Shawn Trahan
That's awesome! Just hope no one was injured.
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